Dina has been a lifelong pet lover, and as the owner of Barkhouse, her strides towards normalizing humane pet-grooming have brought San Diego dog owners everywhere peace of mind that their four-legged friends are in good hands.

After a lousy trip to the dog groomer, Dina was inspired to bring her own distinct vision of gentle pet grooming to fruition through creating a cage-free & stress-free environment for dogs of all breeds and ages - which stands today as San Diego’s very own, Barkhouse.

Like many caring pet-owners, Dina would do just about anything to ensure that her two precious pups, Mila & Gibson, feel good. So when she noticed that they were having health issues, she turned to Neurogan for help.

Mila, her 5-year-old Maltese mix, had started experiencing episodic seizures. "One day we were at Barkhouse when she started to have an epsiode. My first thought was to run across the street to take her to the animal hospital, but then I thought- CBD Oil! I gave her some directly into her mouth and within just a few seconds, she took a deep breath in and gradually got better and better".

Mila’s miraculous recovery spurred Dina’s interest in CBD, and she wanted to see if her 4-year old rescue dog, Gibson, would experience similar results. Gibson suffered from chronic back pain, which originated prior to his adoption when he was confined to a cage for breeding. But now that Dina administers Neurogan Pet Oil once a day, she reports that Gibson is feeling "more at ease, and calm."

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