Alexander Brandrup

Alexander Brandrup

Plant Ambassador

Alexander Brandrup, a dynamic co-founder of Neurogan, embodies the spirit of innovation and deep respect for nature. His drive to create new things with positive impact in mind is what propelled him into launching ventures in health & wellness, sustainability & community building. He hopes for a future where people are healthier & happier, factory-farmed animals are liberated and climate change is stabilized. 

From Danish Forests to Global Entrepreneurship

Hej! I’m Alexander Brandrup. My story starts in the Danish countryside and is now continuing in the innovation hubs of California. 

Don’t miss my invitation at the bottom, but first, here’s my story: 

Growing up in a small village of Denmark, I found my first teachers in the forests. My grandmother, Ingrid, would lead my brother and me through the woods, teaching us about the plants and mushrooms. These lessons sparked a lifelong fascination with herbal remedies for healing and health.

After high school, I felt called to serve in the Danish army, which taught me discipline, collaboration and determination. 

But my true calling was elsewhere..

I felt I could have a bigger positive impact by focusing on entrepreneurship which led me to complete my Bachelor of Science degree at Copenhagen Business School.

My entrepreneurial journey began with a humble venture: selling light bulbs door-to-door. 

I was lucky to join forces with my brother and we embarked on a seemingly impossible journey, but with our hearts set on the positive sustainability impact we would make from our energy efficient bulbs. We teamed up with our dad whose age and electrical engineering background lended us more credibility than two young college graduates.

For years we battled to make it work and our journey wasn’t without challenges. At one point we were days away from shutting the doors until we found eCommerce.

Things turned around and the humble start turned into the creation of Hyperikon, a family-run business that grew into a $250,000,000 success in just 5 short but intense years.

However, we eventually had to shut our doors due to fierce competition from Amazon. 

It was the most difficult time of my life.

But every end is a new beginning. 

My family and I turned our focus to something close to our hearts: Neurogan. 

With a long-standing family tradition of taking care of loved ones' illness with hemp and other herbal remedies. But when we moved to the US we were surprised with the lack of quality options for CBD products, so we incorporated Neurogan in 2016. 

Our mission was simple: to create the most trusted, effective and affordable cannabinoid products. 

Today, I am proud to say that we have improved the quality of life for more than 30,000 patients with ailments such as stress, anxiety, sleep & pain with natural products.

At Neurogan, we're not just selling products; we're sharing a part of our family's journey with you and we are here to support you like a family member, with the best nature has to offer, guided by the principles of sustainability, health, and community.

I am excited to continue the journey with you and always loving hearing directly from our customers, please feel free to reach out directly at 


Alexander Brandrup

(Ps. if you have read this far, congratulations! I would like to personally invite you to my secret project “Green Pioneer”. Send an email with the title “Green Pioneer” to my email, and I will give you more details)