People are Natalia's passion - and with her new certification as a Health Coach, she's ready to spark change in the lives of others.

World-traveler, Health-Coach, Lifestyle Blogger, Vegetarian Chef, and Fitness Buff. Meet Natalia, a Santa Cruz native obsessed with wellness.

Through the launch of her successful Lifestyle & Travel blog, "Nourish With Natalia", her desire to help others reach their health and wellness goals was realized, "People are my passion. I love to help them in anyway that I can".

Having recently relocated from San Diego to Bali, Indonesia, Natalia is currently busy receiving her Health Coach Certification. And it’s safe to say that between school, numerous interests, and a packed travel itinerary - this girl doesn’t have time to waste.

To maintain focus and get enough rest to thrive on the go, Natalia looked to nature. She began using CBD for better Zzz’s and was thrilled with her results, "Insomnia used to consume me, not only was I sleep deprived but it greatly impacted my work ethic as I was constantly tired. I use the (CBD) drops right before bed, and I’m able to sleep through the night!"

There is no doubt that this go-getter will continue to flourish and help others prosper, too. Neurogan is happy to keep Natalia feeling rested while she takes on the world. Go Natalia, Go!

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