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Best CBD for Barking Dogs in 2024

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You love your furry friend, but you don’t love their excessive barking. Whether your dog’s excessive barking is triggered by anxiety, fear, or underlying issues, incessant barking can be distressing for both pets and their owners. 

CBD, a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant, has been making waves for its potential wellness benefits, and its application in pet wellness is no exception. 

As pet owners seek natural and holistic approaches to address their dogs' behavioral issues, CBD comes out on top for for calming nervous canines and curbing excessive barking.

In today’s guide, we’ll explore CBD's potential benefits for barking dogs, taking a closer look at the science behind CBD, its safety for canine consumption, and natural CBD products to restore peace and tranquility in homes. 

Does CBD Help Stop Barking Dogs?

Dog barking can be disruptive and bothersome to your environment. Excessive barking in dogs can come about from dog anxiety, fear, boredom, or medical issues. 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body, which plays a role in regulating various physiological processes, including mood, stress response, and appetite. 

This has led to the hypothesis that CBD oil could potentially help with anxiety related behaviors in dogs, which may include excessive barking.

As you can see, the reasons dogs bark vary, so its best to talk to your vet to understand why your dog barks. 

Best CBD for Barking Dogs

Your dog’s excessive barking could be caused by a variety of reasons. Whether it’s canine cognitive dysfunction, fear, separation anxiety, aggression, boredom, or general reactions to the outside world, you want your dog to feel their best.

We've seen a plethora of cases with dogs, hence why we also recommend CBD for dogs arthritis & the best options to pick from there.

CBD products offer similar health benefits to dogs as it does to humans. All of the products today were formulated for dogs and are made to provide calming effects to help with your dog’s barking with easy CBD options to give your dog

Let’s take a look at the five dog CBD products that we think will help with any dog barking issue: 

  1. The Best Treat: Neurogan CBD Dog Treats
  2. The Flavor Favorite: Neurogan Dog Hemp Oil
  3. The Full Spectrum Oil: CBDDOG CBD Oil for Dogs
  4. The Peanut Butter Treat: Pet Releaf CBD Edibites
  5. The Herbal Oil: Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs

1. Neurogan CBD Dog Treats

Bag of Neurogan CBD Dog Treats


Does your dog bark excessively?

CBD for dogs to stop barking is becoming a trendy, natural way to help our furry pals manage whatever is causing them to bark excessively. 

Our dog treats are made with simple ingredients of applesauce, almond butter, coconut oil, and potent 20MG dose of hemp-derived CBD. This is a good strong dose for bigger dogs like your German shepherds or Bernese mountain dogs, but you may want to break this up into smaller pieces for border collies and Frenchies and go even smaller for mini poodles and Yorkies. 

Your dog’s barking can be managed through a natural and familiar method — a treat. Treat time is already your dog’s favorite time, so why not also make it a time that may bring calmness and physical comfort?

  • Price: $30-$180
  • Total CBD Content: 600mg | 1200mg | 6000mg CBD

2. Neurogan Dog Hemp Oil

Bottle of Neurogan Dog Hemp Oil

We have an impressive line of pure hemp CBD oil for dogs, but my personal favorite recommendation is our bacon-flavored CBD oil for dogs.

We created this oil with the goal of helping your dog stop barking.

You’ll see your dog’s wagging tail when he or she tastes the delicious flavor of bacon. With simple wellness-promoting ingredients and calming qualities from 10 mg of CBD, you won’t have to worry about dog barking disturbing your neighbors or work-from-home situations. 

Additionally, we want to make managing your dog’s nervousness and wellness accessible. At $0.02 per MG of CBD, it has the best price anywhere.

Most dogs won't be able to resist the flavor of this oil which is just the cherry on top of a product with a great formula for providing real benefits to your dog.

  • Price: $30 | $125
  • Total CBD Content: 1000mg CBD | 16000mg CBD

3. CBDDOG CBD Oil for Dogs

Bottle of CBDDOG CBD Oil for Dogs

CBDDOG’s CBD oil for dogs is formulated to potentially provide some calm relief to your pup.

This oil comes in two different strengths, so you'll want to check the correct dosage for your dog before purchasing. 

At 9 mg of CBD per serving in their original strength formula, you may finally be able to say goodbye to your dog’s unwanted barking.

This brand carries a line of CBD products for dogs, but we chose their “Calm” oil for its ease of use. It's easy to sneak it into your pet’s wet food or directly applying it to their mouths with the dropper applicator.

This bottle’s price range is $74.99-115.99, depending on size. So, depending on your budget, this may not be the most affordable option.

  • Price: $74.99-$115.99
  • Total CBD Content: 550mg CBD | 1,100mg CBD

4. Pet Releaf CBD Edibites

Bag of Pet Releaf CBD Edibites

These CBD edibles may already have something your dog loves — a peanut butter flavor. Give your dog one of these and watch the 6 mg of CBD get to work. 

The dosage for Pet Releaf CBD Edibites is easy to control.

With a low dosage of 6 mg per bite, you can increase the amount you give your dog based on their weight and reaction to lower doses. Pet Releaf has these CBD edibles in formulas for small and medium/ large dogs.

With an active ingredient of organic full spectrum hemp extract, these bites may help to restore the calm in your household. 

  • Price: $24.99 (S)  $31.99 (M/L)
  • Total CBD Content: 90mg CBD (S) 180mg CBD (M/L)

    5. Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs

    Bottle of Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs

    Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs was made to help dogs who struggle with excessive barking and other behavioral issues.

    According to Honest Paws, dog’s barking related to anxiety or other common behavioral issues may potentially be reduced and managed with the combination of CBD and chamomile. 

    With 4.2 mg of CBD and 100 mcg of chamomile extract per serving, this formula was designed to potentially reduce your dog’s hyperactivity and bring them a sense of calm that will make you and your dog feel better.

    • Price: $36.10-$84.97
    • Total CBD Content: 125mg-1000mg

    Can Dogs Overdose on CBD?

    While CBD is generally considered to be safe for dogs when administered in appropriate doses, it’s essential to be cautious and follow recommended guidelines [1].

    The potential for a dogs cbd overdose or adverse effects can vary based on factors such as the dog’s size, individual sensitivity, and the concentration of the CBD product.

    Signs of CBD overdose in dogs are not well-documented, as there is limited research on this topic. However, excessive amounts of CBD may lead to side effects, which can include:

    1. Sedation or lethargy: Dogs may become excessively tired or sluggish.
    2. Gastrointestinal issues: Diarrhea or vomiting could occur.
    3. Changes in appetite: Dogs may show an increase or decrease in appetite.

    Using CBD pet products specifically formulated for pets and following the dosing instructions provided by the manufacturer or your veterinarian is extremely important to ensure your dog's comfort and safety.

    As much as you'd like to share what's yours with your dog, CBD products for humans may contain ingredients or concentrations that are not appropriate for dogs, so it's best you keep those products out of reach. 

    How Much CBD Should You Give Your Dog? 

    There isn't a set recommended dose outline on CBD for dog behavior symptoms because it hasn't been well studied, but you can gauge a safe starting point my considering your pet's weight and the product's concentration of CBD. 

    A common guideline is 0.2 mg of CBD per pound of the dog's weight. For example, a 25-pound dog might start with a dose of 5 mg of CBD as a low dose. 

    If you're using a product that contains 16.8 mg of CBD per ml, you would give your dog approximately 0.3 ml. It's essential to observe your dog's response to the initial dosage and adjust as needed, always aiming for their comfort. 

    As for timing, this can depend on when your pet is feeling the most nervous. 

    Some pet owners like to administer CBD for their pet as part of their morning routine to start the day off on the right paw, but you can also give CBD pet treats or CBD oil to your pet when you know they're likely to experience stress like before going for car rides, grooming visits, having guests over, or during thunderstorms. 

    It can take anywhere from 30- 60 minutes for the effects of CBD to kick in. And because pets can't vocalize when something doesn't feel right, it's important that you keep a close eye on your pet. 

    The Takeaway: The Best CBD For Barking Dogs in 2024

    We've curated the best CBD products for dogs on this list to help you get started on your shopping journey. We specifically chose brands that stand out for their clean ingredients, appropriate CBD dosage for dogs, company ethos, and safe production methods with third-party lab tests to verify safety. 

    There can be a number of reasons why your pet is barking, which is why CBD should only be considered as one piece of the puzzle and not the ultimate solution. We strongly encourage you to speak with your vet to get a better idea of what's going on with your furry pal and to make sure that CBD products would make sense in their routine, especially if they're on medications or have a health condition. 

    While CBD is generally well tolerated in dogs, it's always best to incorporate CBD cautiously to ensure your pet's safety. 



    1. Deabold, K. A., Schwark, W. S., Wolf, L., & Wakshlag, J. J. (2019). Single-dose pharmacokinetics and preliminary safety assessment with use of CBD-rich hemp nutraceutical in healthy dogs and cats. Animals, 9(10), 832.
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