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CBD Oil Price: How Much Does CBD Oil Cost?

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Let's face it — CBD is expensive. If you've spent any time shopping around for CBD oil products, you'll notice that the price ranges are all over the map. How can one supplement have such varying price ranges?

For many people, the price tag is a major weighing factor in their purchasing decisions.

Unfortunately, a highly prevalent problem in this market is a lack of regulation.

Gimmicky, arguably useless products are making it onto the shelves. These brands are looking to cash in on the growing CBD trend with budget oils, making it difficult to discern the good products from the bad.

So, what exactly goes into pricing CBD oil? Why do the prices vary so wildly? And how do you make sure you're buying an effective CBD oil within your budget? We'll get into all of this and more right here.

Hand holding Neurogan CBD Oil bottle and taking out the dropper full of oil

How Much Does CBD Oil Cost?

The average price of CBD oils is anywhere from $30 to $80 for a 1oz bottle containing 500 MG of CBD, and the cost only goes up from here with more high-potency CBD oils.

Several factors play a crucial role when exploring the cost of CBD oil.

Firstly, the concentration and potency of CBD in the product significantly influence its price — higher potency oils usually cost more but can offer better long-term value. The quality of hemp is another key factor, as organically grown, high-quality hemp demands a higher price due to the costlier farming and rigorous testing it undergoes.

On top of all of this, the extraction method can influence the cost, with CO2 extraction often resulting in a higher price tag due to its purity and safety standards.

The extract type (full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate), brand reputation, market variations, additional ingredients, and packaging contribute to the cost.

CBD Oil Price Chart

CBD Tincture/Oils Price Guide
Cost Price per MG of CBD
Low-Priced $0.05 - $0.12 per mg of CBD
Average $0.13 - $0.18 per mg of CBD
Expensive $0.18 or more per mg of CBD

Calculation of the CBD Oil Prices

With the vast array of CBD oil brands on the market, each offering different prices and potencies, a simple yet effective way to compare their value is through calculating the cost per milligram (mg) of CBD. This calculation provides a straightforward metric to gauge which brand offers the most bang for your buck.

To determine the cost per mg of CBD, divide the total price of the CBD oil bottle by the total milligrams of CBD it contains.

For example, if a bottle costs $50 and contains 500 MG of CBD, the cost per mg would be $0.10.

This method allows you to cut through the marketing noise and directly compare the economic value of different products, ensuring you make an informed and cost-effective choice.

Of course, this doesn't consider the other factors in pricing CBD oils (we'll get into this later). Still, calculating this cost per MG of CBD is a fairly reasonable starting point for comparing the cost of products from one brand to the next.

What's The Reasonable Retail Price Of CBD Per Mg?

Other costs of pricing CBD products include licensing, marketing, packaging, shipping, distribution, and staffing in an incredibly competitive market.

A reasonable CBD Tincture price ranges anywhere from $0.05 – $0.20 per MG as long as the company can justify its products' costs. For example, you can look at two bottles of 1000MG CBD oils priced at $50.00 and think, "Well, they're both priced at $0.05 per MG of CBD."

However, looking into the company practices and the products themselves, you'll see that one stands out for its value over the other.

Comparing CBD Oils
CBD Oil (Brand A) CBD Oil (Brand B)
Bottle Size 1 oz (30ml) 1 oz (30ml)
Mg of CBD 1000 mg 1000 mg
Retail Price $50.00 $50.00
Cost Per Mg Of CBD $0.05 $0.05
Hemp Quality & Source Unspecified hemp source USA organic hemp crops
Ingredients CBD isolate and hemp seed oil Full spectrum extract and organic hemp seed oil
Independent Lab Testing Not available Batch tested for cannabinoid and terpene profile and contaminant report
Customer Service Limited customer support online Customer chatbox on website and money guarantee


How Much Does Pure CBD Oil Cost?

The term "pure CBD oil" can be interpreted in several ways, each with cost implications. ‘

Let's quickly break down these distinctions to help you make a more informed decision with your CBD purchases.

Pure CBD Extract

The price range for pure CBD extract, often sold by the gram, can vary significantly based on factors like purity, brand, and source. Generally, consumers can expect to find pure CBD extract priced anywhere from $30 to $100 per gram.

Pure CBD extract refers to a product with a high CBD concentration and minimal other compounds from the hemp plant. It's essentially the most concentrated form of CBD, extracted directly from the plant. This sticky consistency, similar to molasses, makes it difficult to dose and use.

The cost of pure CBD extract is generally higher due to the intricate extraction process and the high purity and potency. Prices can vary significantly based on the concentration of CBD and the quality of the hemp used.

CBD Isolate Oil

The price range for CBD isolate oil can vary, but typically, it falls between $20 to $60 for a 30ml bottle — but it can vary depending on the concentration of CBD extract.

The price of CBD oil made with CBD isolate is often lower than full-spectrum CBD oil but can vary based on the concentration of CBD, the quality of both the CBD isolate and the carrier oil, and the brand's pricing strategy.

Who Has The Best CBD Oil Price?

Generally, the average cost falls between $0.07 to $0.12 per mg. A notable trend in the market is that higher concentrations of CBD in a bottle tend to offer better value, making the cost per mg cheaper.

The brands with the best value for CBD oils include

  1. Neurogan ($0.02–$0.04/ per mg of CBD)
  2. Lazarus Naturals ($0.02-$0.06 per mg of CBD)
  3. cbdMD ($0.03-$0.06 per mg of CBD)

3 key factors contribute to our brand's ability to offer CBD oils at such a low price point:

  1. Long-Standing Relationships with Farmers for Better Pricing Negotiations
  2. Efficient Extraction Methods
  3. Ownership of Production Facilities

How Much Does Hemp Oil Cost?

The price of hemp oil is generally lower than that of CBD oil. A bottle of hemp seed oil typically ranges from $10 to $30, depending on factors such as the size of the bottle, brand, and whether it is organic.

How Much Does CBD Cost Across All Products?

Since CBD is a popular ingredient, you can find it in capsules, gummies, skincare, and smokable vape products. Here, we've outlined a price guide for reasonable price points.

  • CBD Edibles: $20-$60
  • CBD Topicals: $25-$100
  • CBD Capsules $30-$100
  • CBD Vape Products $20-$60

What Affects CBD Oil Prices?

Hemp Source

Hemp farming itself is labor-intensive. Farmers need to make sure their hemp crops don't end up with more than 0.3% THC by weight, or they can't use it.

Where your hemp comes from is also very important. Organic hemp crops will cost more than non-organic farms because of the cost of licensing organic farms and the labor involved.

Extraction Methods

Most CBD extracts are made either using supercritical CO2 or ethanol extraction. These methods produce high-grade hemp extracts, but the machines and materials required to do this are costly. One supercritical CO2 machine can cost upwards of $149,000.

Fingers holding a white dropper with oil drops falling from it


How much CBD is in the product will affect its price point. 

Generally, the more CBD in the oil, the stronger it will be and the more expensive it will be. However, it becomes more cost-effective when you break down the cost per MG of higher potency bottles of the same brand. 

Extract Type

The extract type may also influence the price of your CBD oil.

The market has three main CBD extract types: Full spectrum, Broad Spectrum, CBD Isolate.

Formulation/ Ingredients

CBD oil or tincture is very rarely pure CBD extract.

Other ingredients can also be important in pricing, such as added essential oils, vitamins, or other compounds that can improve the product's intended use. For intance, the best flavored CBD oils might be pricier due to the addition of high-quality, natural flavoring ingredients, which provide a more enjoyable and palatable experience.

To highlight our commitment to quality and value, we offer a free sample of our CBD oil, which meets the same high standards as our full-sized products. This sample allows you to experience the quality and benefits firsthand, ensuring you understand the exceptional value we offer even before making a purchase.

Hand holding a CBD Bottle in front of a lake

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    Quality Control & Safety

    CBD oil cost doesn't always reflect quality.

    Because the CBD industry is so new, many companies on the market fall through the cracks selling sub-par or even dangerous CBD oils.

    Quality control goes beyond safe manufacturing practices and third-party lab testing. It can also focus on consumer education on how to use products responsibly. 

    Bulk Pricing

    Larger CBD companies benefit from reduced bulk pricing for supplies to pass the savings on to their customers and have a competitive edge on the market.

    Close up to a stream of Oil falling into a container

    Will The Price Of CBD Oil Ever Go Down?

    As of right now, the demand for CBD continues to skyrocket as cannabis-based products become more mainstream in the health and wellness space.

    The Takeaway: How Much Does CBD Oil Cost?

    As you can see, many factors go into pricing CBD oil. But just because CBD oil is priced on the lower end doesn't necessarily mean it's cheap. And vice-versa. A top-shelf price won't necessarily reflect the quality of the contents in the bottle.

    We encourage you to go beyond the price tag and initial product impression and dig deeper into the brand before purchasing. Understanding that the hemp source, quality control, and brand accountability ensure you get the best CBD oil value.


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    The Takeaway: How Much CBD Oil Cost?

    As you can see, many, many factors go into pricing a CBD oil. But just because a CBD oil is priced on the lower end doesn't necessarily mean it's cheap. And vice-versa. A top-shelf price won't necessarily reflect the quality of the contents in the bottle.

    We encourage you to go beyond the price tag and your initial impression of the product and dig a little deeper into the brand before purchasing. Understanding that the hemp source, quality control, and brand accountability play a huge part in ensuring you're getting the best value for your CBD oil.

    CBD products certainly aren't the cheapest wellness supplement on the market, but many resources go into their production, and there is a large number of people who have a lot to gain from the health benefits.If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of CBD oil, be sure to check out our other articles like this on our blog.


    How Much Does CBD Oil Cost?

    The average price of CBD oils is from $30 to $80 for a 1oz bottle containing 500MG of CBD, with higher-strength CBD oils costing even more. We even found a CBD isolation oil (1oz) containing 2,500 of CBD for $42.

    What Factors Affect CBD Oil Costs?

    CBD oil pricing is influenced by various factors, including farming, the extraction process, potency, extract type, formulation, quality control and safety, and bulk pricing.

    What's The Reasonable Retail CBD Price Per Mg?

    As long as the company can justify the costs of its products, reasonable pricing for CBD oils varies from $0.05 to $0.20 per MG. 

    What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil, And Is It Worth The Cost?

    CBD oil is worth the price for many people who want a natural and gentle way to support a healthy lifestyle. 


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