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CBD for Dog Aggression | Best Products & Safety

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Dealing with dog aggression can be distressing for the pet owner and the canine. Whether it's excessive barking, biting, or any other aggressive behavior, it's important to find a safe and effective solution for your pet's well-being.

With the increasing popularity of CBD products, dog owners are exploring its benefits for aggressive behavior in their pets.

In this guide, we’ll get into the potential of CBD oil for dog aggression, its scientific foundation, and highlight the best CBD oil for dog aggression on the market, rated by happy pet owners.

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What Causes Dog Aggression?

Dog aggression is a complex issue and can arise from many causes. Understanding the root of the aggression is key to effective intervention and fostering a safe environment for the dog and those around it.

Understanding the cause of a dog's aggression is crucial in all cases. It allows for better-informed decisions about training, therapy, and, if needed, medical interventions. It's always recommended to seek professional guidance if dealing with an aggressive dog.

Territorial Aggression in Dogs

Just like their wild ancestors, many dogs have an innate territorial instinct. This means they can become aggressive when they perceive an intruder or threat within their 'domain,' which might be a home, yard, or even a favorite resting spot.

Such aggression can manifest when strangers, other animals, or even familiar faces approach the dog's perceived territory. It's a natural instinct stemming from protecting resources and ensuring survival.

Fear Aggression and Anxious Dogs

Fear-induced aggression is a defensive behavior.

A dog might become aggressive if it feels cornered, threatened, or scared, even if the perceived threat means no actual harm.

This can be triggered by sudden movements, loud noises, or unfamiliar situations. An anxious dog might also display aggressive behavior as a preemptive measure to fend off potential threats.

Past Trauma or Abuse

Dogs that have been abused, neglected, or have faced traumatic events in the past can develop aggressive behaviors. 

This form of aggression often stems from learned behaviors where the dog has associated certain situations, objects, or individuals with negative experiences. Such dogs might react aggressively, even in seemingly benign circumstances, as they anticipate harm.

Medical Issues or Pain

Just like in humans, pain can change your dog's behavior.

Conditions such as arthritis,  brain diseases, tumors, thyroid disorders, or injuries can lead to sudden aggressive outbursts. In such cases, the aggression is not intentional but a reflexive response to discomfort or pain.

Breeding or Genetic Predisposition

Some dog breeds have been selectively bred over generations for specific roles, like guarding, hunting, or herding. 

Traits associated with these roles, such as alertness or protective behavior, can sometimes lead to aggressive tendencies. Additionally, there might be genetic factors at play where certain dogs might be predisposed to aggressive behaviors due to their genetic makeup.

How CBD Could Help with Dog Aggression

At the heart of CBD's potential benefits is its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) — a complex cell-signaling system found in all mammals, dogs included.

This system regulates many physiological processes, including appetite, sleep, immune response, and, importantly for this discussion, mood and behavior.

The ECS comprises endocannabinoids (naturally produced cannabinoids in the body), receptors, and enzymes.

The two primary receptors are CB1, mainly found in the brain, and CB2, which is more common in the peripheral nervous system. It's understood that an imbalance in the ECS can result in various health issues, including mood disturbances.

CBD is believed to influence the ECS by preventing the breakdown of certain endocannabinoids, ensuring they remain active in the system for longer. This can enhance the ECS's overall function and help restore balance (homeostasis) in the body.

Mood Support

Given the ECS's role in mood regulation, there's a theory that by positively influencing this system, CBD can help manage mood-related issues in dogs, such as anxiety, stress, and, by extension, aggressive behaviors. 

Some aggressive behaviors in dogs, especially those stemming from fear or anxiety, might be alleviated if the root cause (e.g., anxiety) is addressed through the use of CBD products for dogs. This includes controlling behaviors like excessive barking and snarling during tense situations, which not only calms the dog but can also lead to a more peaceful environment for everyone around.

Similarly, this mood regulation aspect of CBD has led to its exploration in other areas, like using CBD for dog seizures, expanding its potential applications in canine health.

Pain and Discomfort

As mentioned earlier, medical issues or pain can trigger aggressive behavior in dogs.

CBD has been studied for its potential anti-inflammatory properties and ability to manage pain. By relieving discomfort, CBD might indirectly reduce aggressive tendencies in dogs that act out due to discomfort.

While the scientific community is still in the early stages of understanding the full range of CBD's benefits and mechanisms, anecdotal evidence from pet owners and some preliminary studies suggest it holds promise.

CBD and Dog Aggression: What The Research Says

One notable study delved into the effects of CBD on stress-related behavior in shelter dogs. This research divided 24 dogs into two groups: one received CBD-infused extra virgin olive oil, and the other received a placebo.

The results indicated that the dogs in the CBD group showed reduced aggressive behavior towards humans after the treatment.

This is just one study with a relatively small sample size of furry participants, and in no way implies that this would be the case in all dogs. The researchers point to the need for further research in this domain, especially given the potential to improve dogs' welfare in shelters [1].

CBD and Aggression in Other Animals

When considering CBD's impact on aggression, it's not just dogs or humans that have been studied. A variety of animals have been subjects of research to understand CBD's effects better, including CBD for cats aggression.

Such studies often provide broad insights into the potential applications of CBD in managing aggressive behaviors, even in humans and canines.

Mice that live alone for a long time can become aggressive. Scientists were curious if CBD, a substance from the cannabis plant known to help with anxiety and mood, could make these aggressive mice more relaxed.

Researchers gave these lonely, aggressive mice different amounts of CBD and then introduced another mouse to see how they reacted. They found:

  • Mice given CBD were less likely to attack the new mouse.
  • Some mice took longer to start any aggressive action after getting CBD.
  • The total time they spent being aggressive was shorter with CBD [2].

When the scientists gave the mice something that blocks CBD's effects (called "antagonists"), the mice became aggressive again. This tells us that CBD works with specific brain and body parts (5-HT1A and CB1) to calm the mice down.

This experiment on mice showed that CBD has potential use in treating aggressive behaviors in other mammals.

CBD and Human Aggression

The potential of CBD in managing behavioral disorders, including aggression in humans, has been a topic of interest in the scientific community.

By examining how CBD impacts human behavior and mood, researchers hope to gain insights into its therapeutic applications for various conditions, including anxiety, PTSD, and mood disorders. 

This knowledge provides a foundation for understanding how CBD might influence behaviors in other mammals, including o canine companions.

CBD and Anxiety Reduction

A study published in The Permanente Journal 2019 evaluated CBD's effect on humans' anxiety and sleep.

Out of the 72 adults participating in the study, 79.2% of them reported a decrease in anxiety levels after the first month of CBD use. Given that anxiety can be a precursor to aggressive behavior, mitigating anxiety might, in turn, reduce aggressive tendencies [3].

Another interesting study looked at CBD in helping humans with the nerves that come with public speaking — an understandably nerve-wracking event for most — but for many people living with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), this is a daily occurrence.

Researchers had 24 people with SAD who had never been treated before; half of the participants took CBD oil for anxiety, and the other half took a placebo. They also had 12 healthy individuals take the public speaking test without the medication.

They measured how anxious, nervous, or uncomfortable these people felt at different times.  The people who took CBD felt less anxious, less nervous, and more comfortable during their speech than those who took the placebo. The placebo group felt more nervous and uncomfortable than the healthy group [4].

One thing to note about this study is that the human participants could communicate their feelings to the researchers.

Our dogs can't express how they feel similarly, so monitoring for signs of anxious and aggressive behavior including excessive barking, is crucial. Recognizing signs of anxiety is critical, especially since managing this condition could potentially lead to reductions in aggressive behavior. This is when managing your dog's anxiety with CBD may be ideal, as the calming effects observed in human studies may extend to our canine companions. This offering is a non-verbal way to help calm our dogs by lessening their stress and related aggression.

This underscores the importance of close observation and understanding of our pets' behaviors to gauge the potential benefits of treatments like CBD. It's a reminder that while we can't get verbal feedback from our four-legged friends, their actions, demeanor, and habits can give us insights into their well-being and comfort levels. This includes controlling behaviors like excessive barking and snarling during tense situations, which not only calms the dog but can also lead to a more peaceful environment for everyone around.

How To Give Your Dog CBD for Aggression

Giving CBD to your dog can be a straightforward process, especially with the range of products available tailored to pets. However, just like any other supplement or medication, it's important to understand the most effective and comfortable way to introduce CBD into your pet's routine for their safety.

1. CBD Treats

Neurogan CBD Dog Treats

CBD-infused treats are the most popular method for dog owners.

Not only do they come in flavors that dogs love, but they also offer a no-fuss approach. Each treat typically contains a specific amount of CBD, so you can easily keep track of the dosage. To add to this, the act of giving a treat can be a bonding experience, turning the CBD administration into a positive interaction.

When it comes to CBD-infused treats, we're particularly proud of our Neurogan CBD Dog Treats. Each chew is packed with 20 MG of CBD, ensuring your furry friend gets a potent and effective dose every time with this best CBD chews in today's market. We've crafted these treats with human-grade CBD, and they're made with ingredients of such impeccable quality that you'd be tempted to try them yourself.

Superfoods like almond butter and coconut oil, are also infused with CBD inour CBD wellness dog treats, offering benefits that includes healthy fur, and good digestion.

Pet owners have expressed gratitude for the ease of use and quality of our dog treats in helping their dog's anxiety.

2. CBD Oils

Pet and Dog Oil Neurogan Drops

Pet CBD oil offers a versatile way to give your dog a dose of cannabidiol as you can drop it into their food, water dishes, or directly into their mouth for fast absorption. You can also measure more precise doses of CBD oil for dogs drop by drop, depending on the size and CBD requirements of your pet.

When selecting a CBD oil, ensure it's specifically formulated for pets, as they will come in more appropriate concentrations of CBD for animals. Giving your pet too high of dosages could result in more discomfort in your pet.

We understand that each dog is unique and may require different dosages, so we offer our dog CBD oil in two strengths: 8.3 MG/36 MG CBD per serving in an irresistible bacon flavor.

Be careful and make sure you're buying CBD oil and not just hemp seed oil. Hemp oil consists of fatty acids providing beneficial nutrients for our dogs, while CBD oil has cannabinoids which interact with the endocannabinoid system to support dogs' behavioral and physiological processes that involve mood, immune response, pain, and stress. 

3. CBD Capsules

3 CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are similar to other pill-based medications. They might be suitable for dogs accustomed to taking medications in pill form.

You can hide the capsule in a treat, use a pill pocket, or directly place it at the back of the dog's throat, followed by a reward.

Ensure you provide some water or wet food afterward to help with swallowing.

4. CBD Topicals

A Jar of Neurogan's CBD Cooling Run 4000MG

While topicals, like creams and balms, are primarily designed for external issues like skin conditions or joint discomfort, they're not the go-to solution for behavioral concerns.

Since aggression is a behavioral issue, topical CBD applications might not offer the desired effect. It's always best to select a product geared towards your pet's specific needs. A dog treat infused with calming ingredients may be one of your best options to address aggression.

A Word of Caution:

Before introducing CBD into your dog's regimen, consult a veterinarian.

They can provide guidance, especially if your dog has existing health conditions or is on medication. An expert can advise on potential interactions and suggest an appropriate dosage.

Best CBD Oil For Dog Aggression

  1. Neurogans Bacon Flavored Dog CBD Oil
  2. Chill Paws 500MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs
  3. Penelopes Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs

1. Neurogan Bacon Flavored CBD Oil

At Neurogan, our commitment to quality doesn’t end with our human customers. 

We hold our pet products to the same high standards. The bacon-flavored 16000 MG CBD oil for dogs is crafted from the same high-grade CBD extracts used in our products for humans and it’s the strongest available on the market for pets.

Value for money is at the forefront of what we offer. While competitors might charge you an average of $60 for a bottle containing 660 MG of CBD, our 1000 MG bottle is priced at just $22. Break it down, and you'll see that the cost per mg of CBD in our oil is $0.02, compared to the competitors' $0.09. This not only means you're getting a superior product but also at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, we believe in transparency, especially when it concerns the health of your pets. Every bottle of CBD oil comes with third-party lab test results, showcasing its safety and potency. You can be confident in the product you're giving your beloved canine companion.

2. Chill Paws Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

Many pet owners appreciate the effectiveness of Chill Paws CBD oil in supporting relaxation and well-being in their dogs.

Chill Paws focuses on genuine care for animals through their products and by actively supporting local animal rescue initiatives and shelter donations. Their ethos concerns quality CBD products and a broader commitment to the pet community.

As we mentioned, the Chill Paws does come at a higher price point compared to Neurogan pet products. One bottle contains only 500 MG of CBD for $49.99, but you can still feel good about purchasing this as the brand puts a lot of care into its formulations and donations to animal shelters.

3. Penelopes Bloom CBD for Dogs

Penelope's Bloom centers its brand around pet-specific CBD. Inspired by Penelope, a French Bulldog who encountered health issues, owner Kerstin Minassian ventured into CBD to offer pets a natural and budget-friendly health boost.

Many customers vouch for its effectiveness against arthritis and temperament issues. The oil uniquely incorporates chamomile extract, boosting the calming effects of CBD. With Penelope's Bloom, pets receive an all-rounded approach to wellness.

The Takeaway: CBD For Aggressive Dogs

In navigating the complexities of canine behavior, it's crucial to remember that dog aggression can stem from many factors.

While CBD has exhibited significant potential in promoting relaxation and alleviating pain that may contribute to aggressive tendencies, it's merely one tool in the holistic care of your pet. Responsible pet ownership requires a multifaceted approach to ensure your dog's well-being.

Neurogan CBD pet treats and oil stand out for those considering CBD as a supplement. It offers both premium quality and affordability, making it easier to give your furry friend the best care possible.

FAQs for CBD in Treating Dog Aggression

1. How much cbd oil should I give my dog with aggression?

The ideal CBD dosage for dogs varies based on their weight, the severity of their symptoms, and the product's potency. It's best to start with a low dose and gradually increase until you observe the desired effects. Always consult with a veterinarian for personalized advice.

2. How to tell if CBD is working for your dog's aggression?

You may notice a reduction in aggressive behaviors, increased relaxation, and improved overall demeanor in your dog. It's essential to monitor your dog's behavior closely and note any positive or subtle changes over time.

3. How do I use CBD for dog aggression?

You can administer CBD to your dog through various means, such as CBD-infused treats, oils, or capsules. Ensure you're using pet-specific products and follow the recommended dosage instructions. Always introduce CBD gradually and monitor your dog's response.

4. How do you dose your dog CBD oil for aggression?

Start with the recommended dosage on the product label, usually based on the dog's weight. Begin with a lower dose, observe your dog's reaction, and adjust the dosage up or down as needed. It's crucial to consult with a veterinarian for guidance.

5. Can you use CBD Gummies for dogs' aggression?

While CBD gummies are designed for human consumption, some pet owners have used gummies for their dogs. You must ensure the products don't contain harmful ingredients like xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Using products specifically formulated for pets, like CBD-infused dog treats or oils, is safer.


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