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Insider Scoop: Amazon's Wicked Games (Part Two)

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Hey Health-Seekers,

Have you seen the proposition 65 warning on the bottom of goods, on the tag of an item of clothing, or posted at a fast food drive-thru?

This is a Proposition 65 warning and the state of California requires businesses to display it so consumers can be aware of significant exposures to unsafe chemicals.

Prop. 65 became law in 1986 and since then, California has published a list of over 900 chemicals that have been scientifically proven to contribute to serious illnesses.

Maybe you're not from California or you've never seen a publicly posted prop. 65 warning, but it is the law and no one is exempt from abiding by it.

Even the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, displays the prop. 65 warning on their churro carts, it's true!

Hey Health-Seekers

Fans of our Insider Scoop's can probably guess where we're headed...

Amazon Products Aren't Meeting Prop.
65 Standards

We'll have you know that even though California is Amazon's biggest market, many Amazon products directly violate prop. 65 standards by containing serious illness-causing chemicals and not advertising it with a warning.

Amazon Products Aren't Meeting Prop. 65 Standards

The reason as to why Amazon gets away with this is still unknown. Their gigantic network of third-party foreign sellers is the predominant reasoning, but because they're under the Amazon umbrella, they deserve to be held responsible.

... This Is Completely Illegal, Right?

How is it possible that no one is stopping Amazon from selling inefficacious, harmful, and illegal products? Exposing millions of Amazon customers to serious illness causing chemicals is not only unscrupulous, it poses a national health crisis.

Check out the lab results for best-selling Amazon products that are in direct violation of prop. 65 on our blog.

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In our latest scoop, we released the first installment of our 3-part series: Amazon's Wicked Games: Monopoly. We discussed how Amazon is a threat to the basic infrastructure of the American economy and how their predatory greed is effecting small-businesses across the nation, including Neurogan. Check-out our blog to read more on our 3-part series.

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