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🌿 Hemp • 60mg CBD Capsules per serving 3000mg

💚 Pain • Inflammation • Digestion

⏳ Onset 30-90 min • Duration 3-7 hrs

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Our CBD Capsules for sale comes 3000MG & 100ct. The full spectrum cbd capsules packs a full entourage of CBD into a single flavorless pill to help you unwind. Enjoy our CBD Capsules that contain 60MG of CBD per serving. Get accurate dosage in each capsule and take a few in your pocket for when you’re out & about.

Neurogan CBD Capsules have the best prices anywhere. Compare our price per bottle and per MG and you won’t be disappointed: 

  • Neurogan: $0.02 per MG ✅
  • Competitors: $0.04 per MG ❌
  • Neurogan: $55 for 60MG CBD per Serving  ✅
  • Competitors: $65 for 50MG CBD per Serving❌
📃 Ingredients
  • CBD: Full spectrum extract – Less than 0.3% THC.
  • Vegan Capsule: Plant-based, convenient supplement delivery.
💊 Dosage

CBD Capsules 3000MG: 60mg per serving for experienced CBD users.

To figure out your ideal daily dose, visit our CBD Dosage Guide

🧪 Lab Results
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Product information

Our goal is for our customers to enjoy greater presence with the help of Superfoods & CBD. To ensure that you have the best possible experience, we offer prompt customer support for all of your questions or concerns, lab reports available for every product, and a flexible return policy.

Return Policy
We stand behind our products and offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If at any time within the first 30 days after you've purchased your product you're not happy with your purchase, had an issue with your order, received the wrong product or a damaged item - please reach out to us! We're happy to provide you with a full refund or replacement product. This guarantee applies to all Neurogan products.

Neurogan offers free standard U.S. shipping on orders over $70. Please keep in mind, there are location-based restrictions on select CBD products and customers will be held responsible if customs or duty fees apply. All International orders must be placed over the phone, with international shipping taking 3-5 weeks.

Neurogan is one of the fastest growing CBD brands in the US, rooted in Scandinavian values of unrivaled quality, honesty, & hygge. Through these guiding principles we create products that help our customers to find health and wellness, as we share our Danish tradition of 'hygge' - helping people around the world experience simple joy & bliss every day. We are confident you will love our products and offer a 30-Day Money-Back Trial.

High Strength

With a commitment to quality, we cultivate the highest-strength CBD in the United States. Sourced from locally grown hemp that is harvested at its peak maturation, this plant-based extract discloses a natural potency that has stronger effects and benefits for those seeking a more robust dosage.

Fast Acting

When administered directly under the tongue, CBD enters the bloodstream and can be quickly absorbed by the body. This is an effective product that delivers an impressive performance. Receive the benefits you’ve been needing with little wait time.


Derived from premium-grade hemp flowers, this full spectrum product is naturally rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and minerals. Get ready to experience the synergy of hemp’s properties working together, also known as the entourage effect.

No Artificial Testing
100% Gluten Free
Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30 Day Guarantee
No Artificial Testing
100% Gluten Free
Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30 Day Guarantee
No Artificial Testing
100% Gluten Free
Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30 Day Guarantee

Neurogan Beginner Guide:

How To Use CBD Capsules

🥛 Place a full spectrum powder cbd capsule in your mouth and drink it with water.

😋 When using the capsule, do not chew on the capsule as they will leave you with a bitter hemp taste.

🧊 Store the bottle in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight to keep the phytocannabinoids potent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CBD capsule effects?

The effects of CBD capsules are subtle as they’re an edible form of CBD and have a low bioavailability. CBD capsules will have the same effect as most any other CBD product, helping to support a healthy sleep cycle, management of everyday stressors, a sense of calm, healthy mobility, and normal recovery post workout.

What are CBD capsules benefits?

The benefits of CBD capsules include that they’re compact, taste free, and travel friendly.

How long does it take for CBD capsules to take effect?

CBD capsules take effect within 45-60 minutes after ingestion.

What's the difference between CBD capsules vs CBD oil?

CBD oil is made with a hemp extract and a CBD carrier oil and goes to work after it’s placed under the tongue. CBD capsules are made of ground up hemp flowers (unless it’s a CBD softgel) and placed into a vegan capsule. Learn more about the difference between CBD oil vs CBD Capsules in our helpful blog post.

Do CBD capsules expire?

CBD Capsules have a 2-year long shelf life.

What is the proper CBD capsules dosage?

The proper CBD capsules dosage depends on potency you desire. However, as a general rule of thumb, read the instructions on the bottle. Typically 1 serving will include either 1-2 capsules. Consume two for a potent dose or one to meet your comfort level and before you work your way up.

Strength For Experienced

60MG CBD Capsules

Our 3000mg CBD capsules offer 100 capsules per bottle, filled with premium full spectrum industrial hemp flower. For a hassle-free intake, these capsules are the easiest way to receive your daily boost of fiber and whole plant goodness. Debating between CBD capsules and softgels?

Compact, flavorless, and perfect for on-the-go, our pre-measured capsules made solely with full spectrum extract ensure consistency in dosage. Take 2 capsules with water during the day for focused calmness or at night for peaceful slumber. Dive deeper into the Benefits of CBD Capsules.

High Quality & cGMP Certified

CBD Powder Capsules

"We don't compromise on quality when crafting our hemp products. Our CBD capsules, suitable for elders and all, are vegan, gluten-free, and made from premium non-GMO hemp harvested under the West Coast sun. Each CBD pill is batch-tested for quality in our San Diego facility, which boasts a proud cGMP certification.

This ensures the ultimate relief with the highest standards in health & wellness. Opt for the simplest way to consume CBD. Because for us, quality isn't just a standard, it's a promise to our customers."

Neurogan Education:

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Capsules?

In this video, we’ll discuss the different types of CBD capsules, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to use them to support various wellness goals.

Whether you’re new to CBD or already familiar with its potential wellness benefits and the different product types available, we hope this video provides you with some valuable insights that help you along your CBD journey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Frank Leffler

I need to get more MG then 1000

Hello Frank,

Thanks a bunch for reaching out and sharing your thoughts on our CBD capsules. We appreciate your interest and your feedback.

I totally get that you're looking for something with more CBD potency than our 1000mg capsules. No worries! We have a range of products with higher CBD concentrations. Our customer service team is here to guide you through the options and help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Feel free to get in touch anytime, at (858) 832-2065 or by email at and we'll make sure you're well taken care of.

Thanks again for considering us, and we look forward to chatting with you soon!

Meghan J.
Great for anxiety and sleep

I take 2 of these capsules every night and they really help me relax and sleep. I start feeling tired in about 30 minutes.

Hello Meghan,

Your review just put a big grin on our faces! Knowing that our CBD Capsules 1000mg are helping you kick anxiety to the curb and catch those ZZZs is the best news ever.

Feeling that relaxation and sleepiness within 30 minutes? Talk about a speedy relaxation express!

Thanks for being part of our journey, and keep enjoying those serene vibes!

Carolyn Carpenter
CBD Capsules 3000mg

Really liking the capsules they help with my chronic pain and being able to get better sleep as well

Hello Carolyn,

Your review seriously put a smile on our faces! It's amazing to hear that our CBD Capsules 1000mg are giving you a helping hand with chronic pain and improved sleep. Quality rest and relief are like a dynamic duo, right?

If you ever need more capsules or just want to chat about your wellness journey, we're here like a friend ready for a good convo. Thanks for being part of our Neurogan family and sharing the love!

Keith Watkins
CBD Capsules

Excellent product. It is cost effective and works well to control my pain.

Hi Keith,

High-five for that awesome review! Your words about our CBD Capsules 1000MG put a huge grin on our faces. It's killer to hear that they're not only working their magic on your pain but also being easy on the wallet.

We're here to keep those good vibes flowing. If you ever need more capsules or just want to catch up, shoot us a message.

Cheers to pain control and good times ahead!

We appreciate your continuous support with Neurogan!

Preventative and Treatment

Only side effect is money haha. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I get all sort of symptoms such as muscle and joint pain. I also have migraines. I take no prescription meds, just this stuff. If I take this regularly it prevents flare ups of pain. It allows me to live a normal and active life. Without it, I’m dependent on those around me.

Hi Eleanor,

Dealing with chronic pain and other symptoms can be challenging, but it's encouraging to know that you've found our CBD Capsules 1000mg a relief with this natural solution.

Thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope that these CBD Capsules 1000mg continues to be a helpful and supportive part of your wellness journey.

We appreciate your continuous support with Neurogan!