CBD Gummies 1000mg

Each jar of our 1000mg CBD gummies contains 30 pieces, combining the natural ingredients of CBD oil, MCT Oil, & pectin to provide roughly 40mg per serving, potentially easing discomfort. Savor the fruity berry taste of our cGMP-crafted gummies.

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Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30 Day Guarantee
Free U.S. Shipping On Orders $70+
Farm-Bill Compliant
Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30 Day Guarantee
Free U.S. Shipping On Orders $70+
Farm-Bill Compliant

Benefits of 1000MG CBD Gummies

Our CBD gummies with 1000mg potency, all vegan, are tailored for significant wellness support, potentially easing discomfort and fostering a natural sense of calmness.

Each gummy jar features a full-spectrum formula, that incorporates every natural cannabinoid and terpene from the hemp plant to enhance the 'entourage effect,' potentially offering benefits in the context of discomfort management.

Each 1000mg CBD gummy is produced under strict cGMP guidelines, assuring top safety and quality, inspired by a family made recipe. The benefits of our cbd gummies provide a dependable and potent option for your wellness regimen.

Full Spectrum 1000mg Gummies with:

Quality Gummy Taste & Flavor

Our Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD gummies deliver a holistic experience, renowned for the "entourage effect," with each variant – CBG, CBDA, and CBD – offering unique benefits. The infusion of natural flavors like fresh watermelon, wild berry, and strawberry is crucial as it masks the naturally bitter terpenes in CBD oil, making the 1000mg gummies more palatable.

Lab Tested, CO2 Extracted & Safe:

How Are CBD Gummies Made?

Our CBD gummies are created using the CO2 extraction method, which carefully extracts CBD while maintaining the natural profile of the hemp plant, resulting in a pure and effective product. Each batch is lab-tested to ensure compliance with the Farm Bill, emphasizing quality and safety.

We prioritize environmental impact and health, ensuring our CBD Gummies with 1000mg are both cruelty-free & GMO-free, reflecting our commitment to both the planet and your wellbeing.

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Reviews for our 1000MG CBD Gummies


How many 1000mg CBD gummies should I take?

For a bottle labeled as 1000mg CBD gummies, typically, start with one or two gummies per day, this is around 20-40mg depending on the product, make sure to adjust your dosage as needed.

Before Bed: Take 1-2 20mg CBD Gummies.

To Relax: Take 1 10mg CBD gummy with THC cannabinoids.

For Significant Comfort: Take 1-2 100mg CBD gummies.

Next, you'll need to test and see what amount works best for you. Usually, you can eat 2-3 gummies from the 1000mg gummy jars. For more details, check our full guide on how much CBD gummy to take.

Is 1000mg of CBD in gummies a lot? 

1000mg of CBD in a bottle of gummies isn't considered a high dose, as this refers to the total CBD content across all the gummies in the bottle. Typically, new gummy users will start with a lower CBD dosage and gradually adjust to find what works best for you.

What are the benefits of 1000 mg CBD gummies? 

CBD gummies with a strength of 1000mg have been reviewed by many customers as helpful in reducing anxiety and stress, reducing inflammation, managing pain, and promoting better sleep. In addition, due to their inconspicuous appearance and ease of use, CBD gummies for arthritis relief have become a favored method of CBD consumption. The extent of these potential benefits can differ based on individual factors like body weight and metabolism.

What is the strongest CBD Gummies you can buy?

The highest level of CBD in a gummy is typically around 100-120mg, with Neurogan offering the strongest option at 120mg per gummy. These high-potency gummies are designed for those seeking a more intense CBD experience and are among the most potent available on the market.

What are side effects of CBD gummies 1000mg?

While most people tolerate CBD well, some may experience minor side effects from CBD gummies, which can include fatigue, diarrhea, and changes in appetite or weight.

To learn more about CBD, read the benefits and side effects of CBD.

How long do 1000 mg CBD gummies last?

Start Working: They typically begin to exert their calming effect within 1-2 hours of consumption.

Stay in Your System: The CBD can potentially remain in your system for 2-5 days, varying with your metabolic speed and dosage patterns.

Stay in Your Urine: With regular usage, CBD gummies with 1000mg may be detectable in urine tests for 2-15 days.

Can you get CBD gummies with 1000mg per gummy?

Generally, no single 1000mg CBD gummy jar will contain 1000mg of CBD each as it's a quite substantial dose. Most gummies contain 10-50mg of CBD per piece. A jar labeled as ''1000mg'' typically signifies the total CBD content in the whole jar.

For those seeking higher concentrations, our Neurogan selection offers 1500mg CBD gummies and higher, which is a selection of gummies with up to 120mg of CBD per gummy.

Do CBD gummies 1000mg work for sleep?

The propensity of 1000mg CBD gummies to induce sleep is largely attributed to CBD's potential to alleviate anxiety and enhance relaxation.

When aiming for better sleep using CBD gummies, we advise checking out CBD sleep products

Do 1000MG CBD gummies work for Anxiety?

CBD gummies 1000mg may potentially assist in managing anxiety by leveraging the CBD content to influence the body's stress response, thus fostering a sense of calm and tranquility.

Can CBD Gummies with 1000MG help for pain?

For pain relief, 1000mg CBD gummies may potentially utilize CBD's anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate body pain. The high potency in CBD gummies enhances their effectiveness in providing pain management. However, it's important to note that CBD gummies are not a cure for any specific type of direct pain

How many 1000mg CBD Gummies can I eat?

When it comes to a jar labeled as 1000mg CBD Gummies, it's important to understand that the 1000mg refers to the total CBD content in the entire jar, not each individual gummy. Typically, each gummy might contain 50mg of CBD or possibly more or less, depending on the product. It's crucial to read the product label to determine your exact CBD gummy dosage.