Dr. Boris Cicak

Dr. Bo Cicak

Dr. Bo Cicak is one of the leading chiropractors in San Diego, passionately committed to helping individuals heal naturally and achieve optimal health. With a rich background as a wellness consultant and teacher, Dr. Cicak brings a comprehensive approach to his practice, emphasizing the importance of movement, stress reduction, and nutrition.

His mission is to guide his practice members towards becoming the healthiest version of themselves through personalized care and education.

In addition to his chiropractic practice, Dr. Bo is a sought-after wellness speaker and instructor of movement and breath work classes. He integrates his extensive knowledge and experience to inspire and educate others on the benefits of natural healing and holistic health practices.

Outside of his professional commitments, Dr. Bo enjoys playing basketball, soccer, golf, and padel. He is also an avid biohacker, dedicating time to cold plunging, sauna sessions, and proper supplementation to enhance his own well-being. Dr. Bo's dedication to both his own health and the health of his community underscores his holistic approach to wellness.

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