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CBD Bundle Deals

Discover the perfect products for your wellness regimen and save up to 50% with CBD Bundles. Hand-selected by our team, these tailored assortments will address your needs for sleep, immunity, relaxation, and beyond. With full-sized, premium products, you'll be receiving special savings just for your CBD enthusiasm. 

Due to the discounts already provided with these bundles, you will not be able to apply a discount code to your order.

CBD Bundles #1

Save Time & Money on CBD Subscriptions

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Neurogan CBD Bundles are a collection of online CBD products that have been hand selected by our team to display incredible savings of up to 50%. These bundles contain the standard, high-quality, full-sized products we always offer so you can have the best experience while exploring different products, strengths, and flavors.

The best CBD bundle deals include: Best Sellers Bundle, Highest Potency Bundle, and CBD Gummies Trifecta Bundle. Each of these bundles demonstrate winning CBD combinations to address various needs, including support for sleep, mood, and pain relief.

Yes, Neurogan offers many great CBD bundle deals because we believe that premium CBD should be affordable and accessible. With our preassembled bundles, you will enjoy savings of up to 50% on best-selling products with a formulation that’s been perfected and proven to deliver lasting satisfaction. Additionally, you may find savings by subscribing to your favorite products with 25% off on monthly orders.

More About Our CBD Bundles

Bundles allow you to explore different strengths, flavors, and products at an exceptional deal when purchased together. The luxury is that you won’t be getting sample servings, but rather the standard, high-quality, and full-sized products we always offer. This caters to just about anyone—from those who want to try multiple products for the first time or the individual that’s returning to their favorite CBD collection. 

With the goal of making premium CBD affordable and accessible, we developed bundles. Experience incredible savings when you shop our tailored assortments, such as Best Sellers Bundle, Nighttime Bundle, and High Potency Bundle. Also, you may customize your own bundles by selecting and subscribing to products of your choice to receive a 25% discount.

Featured products in select bundles include classics like Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 1350 mg and Extra Strength CBD Softgels. With every medicinal plant dosage, you will gain relaxation, physical comfort, and optimal health so you can continue to do the things you love with happiness. Neurogan products are always 3rd party lab tested, organic and natural, and showcase the highest potency in the U.S.

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