Anni is a German Communications Designer & world-traveler who believes that inspiration can be found everywhere.

Anni grew up in the "Green Heart of Germany", as locals call it. Filled with forests and meadows, her future would be inspired by this environment - teaching her to enjoy nature and approach life with a carefree attitude. This free-spirited perspective that was nurtured in her childhood, helped inspire her decision to hit the road after finishing her communication design studies. She was ready to take on the "big wide world", and what was originally planned as one year of travel, turned into three.

As a traveling designer, Anni's job requires her creativity and imagination to cultivate her work. Fortunately, she has a keen knack for being perceptive. "What in this world, is not a source of inspiration? As long as I go through the world with my eyes open, unbiased and positive, everything can be inspiring."

And her favorite lessons she's learned on the road? "Plans change." She has missed buses, had hostel reservations fall through and even suffered bouts of loneliness from time to time. But throughout these moments in which Anni has been between a rock and a hard place, CBD has been a constant companion. "It calms me down, arranges my thoughts, and makes me feel like I can stay calm in even the worst of situations."

Anni can currently be found in Mexico, where she has completed one month of solo backpacking through the country. With Neurogan CBD oil tucked neatly into her cosmetic travel bag, Anni’s fearless wanderlust can continue indefinitely into all of the uncharted territories before her.

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