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CBD Balm

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🌿 Skincare by Plants • CBD: 4000mg

💚 Relief • Cooling • Recovery

⏳ Onset 15 min • Duration 1-3 hrs

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Our topical CBD Balm is made from full-spectrum hemp extract, perfect for everyday use. With a calming lavender scent, this non-greasy formula relaxes your skin. Our CBD balm includes natural ingredients with jojoba, hemp seed & avocado oils for effective joint relief, offering a premium and affordable extra strength wellness solution.

Neurogan CBD Balm has the best price anywhere. Compare our price per jar and per MG and you won’t be disappointed: 

  • Neurogan: $0.02 per MG ✅
  • Competitors: $0.08 per MG ❌
  • Neurogan: $65 for 4000MG CBD per Jar  
  • Competitors: $60 for 800MG CBD per Jar ❌

📃 Ingredients

CBD: Full-Spectrum Balm (Less than 0.3% THC)

  • Hemp: Sun-grown whole plant parts 
  • Beeswax: Provides a protective layer on the skin.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E): An antioxidant that shields skin.
  • Avocado oil: Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
  • Jojoba oil: Balances skin's natural oils.
  • Hemp seed oil: Soothes and may support skin inflammation.
  • MCT Oil: Deeply moisturizes and energizes skin.
  • Lavender essential oil: Offers a calming scent and soothes skin.
💊 Dosage

4000MG CBD balm for advanced aches and discomfort.

Please know that with the use of natural ingredients, there can be variations in color and texture as potency increases.

🧪 Lab Results
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Droplet of water image No Artificial Testing
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bunny sitting down with long ears representing cruelty free icon Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30-day-trial icon 30 Day Guarantee
Farm-Bill Compliant
Droplet of water image No Artificial Testing
100% Gluten Free
bunny sitting down with long ears representing cruelty free icon Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30-day-trial icon 30 Day Guarantee
Farm-Bill Compliant

How to use Topical Balms

  1. Prepare the Skin: Ensure the area of application is clean and dry, avoiding other moisturizers or lotions for optimal absorption.✨
  2. Scoop and Apply: Use two fingers to gently scoop the CBD Balm from the jar. Gently massage and rub the cream into areas needing that refreshing CBD relief. 😌
  3. Reapply as Needed: For extra comfort, apply the balm throughout the day whenever needed for quick-acting results. 💚


A single application will deliver a cooling peppermint sensation that is refreshing to the skin and works wonders when massaged into tired muscles. Using this topical will leave you feeling invigorated while it supports the body’s natural recovery process.


Enjoy the benefits of botanical aromatherapy. This product is lightly scented with plant-derived essential oils. Scent is known to help regulate mood and can provide a positive, well rounded cannabinoid experience.


Derived from premium-grade hemp flowers, this full spectrum product is naturally rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and minerals. Get ready to experience the synergy of hemp’s properties working together, also known as the entourage effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CBD Balm do for skin?

CBD balm nourishes the skin with antioxidant-rich nutrients, promoting a bright and supple appearance. Additionally, the full spectrum CBD oil aids in mobility, circulation, post-exertion recovery, and imparts a sense of calm.

Is CBD Balm good for skin care?

This is a nutrient-rich product that works great for skin care. With its abundant essential fatty acids, this balm gives the skin nourishment and nutrition it needs to look bright, supple, fresh, and revitalized. Discover more CBD Benefits for Skin.

Is CBD Balm Absorbed into the bloodstream?

Although CBD balm can be absorbed through the skin, it typically does not enter the bloodstream. Instead, it interacts with local endocannabinoid receptors in the skin, targeting the area of application without systemic distribution.

What is CBD topical balm used for?

This CBD balm can be used for massages, a sense of calmness, tensions in the body, and hydrating the skin.

Where can I use CBD balm?

CBD balm can be used on tired areas of your body, such as your neck, shoulders, calves, and wrists. Additionally, our CBD balm for relief is rich in antioxidants and can also be used for hydration.

Does CBD Balm for Pain Work?

CBD Balm may works for calming support by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system, which regulates inflammation levels. When applied topically, this balm can activate CB2 receptors in the peripheral nervous system and immune cells, which helps to reduce inflammation and pain perception in the affected area.

Does CBD balm work right away?

CBD balm doesn't work immediately. Typically, it can take 45-90 minutes for CBD creams and balms to take effect, with the benefits lasting up to 3 hours.

Does Full Spectrum CBD Balm have side effects?

It is generally considered safe, but like any product, it has potential side effects. Some people may experience skin irritation, allergic reactions, or other skin issues when using balms. Therefore, it’s important to do a spot test on your arm to see how your skin reacts, before applying more liberally.

What is the difference between CBD Salve and balm?

The difference between CBD salve and balm lies in their texture and base ingredients. Balms are usually thicker with a beeswax base, while salves are softer and more oil-based.

Hand scooped a generous amount of soothing balm from the jar

Real Life Balm Benefits

Our CBD Balm is a natural and effective solution for your wellness needs, combining a calming lavender scent, natural beeswax, and natural cannabinoids that have been studied to dissolve tension & promote healthy joint mobility. 

This rich and nourishing balm is infused with antioxidants and a full array of cannabinoids, including CBD, that may help inflammation response and support the natural recovery process. Additionally, the high potency in each dollop of cream may provide moisture to the skin, making it feel smooth and supple. 

While the FDA does not consider CBD a cure or treatment for pain, our CBD Balm may be used for deep body relaxation.

Whether you are on a hike, traveling, or exploring new places, CBD muscle balm is the perfect companion for your athletic lifestyle. Experience the full effects of our full spectrum balms to feel relaxed and supported wherever life takes you.

hand holding Neurogan Full Spectrum CBD Balm 4000MG in 2oz glass jar with silver lid

4000mg & Natural Ingredients

In 2017, Neurogan began crafting CBD creams starting at 500mg. As we evolved, so did our potencies, moving to 1000mg and then 2000mg. Recognizing that these became the highest potency balms on the market, we discontinued these in favor of extra-strength formulations. This led us to launch a 4000mg option, the strongest on the market at the time.

Beyond our high potency CBD balm, we have 10 features & ingredients that make our full spectrum balm stand out of them all:

  • Full-body applicability
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Non-greasy texture
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Sun-grown hemp
  • Protective beeswax
  • Skin-nurturing oils (avocado, jojoba, hemp seed)
  • Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E
  • Soothing Lavender Essential Oil

Neurogan CBD + Skincare with Macsay & Glory

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Steven Bonaiuto
Product benefits: Pain relief, Physical relief (e.g., muscle soreness)

CBD Balm

Christopher Campbell
Amazing Results

I had an acute knee injury that gave me pain and made my favorite physical activities difficult for 5 years. I used all my tools, including yoga and massage, but the pain remained. I decided to use the CBD balm directly on it, while doing a couple yoga stretches in the sauna at my gym. I was amazed that the pain went away after a few sessions, and has not come back. I use the balm for various aches, pains, and inflammation; pain is decreased and mobility restored with surprising quickness and effectiveness. A little goes a long way. This is a highly effective and affordable product. The best of its kind, in my experience. Thank you Neurogan for another amazing product.

Kenneth Jaynes
Product effectiveness:
Not effective
Extremely effective
Product benefits: Pain relief, Physical relief (e.g., muscle soreness), Other

CBD Balm

Richard Cameron
Product benefits: Pain relief, Improved sleep

Very happy with product

Product effectiveness:
Not effective
Extremely effective
Product benefits: Pain relief
I have used a lot of different CBD and THC creams and this is the best.

I love the scent of lavender instead of a sports or medicinal smell. The potency is great and the absorption is fast and not greasy. It effect is quick and long lasting. I can buy THC cream from the dispensary but this works better as CBD has been more effective for pain for me.


I were in a car accident a few months ago and needed some hight potency CBD balm and friend of mine suggested the Neurogan. This is what works for me for now

Robert Reeder
Cbd Balm 8000mg

For my lumbar stenosis and herniated disc problems, the resulting referred pain to primarily my left hip is calmed down each day(with some a typically a couple of balm applications in afternoon and then before sleep to my left and right hips, as well as other normal from getting older muscle aches via my normal vigorous morning workout combined with typical home stuff, The balm does the trick for me giving fast and long lasting daily relief allowing for better enjoyemnt when sitting, fast paced walking, and better sleep with no constant muscle soreness and aching. Neurogan's product does the job for me. Thank you!

Barbara Piercy
Excellent product

Excellent customer service.

sandor lukacs

It's just good for everything !

Edward Mowl
Great products!

Love the oil and especially the balm for RA pain and relief!