Liquid Chlorophyll


Chlorophyll Drops 6000MG (2oz) Chlorophyll is a naturally derived health supplement that works as an internal cleaner to support the immune system and cellular health. Made with clean, simple ingredients, take one serving size of our Chlorophyll Drops for 50MG of sodium copper chlorophyllin from the white mulberry leaf in your water as a refreshing minty beverage for sustained energy and to promote your body’s natural detox process.

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Cruelty Free GMO Free 100% Gluten Free No Artificial Flavors or Colors

6000MG 50MG Chlorophyll per serving.

  • Chlorophyll
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Natural Flavor

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Sodium copper chlorophyllin from white mulberry leaves works on a cellular level to exert its benefits. It supports the optimal cellular function for various processes from immune support, detoxification, and energy metabolism.
The dose for our Chlorophyll Drops is to take half a dropperful in your water to deliver 50MG of sodium copper chlorophyllin with a natural minty flavor to increase palatability and support focus and energy. As with most supplements, consistent use is recommended to feel the full benefits.
There are many natural sources of chlorophyll, but we've sourced our Chlorophyll Drops from mulberry leaves as they bring their own set of benefits to the table. Mulberry leaves have been studied to support healthy blood pressure levels, blood sugar, and inflammatory responses in the body. Mulberry leaves also grow in abundance, making them a more sustainable alternative to alfalfa plants for sourcing supplemental chlorophyllin.

More about our Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is considered a foundational compound to all life on Earth for its role in sustaining plants—the cornerstone of the planet's food chain. 

Chlorophyll is the active compound in botanicals responsible for the green pigment that supports the plant's energy conversion from the sun through photosynthesis. Supplementing chlorophyll in your diet can provide impressive health benefits too. Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin has been studied to support healthy immune function and the natural detox process.

We've sourced high-grade sodium copper chlorophyllin from mulberry leaves, which is a supplement that's often turned to support healthy blood glucose levels and inflammation. Take one half of a dropper for a daily dose of 50MG of chlorophyllin daily in your water. It has a natural minty flavor for a refreshing start to your day or when you need a mid-day boost of energy.

Just a heads up—chlorophyllin is a natural dye, which means it may stain clothes green, so use caution when adding drops to your water.

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