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Find the perfect product to help support aches & discomfort, focus, mood, and normal inflammatory function. Our CBD infused products are high-potency and crafted with purity by our team to meet your needs in San Diego, CA at our Kosher certified facility. Explore our best-selling categories: CBD oil tinctures, CBD edibles, and CBD topicals.

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CBD gummies combine CBD with a chewy, gummy component for easy and consistent dosage that is tasty, too! To learn more about CBD gummies, visit our blog.

CBD gummies do not get you high. CBD gummies created from full spectrum hemp flower will always contain under the legal limit (0.3%) of the chemical THC, which is not a high enough dose to get you "high". However, remember that though CBD gummies look like candy, they’re not candy. If you consume a number of high-dose gummies in one sitting, you may experience a high sensation.

CBD gummies may help to support a healthy sleep cycle, management of everyday stressors, a sense of calm, healthy mobility, and normal recovery post workout.

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Buy CBD oil online from Neurogan to get quality you won't find anywhere else. Our CBD tinctures have 3rd party Lab Test Results, and Kosher certification. We only sell GMP Certified CBD Products to ensure that you'll get the most pure natural CBD oil on the market.