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Can Dogs Take CBD Gummies?

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Today, we are going to answer the question, “Can dogs have CBD gummies?” We want to clear up some confusion, though. Oftentimes, you’ll see CBD gummies for dogs. However, the gummies aren’t the kind of gummies that humans usually consume. Usually, these “gummies” are soft chews. 

If you’ve ever observed your dog eating, you may notice that it can seem like they inhale their food. This is partially true. Dogs don’t chew their food very thoroughly. Traditional gummies may be a choking hazard for dogs, especially smaller ones. Gummies also often contain xylitol, which is toxic for dogs. So, when we talk about CBD gummies for dogs, we specifically talk about the soft chews that are safe for dogs. 

We also want to be transparent that CBD products aren’t FDA verified yet, and more veterinary testing needs to be done. If you opt for CBD products for your pup, it’s best to stick with a hemp-derived CBD product. 

Can Dogs Take CBD Gummies

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Yes, dogs can have CBD. Dog CBD gummies are not the same as human gummies, but soft chews with non-toxic ingredients derived from the hemp plant are safe for dogs. It’s still not approved by the FDA, but pet owners and current research have reported potential benefits supporting a dog’s wellness. 

So, to be clear, dogs cannot take CBD gummies like the ones humans consume, but they can consume CBD soft chews formulated for dogs. 

Can You Give Your Dog CBD Edibles?

Yes, you can give your dog CBD edibles. However, they needed to be made specifically for dogs. CBD edibles for humans may contain ingredients that are not safe for dogs, but CBD treats for dogs will only contain safe ingredients. 

However, when it comes to CBD oil, you can usually give your dog non-dog-specific oil. This is because there are usually no toxic ingredients in CBD oil. However, some CBD oils contain THC, and you will want to be cautious when giving THC to your dog as it is toxic, and the effects will be much more enhanced for them than it is for humans.

Can Dogs Have CBD + THC Gummies?

As we just mentioned, THC can be dangerous for dogs. We tend to suggest broad spectrum or CBD isolate products for dogs to err on the side of caution. Gummies can also be especially dangerous as they may be a choking hazard. 

If you do choose to purchase full spectrum soft chews, then just be careful with the THC content. Make sure there is less than 0.3% total THC. 

Benefits of CBD Gummies for Dogs

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You might be thinking, “Why exactly would you give your dog CBD?” Several potential health benefits make pet CBD of interest to pet owners. Let’s go through some of the most commonly reported and researched benefits [1]:

These are a few potential benefits hemp plants have to offer pets. These benefits can be great for specific events and experiences like thunderstorms. For example, if your dog is anxious during thunderstorms, the calming effects of a CBD soft chew can help support your pup during storms. 

Side Effects of Gummies

As with humans, some potential side effects may occur to your dog when ingesting a CBD treat. Dosage is key to ensuring the safety of CBD for dogs. Here are a few symptoms to keep an eye out for:

  • Dizziness
  • Changes in appetite
  • Digestive system upset (stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea) 

Are Regular Gummies OK for Dogs?


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It’s best to stay away from giving your dog regular gummies. As we’ve said, there may be toxic ingredients in regular gummies that are safe for humans but not dogs. Xylitol, a sugar substitute, is an ingredient you may find in gummies that could be deadly to dogs depending on the amount ingested. Even in low doses, it could cause hypoglycemia and liver damage to dogs. 

The Takeaway: Can Dogs Take CBD Gummies

We all want our dogs to be the healthiest versions of themselves. CBD can be a great addition to your dog’s wellness plan, but it’s important to research and discuss this decision with a veterinarian. Dog CBD gummies aren’t exactly the ones we know and love, but soft chews are specifically made to be safe for dogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat gummy bears?

No, dogs can’t eat gummy bears. They are sugar bombs with too high of a sugar content for dogs. Plus, they are a choking hazard for dogs and may contain toxic ingredients. 

What will one CBD gummy do to my dog?

CBD gummies for dogs, or soft chews, contain different dosages of CBD depending on the product and brand. The amount of CBD in one soft chew will have different effects depending on the dog’s weight. Generally, one soft chew will provide some calming effects to your dog. 


  1. Cindy, H. J., & Rupasinghe, H. V. (2021). Cannabidiol-based natural health products for companion animals: Recent advances in the management of anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Research in veterinary science, 140, 38-46.
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