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CBD for Puppies: Is It Safe?

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Puppies are bundles of fur and joy, but they can also experience the stress, anxiety, and pain of growing up. Many pet parents give CBD to their puppies to help support their wellness throughout their development. But this raises the question, is CBD safe for puppies? And if so, what age can you administer CBD to your pup?

There actually isn’t a strict age limit when it comes to what age you should give CBD to your pup. But there are things you should consider before giving CBD to a puppy. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the safety of CBD for puppies and what exactly you should look for when purchasing a CBD product for your young dog.

Is CBD Safe for Puppies?

Puppy is running down street front gate

While there isn’t extensive research on CBD for puppies, the research we do have suggests that, yes, CBD is safe for puppies. Of course, ensuring a safe dosage based on weight and size is crucial.

But what forms of CBD are best for puppies? We’ll get into what CBD product may be best for puppies, but most importantly, let’s talk about what you should look for in CBD products to ensure they live up to certain industry standards. 

CBD oil extract and CBD dog treats are the most popular forms of CBD for puppies. But before buying any random CBD product, knowing what to look for is important. Is the product from a reputable company? Is it vet-approved? 

We recommend sticking with a broad spectrum high-quality CBD oil for puppies. A full spectrum dog treat may be popular, but we tend to avoid recommending giving THC to dogs, especially young ones. Broad spectrum dog treats and oils offer the same cannabinoids and terpenes, so dogs can still experience the entourage effect but without some of the potential risks that come with THC. 

It’s important to buy CBD products from reputable, vet-approved companies. To know if a company is reputable, you can check to see if they conduct third-party testing and are transparent with their hemp quality, extraction methods, and company practices.  

How Can CBD Be Bad for Puppies?

While the negative effects of CBD on puppies have not been extensively studied, we do know of a few side effects to watch out for. Some reported side effects include drowsiness, lowered blood pressure, and gastrointestinal upset. 

Diarrhea is generally the worst symptom experienced by dogs in reaction to hemp products. Young and small dogs should especially be monitored and given appropriate dosages for their size and weight. 

What Age Can You Give Puppies CBD?

As we said, you can give a dog CBD at any age. So, whether a puppy or an elderly dog, an appropriate amount of CBD can be given to them.

Before giving your puppy any CBD products, we encourage you to consult with a veterinarian. They can provide personalized advice based on your puppy's specific needs and health status. A vet can also recommend appropriate dosages and guide you on how to monitor your puppy for any potential adverse reactions.

Can Puppies Have CBD Products?

If you start looking into CBD for dogs, you’ll see a range of CBD products. Puppies can take all sorts of CBD products. Let’s discuss more in-depth the CBD products you’ll see on the shelves that are puppy-safe:

CBD Oil Icon

CBD Oil:

CBD oil for dogs is a popular choice among CBD products for dogs. It offers a quicker onset time than CBD treats, which can be convenient for unanticipated stress or anxiety. 

It can also be mixed in with your dog’s food or given directly into your dog’s mouth. This option may be preferable for some puppy owners who want to use treats sparingly. 

CBD Treats and Chews icon

CBD Treats and Chews:

CBD dog treats and soft chews are fan favorites among both owners and dogs. Most dogs receive treats in their training routine anyway, so adding CBD into the routine can be easy. 

Many owners also enjoy CBD chews to support their puppies during the teething phase. During this phase, it may seem like your puppy will chew on anything and everything. That’s why it can be a popular choice to give them something to chew on, and adding CBD into the mix will also make this phase a little easier due to the calming and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD [1].

CBD gummies for dogs, also known as CBD soft chews, are specifically created for dogs than can be particularly effective during this time because of their flavor and ease of consumption.

CBD Sleep Products icon

CBD Sleep Products:

It’s common to see CBD sleep products for dogs. These products can be great for long trips, anticipated stressful events, or when a dog is experiencing discomfort that may be preventing a normal sleep schedule. 

If you own a puppy, you may already know that puppies don’t need too much help in the sleep department. Due to their developing bodies, puppies often sleep without any additional support. However, if you want sleep support for your puppy, CBD sleep products for dogs are safe as long as it’s appropriate for their size. 

CBD Calming Treats icon

CBD Calming Treats:

You may see CBD calming products and think, “Aren’t all CBD products calming?” This is a fair question. While CBD has calming effects, the formulation of the product can make it more or less calming. So, CBD calming treats for dogs are formulated to provide more enhanced calm effects than the average CBD product. 

CBD calming treats can be helpful for puppy owners. It can be heartbreaking to see your puppy deal with separation anxiety, so supporting your puppy can make this part of owning a dog easier. There may be other times when you would prefer your puppy to be less hyperactive, such as having guests over. 

The Takeaway: CBD for Puppies

Golden retriever puppy popping out from a cardboard box

Puppies can be a full-time job. Between teething, training, hyperactivity, and separation anxiety, puppies can have big emotions that can take a toll on even very experienced pet parents. CBD for puppies can help the puppy and the puppy parent throughout this rollercoaster stage. 

As responsible pet parents, it's crucial to approach CBD use for puppies cautiously, consulting with knowledgeable veterinarians and opting for high-quality products specifically formulated for pets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Puppies Have Hemp Chews?

Yes, puppies can have hemp chews that are made for dogs and don’t contain toxic ingredients. 

Does CBD Help Puppy Teething?

Due to its soothing effects, many pet owners opt for CBD oil for supporting their puppy during their teething phase. There isn’t sufficient evidence that CBD is effective for this specific purpose, but because of the effects of CBD, many pet owners opt for it anyway. 

In addition to considering CBD, there are other strategies you can employ to help alleviate your puppy's teething discomfort, such as providing appropriate chew toys, keeping them engaged in activities, and ensuring they have a balanced diet.

What Age Can You Give a Puppy CBD?

There is no strict age limit. Some people say that 4 months is the marker they follow, but current research shows that before or after that age is safe, too. 


  1. Williams, C., & Nutbrown, D. L. (2021). A Review of Research into the Health Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD). The Neighborhood Academy: Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
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