When she's not blogging or attending festivals, Mia works to guide students towards their next big steps as an admissions counselor for her alma mater.

Mia is woman, hear her roar! Confident, Capable, and Fierce - she lives to love, have fun, practice independence, and teach women that radical self-acceptance never goes out of style.

Her female empowerment blog, "The Innerblooming", is a forum with purpose, designed to "spread love and empowerment to evolving and free-spirited women everywhere." An objective solidified through heartfelt discussions on friendship, womanhood, and of course - festivals.

With the mission to help women become the "best, brightest and most independent" versions of themselves, Mia believes that learning self-love & acceptance can be simpler than you’d think. "My journey to self-love blossomed when I started doing things alone. Going out to dinner, going to a festival, going to yoga, traveling. It’s within those moments - that may be at first - filled to the brim with anxiety - that transform you into a woman who is loving, peaceful, and sure of herself."

Mia has seen that in these moments alone anxiety can naturally arise, but attributes her cool and collected manner to her trusty Neurogan Hemp Capsules. "Whether it be before a big work trip, a presentation in front of 60 high school students, a 114-degree yoga class, or a first date, I feel so much more calm and sure of myself when I take two (CBD) capsules beforehand."

While guiding others on how to live an authentic life, experience festivals to the fullest, or navigate womanhood - Mia needs peace of mind to write, play, and share her wisdom. Neurogan looks forward to supporting Mia’s continuous ‘Inner blooming’ through feel-good vibes to last her through festival season, and beyond.

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