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Where to Buy CBD Dog Treats in 2024

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If you’re a dog owner, you probably would do anything for them. Well, maybe not drive ten hours to find CBD dog treats. Don’t worry — we aren’t judging. Finding CBD chews and treats for your dog shouldn’t require road trips, store hopping, or suspicious website purchases. 

We’ll help you find out where to buy high-quality CBD pet treats so that you can feel like a great dog owner without jumping through unnecessary hoops. We will cover the best and most convenient options places online and nearby. 

Where to Get CBD Dog Treats?

Let’s explore some of our favorite places to find a high-quality CBD dog treat or chew.


Neurogan Logo

We offer a collection of CBD pet products, but our CBD dog treats stand out. They’re veterinarian-approved and contain high-quality ingredients and premium CBD. Whether you want tasty treats to support calming, mobility, or general wellness, we offer CBD treats that your pup will love.

Shopping online can be an excellent option for purchasing CBD dog treats because you can compare prices, view lab reports, and check out product reviews without leaving your couch. Here are a few other trustworthy brands that sell CBD dog chews and treats:

Honest Paws

Honest Paws logo

Honest Paws's primary focus is dog wellness and care. Its dedication to doggy care is evident in its premium CBD and high-quality ingredients. It also has an impressive collection of CBD products that can fit many different needs for dogs of all ages and backgrounds.

Bailey’s CBD

Baileys CBD Logo

Bailey’s CBD offers CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses. However, it has a variety of CBD soft chews specifically for dogs with different intended usages, such as calming CBD chews or hip and joint CBD soft chews. 


CBD fx Logo

CBDfx has made its name in the CBD market for human bodies, but it also sells great CBD dog chews. It doesn’t have quite a huge collection of CBD for pets, but its chews and tinctures include admirable CBD blends. 


Petco Logo

Petco carries a variety of hemp and hemp chews and treats, including several products from a brand we respect, Charlotte’s Web. The hemp chews it offers don’t contain CBD, but they still offer calming effects and often contain other calming ingredients, such as chamomile. 

Petco also offers same-day delivery or in-store pick for convenient shopping options. 


Petsmart logo

PetSmart doesn’t carry CBD products but hemp chews, which offer calming effects and omega 3 and 6 supplementation for dogs. Hemp chews are often also more affordable than CBD chews. However, you do lose on some of the research-backed impacts without the addition of CBD to these chews, but it can still be a positive addition to your dog’s daily routine [1]. 

Dispensaries Near You

Many dispensaries sell CBD treats for dogs. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all dispensaries sell CBD treats. However, they can be a valuable source of CBD products for your pets and also further information about CBD for pets. 

Dispensaries also usually stock high-quality CBD, so you need not worry about the safety and efficacy of your product. 

To find out if a dispensary near you carries CBD treats, you should give them a call or check out their website to see if they have one. 

Can You Buy Cannabis for Dogs?

Cannabis comes in two main distinctions: hemp and marijuana (weed), which is categorized based on the THC content. Hemp must have less than 0.3% and is legal federally. Because of the higher THC content, marijuana isn’t legal everywhere and isn’t safe for dogs to use. You can, however, purchase hemp-derived products for dogs at your local dispensaries. 

Can You Buy Edibles for Dogs?

You can buy edibles for dogs, but they must be formulated for them. Edibles made for humans often contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs, like xylitol, raisins, and chocolate. 

Edibles for dogs, like CBD dog chews, treats, and dog gummies also contain CBD dosages that are intended for dogs. Many edibles made for humans may also be choking hazards for dogs.

Easiest Way to Get Treats Near Me

Woman holding a corgi dog and showing a bone shaped dog treat

Shopping these days can be very convenient, but with an overabundance of options, knowing exactly where to go can be difficult. When it comes to dog CBD treats, we have a few go-to methods: 

Search “Near Me”

I know this may seem obvious, but it’s actually a great method and one I often use when shopping online. If you ask Siri or type into Google, “CBD dog treats near me,” you will be able to find stores near your geographic location that carry CBD dog chews and treats. 

Nearest Pet Store

We mentioned some popular nationwide pet stores above, but you may also live near locally-owned pet stores that carry CBD oil, chews, or treats. 

Location Based Apps

A location-based app, like Google Maps or Yelp, can also be helpful when finding dog CBD near you. You can also easily view reviews of these places and compare how close or far they are from you. 

How To Find the Best CBD 

Woman looking at a dog product in a store

There are a few key ways to find the best CBD in the industry. Here’s what we look for when finding the best dog CBD:

  • Lab Testing: Look for products that have been tested by third-party laboratories. These tests ensure that the CBD content is accurately labeled and that the product is free from harmful contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents.
  • Reputable Company: Choose CBD products from well-established companies with a good reputation in the industry. Look for companies that prioritize transparency, customer service, and product quality.
  • Safe Ingredients/ Extract: Opt for CBD products specifically formulated for dogs. These products should contain CBD derived from hemp plants. Check the ingredient list for additional components. Ideally, CBD products for dogs should contain natural ingredients without artificial additives, flavors, or preservatives.

Does Amazon Sell CBD Dog Treats?

You will not find CBD dog treats on Amazon. However, you can find hemp dog treats, which may advertise themselves to have the same effects and benefits as CBD dog treats. 

These are made from hemp seeds and do not contain cannabinoids, so they will not have the same effects as CBD products. We urge consumers to be cautious when purchasing hemp dog treats found on Amazon because of deceptive marketing practices like this. 

The Takeaway: Where to Find CBD Dog Treats

Finding CBD treats for your dog can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are interested in crunchy CBD biscuits or soft chews for an elderly pup, there are many choices either in physical stores near you or on websites with convenient shipping options.  

As dog owners, we want the best for our dogs. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice unnecessary time to research and find trustworthy CBD treats. We hope this guide lets you make informed decisions when purchasing CBD products that work for you and your pup. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I get CBD dog treats for anxiety near me?

Searching “CBD dog treats near me” on your search engine of choice can help you find CBD treats near you that offer calming effects that may support your anxious pup. 

Does Petsmart sell CBD?

No, Petsmart does not sell CBD. They might sell hemp chews that don’t contain CBD.

Is it easier to find hemp dog treats than CBD dog treats?

Yes, it is easier to find hemp dog treats. They can be found on Amazon and in supermarkets or health stores. However, these are not the same as hemp-derived CBD treats. Hemp dog treats are typically made from hemp seed oil and do not contain cannabinoids like CBD that support the endocannabinoid syste, 

Where to find CBD dog oil near me?

Searching “CBD dog oil near me” on a search engine will direct you to stores that sell CBD dog oil near you.


  1. Cindy, H. J., & Rupasinghe, H. V. (2021). Cannabidiol-based natural health products for companion animals: Recent advances in the management of anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Research in veterinary science, 140, 38-46.
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