CBD Gummies 1500mg

Crafted for individuals seeking our highest potency, our CBD Gummies 1500mg and above represent the pinnacle of our CBD range. These highly concentrated gummies come in both Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum versions, embodying our dedication to cater to diverse CBD preferences.

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Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30 Day Guarantee
Free U.S. Shipping On Orders $70+
Farm-Bill Compliant
Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30 Day Guarantee
Free U.S. Shipping On Orders $70+
Farm-Bill Compliant
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More About our 1500MG+ Gummies:

Highest Potent CBD Gummies

As manufacturers, we proudly present our cGMP-certified 1500mg CBD gummies and above. Produced following cGMP practices, these gummies are amongst the most potent on the market - reaching gummy potencies of up to 3600MG. Yes, you read that right, 3600MG, meaning 120MG per gummy.

Each gummy provides a considerable dose of CBD, which is known for its potential benefits like intense relaxation, aiding in stress management, and contributing to the body's overall comfort, including addressing everyday aches. Given their popularity among our customers and standing in the market, these gummies are a testament to our commitment to quality and potency.

By overseeing the manufacturing process, we ensure that these high-potency gummies maintain consistency in CBD content, taste, and overall quality.

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Different Strengths & Extracts for

CBD Edibles with 1500MG +

At this level of potency, choosing between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum becomes a key decision. Your choice will shape your high-potency CBD experience.

Full Spectrum: Our Full Spectrum CBD gummies 1500mg and above provide a comprehensive CBD experience, maximizing the "entourage effect."

Broad Spectrum (THC-Free): Our 1500 mg and above CBD gummies in Broad Spectrum form go through an extra refinement process to entirely remove THC, delivering a potent CBD without THC experience.

If you're interested in different strengths, we offer a variety of CBD gummies. You can choose from 10mg, 20mg, 100mg, 250mg, 300mg, 500mg, and all the way up to 1000mg CBD options and beyond.

The Science Of Hemp:

How CBD Gummies are made?

CBD Gummies is currently the most popular CBD supplement on the market. But how is it made using CBD Oil?

Watch this video to see behind-the-scenes footage of how your favorite high-potency CBD oil is made at Neurogan in San Diego & how we use that to create our wide array ofΒ CBD Products.

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Reviews for our 1500MG CBD Gummies


How many 1500 mg CBD gummies should I take?Β 

Starting with one 1500mg CBD gummy might be overwhelming for some. It's recommended to consult a healthcare provider before consuming such high-potency CBD products.

Before Bed: Take 1-2 20mg CBD Gummies.

To Relax: Take 1 10mg CBD gummy with THC cannabinoids.

For Significant Comfort: Take 1-2 100mg CBD gummies.

How long do CBD gummies 1500mg last?

Start working: The calming effects may be felt within 1-2 hours post-consumption.

Stay in your system: Most CBD gummies could remain in your system for 2-5 days, depending on your metabolic speed and the frequency of usage.

Stay in your urine: Depending on how often you use them, CBD from 1500mg gummies might be detected in urine for 2-15 days.

Do CBD gummies 1500 mg work for sleep?

Many of our customers have reported improve sleep after using our 1500mg CBD gummies, which come in potencies up to 3600mg. These gummies harness high potency CBD to promote relaxation, potentially contributing to better sleep quality. Their effectiveness is believed to be linked to CBD's interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating sleep.

Read more about: Using CBD for Insomnia.

Do 1500MG CBD Gummies work for Anxiety?

CBD gummies may aid in anxiety management, especially those with concentrations exceeding 1500mg and reaching up to 3600mg. Their high CBD content is believed to influence the body's stress response, fostering calmness and tranquility.

What are the side effects of CBD gummies 1500mg?

While CBD is generally well tolerated, some individuals may experience side effects, such as fatigue, changes in appetite, or digestive issues. These effects may be more prominent with high potency gummies like our 1500mg CBD gummies.

Learn more about the benefits of starting to use high potency cbd gummies.

Can I get a single CBD gummy with 1500mg?

You will not find a single gummy containing 1500mg of CBD, as this represents a very high dose. CBD gummies usually contain between 10-50mg of CBD each. A jar labeled (1500mg) indicates the total CBD content in the entire jar.

However, with the Neurogan selection, we provide CBD gummies with concentrations from 100mg & above, ensuring options for those seeking the strongest CBD Gummies.

Do 1500 MG CBD gummies work for Pain Relief?

For pain relief, CBD gummies with 1500mg utilize CBD's anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate body pain. This high potency significantly boosts their potential in managing pain. However, it's important to note that CBD gummies are not a cure for any specific type of direct pain.