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GMP Certified CBD: Why Does It Matter?

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How do you know if you're buying a high-quality CBD?

Manufacturers and entrepreneurs alike are trying to get in on the CBD Gold Rush, but without proper certifications, there is no way of verifying that the products they're creating are of a high quality caliber.

This is where important certifications like Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) come in, to ensure that manufacturers & companies operate within quality measures to protect consumers. In this article we'll cover what GMP means, why these standards exist, and what it means in the context of the CBD industry. 

What is GMP?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, a certification that is awarded by the FDA to manufacturers who are in compliance with the highest manufacturing standards. 

GMP will sometimes appear as cGMP for Current Good Manufacturing Practices, but it more or less denotes the same meaning. 

With the Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act, the FDA looks to GMP certifications to ensure that manufacturers follow proper production practices in the following industries: cosmetics, select foods & supplements, vaccines, pet & veterinary products, and pharmeceuticals.

The FDA has high expectations for the manufacturing industry, and GMP certified businesses are expected to ascertain certain qualities:

  • Proper training of employees
  • Valid record keeping
  • Proper equipment functioning & testing
  • Cleaning protocol & sanitation standards
  • Means of raw material acquisition
  • Batch consistency
  • Quality assurance
  • Effective processes in place for batch recall

The GMP certification process requires an application and is only awarded once the FDA has conducted multiple meticulous inspections of a production line, a process that can take months. 

Why do GMP standards exist?

GMP standards are important because as stated on the FDA website, "A consumer usually cannot detect (through smell, touch, or sight) that a drug product is safe or if it will work." So, if consumers are unable to single-handedly detect comprised products, it's important that they are being looked out for. 

This is where the FDA's GMP certification comes in. The standards put forth by GMP are in place to help identify contaminated, mislabeled, or unsafe products and to make sure they don't make it into the hands of consumers. 

By not complying with GMP laws, manufacturers risk having their products seized, recalled, or removed from a marketplace. GMP regulations keep us safe and are a contributing reason that American products have become synonymous with high-quality.

Why does GMP certified CBD matter?

GMP certification for CBD is not just important, it's crucial.

Over the last few years, CBD has risen to the world's main stage and become one of the buzziest products of the decade known to help promote inflammatory function, and overall well-being. However, CBD's meteoric rise to becoming a popular health supplement has sadly been wrought with greed on the part of many manufacturers. 

Unfortunately, the FDA has been unable to keep up with the speed at which the CBD industry has grown. The CBD boom has sadly exposed millions of vulnerable consumers to products that were not created under GMP regulated guidelines. 

Earlier this fall we confirmed our suspicions about faulty CBD products through laboratory testing best-selling Amazon "CBD oils" and supplements. We identified and confirmed high rates of heavy metal toxicity, mislabeling, and false advertising on nearly 30 category-dominating Amazon products. 

The unregulated state of the current cannabis market and the results of independent lab testing emphasize why it's important to always make sure that you buy GMP certified CBD, whether online or in CBD stores near you.

How Is GMP Certified CBD Created Differently?

When you buy GMP certified CBD, you can trust that the product you're using is safe, pure, and effective. Here are some of the aspects taken into consideration that ensure purity and quality of GMP CBD.

Emphasis on Quality

GMP CBD products for sale are created with standards in place for hygiene, facility conditions, manufacturing batch records, laboratory controls, material control and responsibilities of the quality unit.

Emphasis on Documentation

Manufacturers of GMP CBD are expected to keep pristine records on all goods and products formulated in order to avoid human error and ensure a fresh product.

Emphasis on Inspection

By the time a GMP certified CBD reaches you, the facility it was created in, the tools it was created with, and the product itself have all undergone multiple rounds of inspection. Inspections often come in the form of unannounced visits or batch analysis of products, to make sure all is compliant. 

Emphasis on Safety

When you purchase & consume GMP CBD, you can trust that your product is safe. With the stringent rules put forth by the FDA, GMP standards ensure a product that contains the purity the consumers deserve in order to keep them safe. 

Is GMP Certified CBD an industry standard?

Unfortunately, not all CBD is GMP certified. And without GMP certification, it is difficult for the consumer to know if they're getting a product that has been created in a safe environment with pure ingredients. 

Most reputable CBD companies are GMP certified, but if you aren't sure, just ask. GMP certified CBD will provide you with the reassurance that you've spent your money on a product that is pure & true. 

In today's climate of unsafe & unregulated supplements, GMP certification is your best chance towards making sure you're safe. 

GMP and Neurogan

Neurogan GMP Certified

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Neurogan underwent its most recent audit for GMP compliance and fulfilled all the requirements needed for a passing grade. 

Please reach out to us with all of your questions and we'll be happy to help.

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