Lauren is a super-star volunteer for San Diego based non-profit, The Animal Pad. Today she serves as Director of Communications.

Lauren has two interests: metalsmithing handcrafted jewelry by day, and saving dogs by night. Beginning as a volunteer foster parent just one year ago, Lauren’s tenacity and passion landed her a spot today as the Director of Communications for the San Diego based non-profit, The Animal Pad (TAP). Founded in 2010, TAP saves dogs from high-kill shelters and the streets of Mexico, in the hope of greatly reducing the vast number of euthanized dogs each year.

Lauren became completely hooked on saving pups after experiencing the unique love and gratitude that she believes rescue dogs inherently possess, "There is no love like the love of a rescue dog."

A proud parent to 4-year-old terrier mutt, Stevie, Lauren has been amazed by CBD’s ability to help her pup feel calm. "I had never seen her fully relaxed, until I started treating her with CBD", she shared. Lauren noted seeing hemp’s magic firsthand as it eased separation anxiety, aided comfortability in new environments, and provided "puppy-like" energy and mobility for countless rescue dogs.

While Lauren continues to live like a modern day dog-saving super-woman, she endorses using CBD for dogs everywhere. "It’s incredible to witness how good it makes them feel. They have a whole new world to explore, and CBD makes it that much better!"

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