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How To Find the Best CBD Manufacturer

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Finding the right CBD manufacturer for your business is no easy task and the chaotic nature of the CBD industry can make it more difficult. 

In a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers, 1,500 reported using a CBD product within the last three months, and it's likely that as little as 5% of said CBD consumed was created by a reputable CBD manufacturer. In fact, for the other 95% of the participants, the lack of education, misinformation, and legal-gray area within the CBD industry likely resulted in the consumption of either an unsafe or ineffective product. 

For CBD consumers & those searching for a CBD private label or wholesale partner, understanding what separates a high-quality manufacturer from the rest is an important distinction that we'll break down in further detail within this article. 

How to Find the Best CBD Manufacturer

The best CBD manufacturers, like Neurogan, are harder to find but well worth the search.

The primary steps in finding the best CBD manufacturer will include identifying if they're GMP certified, trustworthy, and produce goods with quality assured. 

How to Find the Best CBD Manufacturer

Is It A Certified CBD Manufacturing Company?

CBD is not the type of product you want to take a gamble on. As the market runs rampant with low-quality CBD, partnering with a CBD manufacturing company with credentials is important. 

Perhaps the most important certification a CBD manufacturer can gain today is a GMP certification. This certification is lofty because it means the CBD products were produced in a facility compliant with the FDA in providing the best safety, quality, and purity measures available.

And if you didn’t already know how important it is to make sure you partner with CBD manufacturing companies who are GMP-certified, here’s why it matters:

  • Ensures proper training of employees
  • Checks for proper equipment functioning & testing
  • Verifies cleaning protocol & sanitation standards
  • Ensures batch consistency
  • Inspects the processes in place for batch recall
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Is The CBD Manufacturer Trustworthy?

Building trust starts with having a personal relationship & detailed understanding of the team manufacturing your CBD.

Manufacturing CBD is a highly technical process and involves a great deal of competency on the part of the CBD manufacturing company. Take a closer look at the company you're partnering with to learn about their origin story, the founders, and their company's manufacturing methods

Having an understanding of the mechanics of the CBD manufacturing company that you'll be partnering with will give you a better idea of their business ideologies and the type of partner they'll be for your business. 

Do They Have Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is the most important part of any CBD product, because a business can't succeed without a product that actually works. 

Stringent quality assurance measures involve a lot of maintenance and attention to detail throughout every stage of the production process. Here are some important quality assurance measures to ask a reputable CBD manufacturing partner:

  • How is the hemp harvested & sourced?
  • Where is the hemp grown?
  • Are the final products third-party lab-tested?

The nature of how hemp is grown and sourced directly contributes to it's final quality, and this quality should always be comprehensively checked through third-party lab testing. 

Third party laboratory testing is the process of a CBD manufacturer sending their products to an independent lab in order to find important product information, including: terpenes, cannabinoid content, heavy metal screening, etc.

This seemingly small quality assurance measure is the most important tool we have in today's crowded market to separate high-quality CBD from the rest. If you're interested in receiving lab reports for your private label brand, Neurogan charges a small fee, contact our team at to learn more. 

One practical way to assess the quality firsthand is by trying a free sample of CBD oil yourself. This allows you to evaluate the product's effectiveness and purity directly from the manufacturer before making a larger investment. If a CBD manufacturing company is proud of the quality assurance measures they have in place, you'll know - because they'll mention it proudly. 

Get to Know Us: Neurogan CBD Manufacturing 

neurogans team

Trustworthy CBD Manufacturers

Every great relationship starts with trust, and with Neurogan as your CBD manufacturing company, you can trust that you'll be in good hands.

Our entire business is owned and operated by family; our small team and family founders grow, create, package, and sell every Neurogan product (which is just the way we like it). By keeping our operations both small and lean, we have the advantage of having a direct hand in delivering top-quality service. We're small, but mighty; we're equipped for full-scale, high-volume manufacturing. And with our recent move into a brand new warehouse, we can handle high-volume orders better than ever before.

We've learned a great deal about the CBD industry since we started in 2014, which means we have a lot to share as partners when it comes to nearly every aspect of your CBD business. As your partner, we'll keep you in the loop by sending articles and informational e-mails to answer industry specific information and to debunk common CBD misconceptions.

100% GMP Certified CBD

Take it from us, starting a CBD business in 2020 is no easy task. With the Amazon marketplace among other sites stirring up confusion when it comes to true quality CBD, you'll need to have the right certifications to prove that your product is premium.

Our 100% certified CBD is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified for premium quality. This means our production facility is compliant with the FDA in providing the top-notch measures in safety & purity.

Strict Quality & Purity Measures

We offer a truly seed to shelf product, take a closer look at our process: 

  1. Our hemp is slow-grown outdoors
  2. Our crops thrive with heavy metal & pesticide-free farming practices
  3. Once harvested, the hemp is dried for 2-months.
  4. The hemp arrives in San Diego and undergoes a premium CO2 extraction process. 
  5. Each product is tested in-house at our GMP certified facility for batch consistency.
  6. As a final quality measure, we third-party lab test every product.
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In Conclusion

We know that choosing a CBD manufacturer can be a difficult process and we hope our article on how to find the best CBD manufacturer helped you narrow in on what to look for. Be sure to do your research in order to choose a trustworthy partner with certified CBD and strict quality measures to help set-up your business for success. 

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