Helle Brandrup

Certified Veterinarian & Wellness Advocate

Hailing from Aalborg in Northern Denmark, Helle Brandrup's narrative is a blend of deep-rooted passion for animals, family bonds, and the power of wellness. From her early years in Aalborg, Helle ventured into the realm of veterinary care, taking on pivotal roles from a veterinary nurse apprentice at Dyreklinikken Hobrovej to advanced & certified positions in Gistrup Dyreklinik and Skibhus Dyreklinik in Odense.

Her deep-rooted love for animals is not just professional but deeply personal. Over the years, Helle has lovingly raisedย 4 children, cared forย 7 dogs,ย 10 Icelandic horses, and has been a guiding hand in the nurturing of over 50 foster dogs, making her a matriarch in every sense.

2011 marked a significant chapter in Helle's life as she moved to the United States. This transition not only brought new experiences and challenges but also saw her play a foundational role alongside her husband, Jan Brandrup, in birthing the CBD brand, Neurogan. Their exploration into the world of CBD was both personal and profound. It was CBD's miraculous assistance during Helle's mother's battle with breast cancer that drove the couple to deep research and eventually, the inception of Neurogan.

With Neurogan, Helleโ€™s rich veterinary background fused perfectly with the emerging world of CBD, making her an invaluable asset to the brand. Beyond her influential contributions to Neuroganโ€™s dog blogs, Helle's expertise has been pivotal in sculpting the brand's CBD Horse & Pet products.

Today, Helle Brandrup's life is a reflection of her deep love for family, animals, and wellness. From her roots in Aalborg to her significant contributions to global animal care and well-being, her journey showcases her unwavering commitment to both the creatures she nurtures and the people she cherishes.

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