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Insider Scoop: Amazon's Wicked Games (Part One)

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Hey Health-Seekers,

With this festive season nearing its final stretch, we felt that it was was important to let you in on a little game you're playing every time you shop on Amazon this holiday season.


Remember that game you played when you were a kid that would last 4+ hours and nearly ended all your friendships?

Well, you might be unknowingly... still playing.

Monopoly money and keys scattered in a table

The Merriam-Webster definition of a Monopoly is, "when there is complete control of the entire supply of goods of a service in a certain area or market. Monopolistic companies are able to destroy competitors and dictate prices."

For example, remember how the goal of the Monopoly game was to dominate the whole board & you'd win? That's what Amazon has been up to with their brand, Amazon Basics.

The Wicked Game of Amazon Monopoly

Amazon has been in the news recently for its blatant rip-off of popular sustainable shoe brand, Allbirds. Amazon not only stole the look of Allbirds signature best-selling sneaker, but they slashed the price in half and threw the sustainability aspect out the window.

Allbirds is a $1.4B business, but even numbers this high can't compete with Amazon's $1T evaluation. And sadly, Allbirds is just one business out of the thousands of businesses that Amazon is doing this to.

Here's their method:

1. Check search volumes to see what's trending (i.e. Allbirds)
2. Trending searches = consumer demand
3. Create a knockoff with a different name at a lower price.
4. Outbid original company for ad space to be the first google search result.\

Pictured below: See Allbirds (left) & Amazon's White Label brand (right).

The Wicked Game of Amazon Monopoly

Now, you're probably thinking... isn't this just how business works?

Of course! It's a common business practice to become inspired by other brands and to compete within a market.

But when you're Amazon, it's bullying and a gross misuse of power.

Monopolies are a very sad reality. Economists all agree that too much economic power being held by one corporation, "stifles innovation, drags down wages, gives consumers fewer choices, and makes an economy less competitive."

Essentially, if there is no way of competing with Amazon's piracy & domination - why would anyone start an e-commerce business in the first place?

We're tired of playing Monopoly with Amazon. As small-business owners, they threaten Neurogan's existence every day.

Like we said in the beginning, remember how the board game Monopoly is notorious for ruining friendships? Well, it looks like Amazon's game is going to do much more harm than just that.

And this folks, is just the tip of the iceberg.

In our next Insider Scoop: Amazon's Wicked Games, Pt 2., we'll continue to uncover more about Amazon's unsafe, dishonest, & greedy business practices.

To be continued...

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