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Best CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety in 2024

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If you're a dog owner, you know how challenging it can be to see your furry pal struggle with anxiety, particularly during loud events like fireworks shows, which can set off a range of anxious behaviors, including trembling, hiding, whining, barking, or even attempting to escape from home. 

Fortunately, there are several natural-based answers available, including CBD dog treats for anxiety.

Cannabidiol (CBD) products, including dog treats and oils, have helped pet parents alleviate their pet's discomfort during a weekend that should be spent celebrating American independence with loved ones.

Settle in for our list of the best dog CBD for fireworks, how to use CBD oil and CBD dog treats, and shopping tips.

How Can CBD Help An Anxious Dog?

How Can CBD Help An Anxious Dog?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound harvested from the cannabis plant — most commonly hemp.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD won't get your dog high, but it may have relaxing properties that make it an ideal ingredient in CBD dog treats for anxiety.

Cannabinoids like CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is present in all mammals and plays a role in balancing various physiological and cognitive functions, including stress and anxiety.

While the advantages of CBD for mental health are closely investigated for humans, many researchers believe that it works in a similar way for dogs too. A study found that administering CBD to dogs with separation anxiety and car anxiety had a positive effect on their stress symptoms, which included a much more stable heart rate temperature, reduced whining, and other anxious behaviors [1].

How does this work?

When dog owners administer dog CBD oil or CBD treats, it's believed to support the ECS's role in maintaining homeostasis (balance) of systems that manage the stress response.

Overall, while definitive research on CBD dog treats for anxiety is still needed, there's no shortage of personal accounts of pet owners and their happy pups finding luck with CBD pet products for a wide range of other health benefits from supporting the comfort for senior dogs, protecting joint health, mellowing out hyperactive younger dogs, and promoting a sense of calm.

4 Best CBD Hemp Dog Treats for Anxiety 2024

Brand Price Treats Count Total CBD Content MG of CBD per Treat Price per MG of CBD Flavor
Neurogan Dog Chews $45 60 1200mg CBD 20mg CBD $0.03/mg Green Apple + Peanut butter flavored
Onyx + Rose: See Spot Chill $34 30 150mg CBD 5mg CBD $0.23/mg

Peanut butter flavored
Royal CBD's Calming Treats $39 30 150mg CBD 5mg CBD $0.26/mg Peanut butter apple flavored
Honest Paws: Calm CBD Soft Chews $39.95 30 150mg CBD 5mg CBD $0.26/mg Poultry flavored


Now that you're clear on our guidelines for what makes for a high-quality CBD oil for our beloved canines, you'll understand why these CBD brands and products made it on the list for our picks of the best CBD dog treats for anxiety.

1. Neurogan Dog Chews (Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum CBD)

Among all the CBD dog treats for anxiety we've rounded up, our CBD dog treats have the highest concentration of CBD per biscuit — you can call the Neurogan Dog Chews the "big guns" for large dogs who require heavier CBD dosing to combat stress or pain or for pets who need more CBD support for fireworks.

Each artisan-crafted dog CBD treat contains 20 mg of full spectrum hemp oil. 

Price: $44.95

Total Treats Count: 60

Total CBD Content: 1200 mg

MG of CBD Per Treat: 20 mg

Flavoring: Green Apple + Peanut butter flavored


  • Most potent CBD treats for dogs available

  • Available in full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD

  • Human-grade organic ingredients you can feel good about giving your pet

  • Cost per mg, this is the most affordable dog CBD treat for anxiety from the ones we've listed above.


  • These are high-potency CBD dog treats, which may be too much for some pets. You can always cut the treat into half or even quarters.

2. Onyx + Rose: See Spot Chill

Onyx + Rose: See Spot Chill

Onyx + Rose's See Spot Chill treats are veterinarian-formulated with broad spectrum CBD in a little peanut butter chew made with whole, simple ingredients like brown rice flour, organic coconut flour, coconut flakes, whole eggs, peanut butter, and honey for a treat that sounds fit for the best.

These are a great option if you're looking for an affordable CBD dog treat for anxiety that's 100% THC-free but still contains diverse minor cannabinoids and terpenes for more robust stress relief.

Price: $34.00

Total Treats Count: 30

Total CBD Content: 150 mg

MG of CBD Per Treat: 5 mg

Flavoring: Peanut butter flavored


  • Broad spectrum CBD oil and whole natural ingredients for calming treats

  • Affordable


  • Does contain whole eggs, which is great for most dogs, but some dogs may have sensitivities

3. Royal CBD's Calming Treats

Royal CBD's Calming Treats

Royal CBD's Calming Treats is many pet parents' go-to for crunchy treats that deliver the benefits of CBD, L-theanine, and chamomile, which are all known to contain calming properties.

Royal CBD has a good reputation with its products, and overall, these treats are made with high-quality, all-natural, and organic ingredients, which is what makes them a hit for pet owners looking for wholesome CBD dog treats for anxiety.

Price: $39.00

Total Treats Count: 30

Total CBD Content: 150 mg

MG of CBD Per Treat: 5 mg

Flavoring: Green Apple + Peanut butter flavored


  • Full spectrum CBD with natural sleep compounds chamomile and L-theanine

  • Affordable


  • Crunchy dog treats aren't always the best option for small dogs, picky dogs, or older dogs who have difficulties chewing.

4. Honest Paws: Calm CBD Soft Chews

Honest Paws Clam CBD Soft Chews.jpg

Honest Paws is a well-known and loved CBD brand in the industry that has been a dependable source of high-quality CBD treats, and their Calm CBD Soft Chews definitely stand out for their thoughtful formulation.

It contains full spectrum hemp oil and CBD extract combined with L-theanine and L-tryptophan in a soft chews formula in the shape of a bone.

L-theanine and L-tryptophan are amino acids often found in supplements to support relaxation in the mind and body, helping to target the effects of CBD for pets suffering from separation anxiety. This combination of calming ingredients and CBD in a product may also be helpful to lessen excessive barking during loud events, thereby creating a quieter and more peaceful environment. Reducing excessive barking can help alleviate stress among other dogs nearby, making the situation less stressful for everyone involved.

This is a great soft chew pick for dog CBD treats for fireworks.

Price: $39.95

Total Treats Count: 30

Total CBD Content: 150 mg

MG of CBD Per Treat: 5 mg

Flavoring: Poultry flavored


  • Full spectrum CBD with L-theanine and L-tryptophan for a substantial calming dog treat

  • Affordable


  • As per Honest Paw's COA, there is some variation in CBD content in each soft chew, which can make precise dosing a challenge when looking for CBD dog treats for anxiety.

Neurogan Dog CBD Products For Anxiety

We're proud to be many Americans' trusted source for affordable, premium-quality CBD products online to support their health and wellness — and that extends to our CBD treats for dogs and pet CBD oils too.

All our products, even the ones for pets, start with American-grown hemp crops. We use the same premium quality CBD oils for our human-grade products as we do for pets because we think man's best friend deserves the best too.

What makes the pet collection of CBD products different from what you'd buy for yourself is the potency and the flavors. CBD dosage is typically dependent on the user's weight, and since our pets weigh much less than we do and are much more sensitive to the cannabinoids than we are, a little goes a long way in CBD dog treats for anxiety.

As we delve into the broad benefits of CBD dog treats for anxiety, it's worth noting that CBD's potential extends beyond just calming nerves. Emerging research and anecdotal evidence have sparked interest in the use of CBD for dog seizures. This suggests that, in addition to easing anxiety, CBD treats might also play a role in supporting neurological health in dogs, offering a more holistic approach to your pet's well-being

How We Chose The Best CBD Dog Treats For Fireworks

CBD dog treats have been around for a while, and there are a lot of companies offering cookies, soft chews, and everything in between in different flavors, potencies, and sizes. 

Along with alleviating anxiety, particularly during events like fireworks, CBD is also effective for other behavioral challenges. The use of CBD for dog aggression is an emerging area of interest, offering a natural solution to improve canine temperament and family interactions. 

However, not all CBD dog treats for anxiety are made the same.

You'll even encounter bad CBD treats that may contain unsubstantial CBD dosages or, worse, potentially harmful ingredients.

The point is that the CBD industry isn't well regulated, which is why having a keen eye for choosing the best CBD dog treats is key. And we'll give you some tips on how to spot a quality CBD dog treat, and you'll quickly see why the treats we've listed for the best dog CBD for fireworks are some of the best out there.

1. All The CBD Dog Treats Have Third-Party Lab Testing

While there are a lot of CBD companies out there, only a few can be called reputable.

A hallmark of a reputable CBD company is taking the extra step in getting all their CBD products, even their dog treats, third-party lab tested to verify the accuracy of their labels and ensure the CBD oil and treats are free from contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and mold.

You shouldn't have to chase anyone down to verify the products are lab tested. Make sure the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an accredited third-party lab is uploaded on the company site or is found on the product packaging.

2. Look For Dog CBD Treats Made With Organic And All-Natural Ingredients

We think that what makes for a quality CBD dog treat is the ingredients and care involved. Healthy natural ingredients like almond butter and coconut oil are good examples of what a quality CBD dog treat may have.

When it comes to choosing CBD dog treats for anxiety, selecting products that are made with organic and all-natural ingredients can be beneficial for a few different reasons.

First, organic ingredients are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, which means that they are less likely to contain harmful chemicals that could cause sensitivity issues for your pet.

Second, avoiding artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives can help to ensure the calming dog treats you buy for fireworks are healthy and safe.

3. Choose Full Spectrum CBD Oil & Broad Spectrum CBD Oil In Your Calming Treats

We've only chosen full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD dog treats for anxiety, which can help to ensure that your pet is receiving the full range of therapeutic benefits that hemp compounds have to offer.

CBD soft chews or dog CBD oil made with CBD isolate is lacking in minor cannabinoids and terpenes that produce a phenomenon called the "entourage effect," which is believed to make the CBD oil more effective for your pet's anxiety.

Other Tips For Keeping Your Pet Calm On the Fourth Of July

Other Tips For Keeping Your Pet Calm On the Fourth Of July

While getting a hold of some calming dog treats can help your pet deal with loud noises or even separation anxiety, there are some other tips you can implement to make sure your pet is calmer and more comfortable when it comes time for the Fourth of July celebrations.

  1. Keep Your Pet Indoors: To reduce your pet's stress levels, keep them indoors, preferably with the window curtains closed, during the fireworks displays to avoid overstimulation from the lights and to muffle the fireworks sounds.

  2. Play White Noise: Ask Alexa or your Google Home to play calming music or white noise to help drown out the commotion for a more relaxing environment for your pet.

  3. Exercise Your Pet Earlier: Help your dog release energy with a long walk. This can help to tire them out so that they're more relaxed when it's time for the fireworks.


FAQs About CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety

1. How much CBD should I give my dogs?

The appropriate CBD dosage for dogs depends on various factors, but the easiest starting point is their weight.

Most dosing guidelines recommend starting with a low dose of your CBD dog treats for fireworks, and increasing it slowly until you see the desired calming effects in your dogs.

You can start with 0.2 – 0.5 mg of CBD per lb of your dog's weight per day and see how they respond to the dosage. Keep in mind that CBD isolate calming dog treats may be weaker than full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD soft chews, so a little can go a long way with these products.

2. What's the best way to give my dog CBD for fireworks?

We recommend giving your dog small doses of CBD treats every day leading up to the fireworks event to make sure that they're responding well to the CBD dosage and so that their endocannabinoid system can adjust to the supplemented cannabinoids.

You can give your dog their CBD treats 30–45 minutes before the fireworks festivities start to ensure they kick in at an appropriate time.

For smaller dogs, you may want to break up the treat into appropriate doses and if you're giving them a crunchy treat, you may want to soak it in water to soften the cookie so that it's easier on their teeth and digestive system.

3. What happens if I give my dog too much CBD?

The good news is that CBD is non-toxic, but it's still possible to give your pet too much CBD, even if it's a high-quality CBD treat.

When this happens, the best thing you can do is monitor your pet for signs of discomfort. They may be sleepy and have an upset stomach, so make sure you've given them enough water to avoid dehydration and that they're comfortable. Do not leave them alone.

The effects of CBD should wear off in 4–6 hours, but if your pet still isn't back to its normal self, you should seek advice from your vet.

4. What if my pet is too picky to eat their CBD anxiety treats?

If your dog isn't a fan of their CBD anxiety treats, you can try a different flavor. Some dogs prefer meat-based flavorings like chicken, beef, or pork, while others prefer something sweeter like honey or apple.

You can also disguise your dog's CBD treat for anxiety in their meal and break it up into smaller pieces if they have a habit of digging it out.

If you're still struggling to get them to eat the soft chews, you can opt for dog CBD oil or Bacon Flavored CBD for Dogs, which you can administer directly into your pet's mouth.

The Takeaway: The Best CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety & Fireworks

Many dogs and other pets can become anxious by the loud noises and bright lights associated with the Fourth of July fireworks.

Thankfully, CBD dog treats are available to help dogs find comfort, allowing pet owners to enjoy the festivities fully.

While more research is needed, growing evidence suggests that CBD may be an effective treatment option for anxious dogs. However, you should be aware that not all dogs will respond to CBD similarly, and not all CBD products are made the same.

This is why it's crucial to research pet CBD products and the CBD company to ensure you're getting high-quality CBD dog treats for anxiety.

With pets on medication or with underlying health conditions, you should speak with your veterinarian about their anxious behavior before giving them CBD products.


  1. Hunt, A. B., Flint, H. E., Logan, D. W., & King, T. (2023). A single dose of cannabidiol (CBD) positively influences measures of stress in dogs during separation and car travel. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 10, 153.

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