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Hey Wellness Seekers,

You should be cautious when purchasing any CBD product, but gummies, in particular, seem to be a lot more likely to be scam products.

The problem is that there are brands out there counting on unsuspecting customers to purchase ineffective CBD gummies at a premium price point.

CBD products aren't cheap—but when you find a brand that works for you, it's a serious game-changer.

Common Issues With Gummy Supplements:

1. Not Enough Active Ingredients To Show Any Effect 

Truth be told, there are more effective delivery methods for CBD.

So, if you prefer CBD gummies you need a brand that works as hard as you do, or you're not going to feel anything.

Our strongest CBD gummies contain 30 pieces packed with 120MG CBD per square. Prefer a lower dosage? Cut one 120MG CBD Gummy into 5 pieces of 25MG Gummies to suit your appropriate dose at a much more cost-effective price.

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2. Processing Or Storage Shelves Killing Active Ingredients 

Lab reports show that a third-party quality check has been carried out and when. Because each batch varies, a test should exist for each batch of gummies.

3. Inconsistent Dosing Between Gummies

All Neurogan Gummies are artisan-batched and made fresh-to-order.

This process allows us to maintain control over high-quality standards for production, keep a higher CBD level from breaking down, and maintain the gummies' freshness.

4. Harmful Fillers, Preservatives, & Lots Of Sugar

We love candy too. But we don't love high fructose syrups, artificial sweeteners, and additives that prevent gummies from melting. Ever noticed that commercial gummies don't melt, even when left in the sun?

Reading the ingredient list reveals a lot about the product's quality. High-quality options are made from natural ingredients. The point of CBD gummies is not to be a high-sugar candy but a more palatable delivery method for CBD that helps you take it consistently.

Harmful Fillers, Preservatives, & Lots Of Sugar

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