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How Much Do THC Gummies Cost?

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Before we get into how much THC gummies cost, we want to clarify what are THC gummies and specifically what kind of THC gummies we are going to be focusing on. If you’re already an experienced cannabis user, then you may already know the difference between marijuana-derived THC gummies and hemp-derived THC gummies. However, for our first-time users, marijuana gummies and hemp-derived THC gummies may seem like the same thing on the surface level. 

Hemp-derived THC gummies only contain 0.3% total THC, so they are federally legal. In terms of cost for these gummies, our research shows that most THC gummies cost around $50-$70

Marijuana-derived THC weed gummies are only legal in states where medical and recreational marijuana laws have been passed. The cost of marijuana-derived THC gummies will depend on the dispensary you go to. 

Today, we’ll focus mainly on hemp-derived THC gummies, as they are more accessible to more people in the country. It's worth noting that the cost of THC gummies can vary. Factors such as dosage, quality of ingredients, and gummy count all play a role in determining the final price, and understanding these factors can help you make an informed purchase decision. 

How Much Do THC Gummies Cost?

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We gave you a little insight into how much 10 mg THC gummies cost, but what if you want stronger gummies? Or weaker gummies? There will be variations in cost depending on what you want from your edibles. 

For first-time users, you’re in luck because cannabis products with lower dosages are generally on the cheaper end of the price range. For weaker THC weed gummies, you’ll most likely find them on the lower end of that price range we mentioned earlier, so generally around $50-60. 

You may find gummies cheaper than this, but we want to warn you that cost is often directly related to quality. When it comes to weed gummies, you want to consume gummies that have been derived from premium hemp and contain premium ingredients. This ensures the safety of the product you’re consuming and the effectiveness of the cannabinoids you may be hoping to benefit from.

How to Find the Price of THC Gummies

Depending on the cannabis product you are looking to purchase, it may be relatively easy to find the price of THC gummies, or it may require a bit more work. Let’s break down the steps you should take to find the price: 

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1. Understand Your THC Needs

Everyone has their reasons for wanting to take THC weed gummies. Have you heard that THC gummies may help as a support system to improve sleep? Interested in seeing how they affect your anxiety or stress? Do you want to attend a social event with a THC-induced chill? Whether for recreational purposes or more holistic health goals, it’s important to consider your needs before purchasing gummies. 

Gummies are often formulated with a specific intent. Some are simple formulas that help provide a nice chill, while others contain a blend of cannabinoids to promote certain wellness benefits

Understanding your needs is important to choosing a product and, more importantly, how much you want to pay. 

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2. Read the Ingredients Label

There are brands that use premium ingredients that may be well worth the extra cost for a THC gummy, while others use poor ingredients — perhaps to cut corners in production. The label will tell you if there is THC is in the CBD gummy, or the total CBD content there is, what ingredients were used to make the gummy, and potentially additional cannabinoids and herbal extracts to enhance the formula. 

Ingredients may be extra important to you if you have specific dietary needs. For example, if you’re vegan, you’ll want to consume gummies made with pectin rather than gelatin. We often want our edibles to have a delicious flavor, but we don’t have to compromise the quality of our ingredients to achieve this. Purchasing edibles that contain natural ingredients rather than artificial sweeteners and flavors usually aligns more with health-conscious consumers. 

The label should also provide insight into the source of the cannabinoids, which is important for understanding the legality of your THC gummies. 

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3. Compare Costs Per MG

A straightforward way to see what you’re getting for your hemp-derrvied THC gummies, is to look at the price per MG rather than the total cost of the product. The market for THC gummies is large and includes a ton of variety. Some bottles will have ten gummies, while some contain twenty.

To compare prices by MG of THC and CBD, you will need to do a little bit of research by visiting brands’ websites. Many brands break down the cost for you and provide an accurate view of the price per MG. If they do not, then you can simply do the math to divide the total cost by the total amount of THC or CBD in the product. Although this isn’t the only factor to affect the total cost, it’s an important aspect of understanding the value of the product.

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4. Check the Certificate of Analysis by a Third Party Lab

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordable gummies. You can learn about products’ quality and safety by looking at an accredited third-party lab's Certificate of Analysis (COA). This can help determine if you are getting the most value from the product.

Are THC Gummies Cheap?

This is a complicated question and one that depends on your own personal finances and opinions. However, I can tell you that THC gummies derived from hemp are cheaper than marijuana gummies. They are also cheaper than many pharmaceutical drugs if you are considering using THC as support in your wellness routine.

THC-infused gummies can be a game-changer for many. With the overwhelming amount of positive personal testimonies associated with their effect on the body, they could be worth the cost for you and your goals. 

THC Gummies Prices Online Vs. In-Store

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Ordering anything online can be appealing. How nice is it to have edibles delivered right to your door? 

Well, let’s look at Delta 9 hemp-derived THC gummies that you can order online. We’ll use our gummies as an example. Our full spectrum Delta 9 THC gummies cost $55 for twenty gummies with 200 mg of THC per bottle. That’s $2.75 per dose or $0.27 per mg of THC.

Let’s compare a similar cannabis product that you can find in a brick-and-mortar store. 

Rocky Mountain Cannabis has physical locations around Colorado and New Mexico, and most of their gummies cost around $18-25 for cannabis products with a maximum of 100 mg of THC.  

The prices online and in-store won’t be dramatically different, but it is typically cheaper to order online. Plus, it is significantly more convenient, especially when so many brands offer subscription services for your favorite products. When shopping in person, you also have to consider that you may not find the same variety of options available in a brick-and-mortar dispensary as you will online.   

Do THC Gummies Cost More Than Edibles?

When considering buying a bottle of gummies, it can feel like an expensive purchase up front, especially when other edibles have a cheaper price tag on the surface. 

THC gummies are usually more cost-effective because you can buy more edibles in a product than in many edibles. Usually, chocolate bars, caramels, or other edibles also include premium, more expensive ingredients that make them more expensive to produce. 

When you break down the cost of most other edibles by MG, cannabis gummies tend to be more cost-effective. 

The Takeaway: The Cost of THC Gummies

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of weed gummies, even some that we don’t necessarily think about. Does the brand use natural fruit flavors rather than cheap artificial flavorings to create delicious gummies? These small details can affect the price. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, knowing what goes into the gummies you want to consume is important. The better you understand the factors behind the price of THC gummies, the more likely you’ll choose a cannabis product with great value.  

Marijuana gummies will usually be more expensive and less accessible than hemp-derived THC gummies. That means the market offers a wide range of hemp-derived cannabis products, and cannabis gummies are especially popular for their potential benefits and long duration.

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