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The 7 Best CBD Dog Treats of 2024

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A lot of people like to say that dog owners resemble their furry friends. While this is mainly a joke, some similarities exist between humans and dogs. One of those similarities is feelings of anxiety and stress. Much like humans, environmental factors can cause stress and anxiety in dogs. When dogs experience these negative feelings, it may affect their behavior.  

To be good pet owners and avoid the kind of behavior that feelings of anxiety can cause, it’s important to implement certain structures in your dog’s daily routine to avoid anxiety triggers. Your dog's anxiety triggers may not be the same as your neighbor’s dog, but your approach to these triggers can actually be similar. CBD dog treats and other CBD products for dogs have been a popular choice for dog owners as they offer calming effects without the lethargy that may prevent your dog from enjoying their day to its fullest potential [1].

Stress and anxiety aren’t the only things humans and dogs have in common. We also share very similar experiences of pain, whether that be due to injury or aging. It can be tough watching your once-playful pup restrict themselves due to pain. Many owners of elderly dogs are raving about the pep that CBD has brought back to their dog’s steps. 

We want to be clear that CBD is not a solution or cure to any health condition or behavioral problem but supports a multifaceted approach to supporting your dog’s best self. 

What Are the Best CBD Treats for Dogs

The market for CBD pet treats is rapidly growing. As more people rave about its positive effects on their pets, the more they want to try it on their own. Whether it's CBD soft chews or crunchy biscuit-like CBD treats, we have a recommendation to help you decide on what CBD treat will be best for your pup.

Neurogan CBD Dog Treats

A pouch of Neurogan CBD Dog Treats

When it comes to CBD dog treats, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a formula that offers benefits and tastes great while doing so. With 25 mg of CBD per treat, our CBD Dog Treats work to provide calming effects for your pup. 

These hemp chews include premium ingredients such as almond butter, apple sauce, and coconut oil. These ingredients promote other aspects of wellness that CBD alone may not target, such as healthy coat and skin and digestion. As these are the most potent treats on the list, you’ll need to follow the label’s instructions to ensure you’re giving your dog an appropriate dosage based on his or her size. 

Although more research is still needed, CBD treats are currently being observed for their impact on anxiety, stress, pain, and inflammation in dogs [2]. Since CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, its interaction modulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which regulate biological processes like pain, anxiety, and inflammation [2]. 

All of that is to say that CBD can support your dog’s wellness in various capacities. Having a CBD treat that can be used consistently daily could be an important step in potentially improving the quality of your dog’s life. 

  • Cost: $30 | $45 | $180
  • Treat Count: 30 | 60 | 300
  • Total CBD Content: 750 mg CBD | 1500 mg CBD | 7500 mg CBD
  • MG of CBD per Treat: 25 mg CBD
  • Flavoring: Green Apple + Peanut Butter flavored

Suzie’s CBD Bites

A pouch of Suzie’s CBD Bites

We recommend Suzie’s CBD Bites for Little Dogs for small dogs. If you have a toy breed, then these bites are perfect for them, as they only contain 2 mg of CBD per CBD treat. 

Your small furry friend will like this low-dose CBD dog treat. 2 mg of CBD per treat is a low dose, even for small breeds, so you may need to increase the dose if your dog builds a tolerance to the low dose found in each treat. 

They also come in various flavors: apple, pumpkin, and original. With all USDA organic ingredients, you can feel assured that you are providing your dog with high-quality ingredients. 

These full spectrum CBD bites are not formulated for a specific use, so they are great for general use, but at a dose this low, they may not be what you’re looking for if you’re thinking about using CBD to support more intense needs. However, with a full spectrum CBD formula, they still provide an entourage effect, which may still positively influence your dog’s health. 

  • Cost: $17.95
  • Treat Count: 30
  • Total CBD Content: 60 mg CBD
  • MG of CBD per Treat: 2 mg CBD
  • Flavoring: Apple | Pumpkin | Original

Honest Paws CBD Bites

A pouch of Honest Paws CBD Bites

Honest Paws has developed a pretty great reputation in the pet CBD market. And we can see why. These Calm CBD Bites contain organic, premium ingredients, such as organic barley flour and organic peanut butter, to make them a tasty treat for your pup. 

With two different sizes, mini and standard, you can easily give your dog an appropriate CBD dosage based on their size. These CBD dog bites are formulated with the calming effects of CBD in mind, so they are full spectrum and contain less than 0.3% THC. 

With 1.6 mg of CBD for small breeds and 5 mg of CBD for large breeds, these bites offer a moderate dose that may support your dog in chilling out a bit. With calming CBD treats, it can be important to remember your dog's triggers, such as guests or thunderstorms, and provide the treat with an awareness of the onset time. Your dog will need some time to digest the treat before feeling the effects, so if you can anticipate a trigger, then it can be a good idea to give them a CBD treat for anxiety in advance. 

Honest Paws also offers a line of CBD dog treats and soft chews for different usages, such as mobility and wellness. Since many dog owners seeking to support their dog with CBD hope to benefit from the calming effects of CBD, we think their Calm CBD bites stand out, but it’s still great to have the option to tailor your CBD treats based on your dog's needs.

  • Cost: $28.47
  • Total CBD Content: Mini Size 150 mg CBD | Standard Size 150 mg CBD
  • MG of CBD per Treat: Mini Size 1.6 mg CBD | Standard Size 5 mg CBD
  • Flavoring: Peanut Butter Flavor

Austin and Kat’s Chews

A pouch of Austin and Kat’s Chews

These CBD dog chews stand out to us for a few reasons. First, these chews are Brady’s Senior Formula Chews, and we love their love for older dogs. 

To support senior pups, these dog CBD chews include a blend of botanicals associated with supporting the immune system, such as ginkgo biloba, cordyceps mushrooms, and curcumin. 

Many pet owners can agree that it can be difficult watching our elderly dogs start to experience the negative effects of a life well lived. These CBD chews help with that burden by supporting their old bodies in a multi-faceted natural approach. 

We have to mention that these costs are a bit higher than the other CBD chews mentioned due to the additional ingredients of botanical extracts. 

  • Cost: $49.95
  • Total CBD Content: 420 mg CBD
  • MG of CBD per Treat: 14 mg CBD
  • Flavoring: Apple + Cinnamon + Peanut Butter flavored

Chill Paws CBD Dog Treats

A pouch of Chill Paws CBD Dog Treats

Located in Santa Monica, California, Chill Paws offers its handcrafted CBD Dog Treats with 8 mg of CBD per treat. With 8 mg of CBD per treat, this is a moderate dose of CBD. These are also full spectrum, meaning they contain a blend of cannabinoids and a low amount of THC to provide an entourage effect. 

You may notice that these treats don't have an additional name tacked on to them, like “calming” or something similar. These CBD treats for dogs don’t have a specific intended use, which means these are great for general wellness support. Since they are full spectrum, they can support a variety of usages but may not be specific enough for your dog’s needs. 

Chill Paws don’t sell products for different-sized dogs, so it’s extra important to follow the directions and dosage guide on the label. They recommend giving dogs under 25 lbs half of a treat rather than a whole one. 

  • Cost: $32.99
  • Total Treats: 30
  • Total CBD Content: 240 mg CBD
  • MG of CBD per Treat: 8 MG
  • Flavoring: Pumpkin Flavor

Bailey’s Hip & Joint CBD Soft Chews

A bottle of Bailey’s Hip & Joint CBD Soft Chews

A few of the CBD treats for dogs we mentioned today were peanut butter-flavored. This is a favorite for dog treats for a good reason, but we also like that Bailey’s Hip & Joint CBD Soft Chews offer chicken-flavored treats. 

As mentioned in the name of these treats, these treats offer potential benefits for your pup's hip and joint health. Each CBD dog treat contains full spectrum CBD, glucosamine, green-lipped mussels, and MSM (a sulfur-containing compound). These ingredients work together to not cure joint pain, but support the body, which may indirectly relieve joint pain. 

Many pet parents of aging dogs choose to implement CBD treats into their dog’s wellness plan because of arthritis. CBD oil-infused treats are not a cure for arthritis, but studies are showing that CBD has a positive effect on dogs with arthritis [3]. 

  • Cost: $19.99 for Small/ Medium Breed | $29.99 for Large Breeds
  • Total Chews: 30
  • Total CBD Content: 90 mg for Small/ Medium Breed | 180 mg for Large Breeds
  • MG of CBD per Treat: 3 mg for Small/ Medium Breed | 6 mg for Large Breeds
  • Flavoring: Chicken Flavor

CBDFX CBD Dog Treats

A jar of CBDFX CBD Dog Treats

After developing a strong reputation in the human CBD market, CBDFX entered the CBD pet market. And we’re glad they did. Its CBD Dog Treats: Hip & Joint Chews offer broad spectrum CBD and additional joint-friendly ingredients. 

Some of these joint-friendly ingredients include turmeric, yucca root, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate. CBD alone will not treat or fix a dog’s hip and joint pain, but with additional supportive ingredients and lifestyle changes, your dog may be able to return to their old walk routines. 

Even though these treats have a nice natural hickory flavor that’s usually associated with meaty barbeques, these treats are actually vegan. Which can be a great option for vegan pet owners. 

Whether your dog is aging or has experienced an injury, its joints can affect its ability to play, exercise, and enjoy daily life. With 20 mg of CBD per treat, these treats offer a stronger dose of CBD, which can be a great amount of CBD when considering a specific need such as hip and joint support. 

  • Cost: $39.99 
  • Total Chews: 30
  • Total CBD Content: 600 mg CBD
  • MG of CBD per Treat: 20 mg CBD
  • Flavoring: Natural Hickory Flavor

How to Pick the Best Dog Treats


When it comes to dog CBD, you will want ingredients that are non-toxic to dogs. While this is the obvious thing to look out for when purchasing CBD pet treats, it may not be so obvious that you should look for products that contain human-grade ingredients. 

Human-grade ingredients are typically of higher quality and generally hold a higher standard than pet-grade ingredients. Most dog owners who want CBD treats in their dog’s wellness routine want the best for their dog, so why settle for less regarding ingredients?

Ingredients can also be helpful when deciding how to give CBD to your dog. If it includes peanut butter, then maybe it’s better to choose a treat that you don’t plan to mix into their food. If it is naturally flavored, then maybe a CBD oil that can be mixed into their food is the better way to give it to your dog. 

Company Reputation

The best dog CBD treats come from companies with stellar reputations. However, sometimes, it’s easier for people in the CBD industry to know which companies have better reputations than others. So, here are a few things to look out for that are signs that a company has a good reputation:

  • Third-Party Testing 
  • High-Quality Hemp
  • Premium Ingredients
  • Vet-Approved

Third-party testing is crucial when buying CBD for yourself or your dog. This ensures the safety and efficacy of the CBD product. Good companies will provide their third-party testing lab results to display transparency and trustworthiness. 

CBD Dosage/ Strength 

CBD treats for dogs don’t have a one-size-fits-all dosage or strength. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing a CBD dosage needs to reflect that. Many products will be labeled “for small dogs” or “for large dogs.” The dosage will change depending on which size dog the product is intended for. 

Even if the CBD treats are not specific for breed size, most brands provide a dosage guide on the label, which will help you determine how much CBD to provide your pup. 

The dosage also depends on the intended use. You may want a higher dosage if you intend to use CBD treats for dogs for more intensive needs, such as post-surgery or illness. You may want a lower dosage to implement CBD treats into your dog’s daily wellness plan. 

Vet Recommended

A trustworthy CBD company that sells CBD treats for dogs will have a veterinarian give their stamp of approval for their CBD treats. Veterinarians can make sure the CBD treats are free of toxic ingredients and unsafe CBD dosages. A vet’s approval is always a bonus when giving something to your pet. 

CBD Dog Treats or Calming Treats

If you’ve walked around a pet supplies store or perused dog treats on Amazon, then you have probably seen shelves full of products named “Calming Treats.” These are typically non-CBD dog treats that contain other herbs associated with calming effects. So what is better for your dog, a CBD dog treat or a calming treat? 

First, let’s clarify the difference between “Calming Treats” and CBD treats for dogs. Calming treats are non-CBD treats that may contain other herbal or botanical extracts or ingredients that are associated with producing calming effects. CBD treats contain the cannabinoid CBD, which is known to produce calming effects based on CBD’s interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (which, yes, dogs’ bodies have too). 

Based on anecdotal evidence, CBD appears to produce stronger calming effects than the herbal extracts in non-CBD calming treats. If you’re intended use of treats is to help calm your pup, then we generally recommend going with CBD treats for dogs that are especially formulated as calming. Our Calming dog treats include CBN, which has been associated with calming and relaxing effects [4]. 

Types of CBD Treats for Dogs

You’ll notice different types of CBD treats for dogs: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate treats. Full spectrum offers a blend of cannabinoids that work synergistically to enhance the CBD experience. It also includes a low dose of THC.

Broad spectrum CBD treats include many of the same cannabinoids (and benefits) as full spectrum treats but without THC. This can be a preferable option for some pet owners who don’t feel comfortable giving THC to their dogs. Broad spectrum CBD treats for dogs are the most common dog treats you’ll see on the shelves.

It’s less common, but you may also see CBD isolate treats. These contain pure CBD without other cannabinoids. Some may prefer this, but CBD isolate treats don’t offer the same amount of benefits as full or broad spectrum products do. 

The Takeaway: Best CBD Dog Treats

CBD treats for dogs will continue to become more popular as people seek more natural methods of supporting their furry children. Taking care of your dog’s health is one thing, but supporting their overall wellness is the key to having a happy, healthy dog. 

Knowing how you want to support your dog with CBD is the first step when buying CBD dog treats. Do you want to help your dog with mobility? Does your elderly dog need a little wellness support? Do you have a puppy who needs a little calmness in their training routine? 

There are many CBD dog treats for general wellness purposes, but there are also many CBD dog treats with specific purposes in their formulation. This may mean that they include specific cannabinoids or additional natural ingredients.

It’s always important to discuss your decision to implement CBD treats into your dog’s wellness routine. Knowing how much CBD to give your dog is crucial to ensuring a safe and effective wellness routine for the fur child in your life.


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