Anders Hofman

Anders "Iceman" Hofman is attempting to be the first person to complete a Triathalon in Antarctica. His pursuit of this strenuous feat reflects his ingenuity, courage, and relentless spirit.

In the Fall of 2017, Anders Hofman devised a plan to prove, "that the ordinary, can achieve the extraordinary". One year later, his brainchild will soon have him braving the southernmost continent of Antarctica to perform a triathlon he has coined, "Project Iceman" - a custom-designed physical and mental feat that no person before has ever accomplished.

His personal mission is designed with you in mind. In his opinion, we all have our own, "Iceman" - A challenge so big that we often turn away, when his hope is that through his mission he can teach us all, to step up to achieve the impossible.

Though Anders will soon be adding his international athleticism to his resume, this Copenhagen Business School graduate has already obtained a Bachelors in International Business and a Masters in Applied Economics and Finance, with his sights set on even more. He believes there is so much to be learned outside of school, which includes learning to dig down deep enough to discover your true, heart-centered purpose.

While Anders continues to train and prepare for Project Iceman, Neurogan will be by his side every step of the way, "When I take CBD I feel more calm, yet energetic". The perfect all-natural recipe for rest and recovery, agility, and focus - our full-spectrum hemp is here to help you achieve your very own, "Iceman".

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