Johnnie Vibes

Johnnie is a San Diego-based DJ, vlogger, and clothing designer.

Johnnie, a San Diego-based DJ, vlogger, and clothing designer has never been afraid of a little risk, and through living authentically, his life has become a colorful lesson on how to veer from the status quo."Even though my parents thought that college followed by corporate America was the only route, I wasn’t afraid to challenge this." And challenge it he did, Johnnie would go on to leave behind his corporate job and put his aptitude for problem-solving to the test in an all new arena - poker.

Today, with a decade of professional poker tenure under his belt, Johnnie hasn’t looked back, in fact - success has provided him with the freedom to pursue his "curiosities". "I love music, so I decided to learn how to produce and DJ. I have an affinity for fashion and style, so I started my own clothing brand. I love telling stories through video for my brand, so I decided to start a vlog. I love experiencing new cultures, so I started traveling as frequently as my finances would permit."

And through the culmination of his various intrigues and passions, Johnnie believes his diverse perspective of the world has turned him into a bit of a "hippy". His zeal for sustainability, clean-energy, veganism, and holistic health garnered him the nickname JohnnieVibes and molded his brand into one that epitomizes positive energy, mindfulness, and compassion.

While the JohnnieVibes moniker reflects his calm & collected approach to life, he admits that he has his ‘moments’. "Meditation, physical exercise, or leaning on my relationships are all tools that I use to return me to center. CBD is something that I’ve added to my tool bag." Though Johnnie believes there is no secret or ‘magic pill’ to winning poker, or calming the mind, he remains a strong advocate of CBD as a "powerful tool" that he will continue to utilize to keep him on his game.

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