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CBD Dog Treats Anxiety Customer Reviews

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When it comes to managing canine anxiety, our 25mg Classic CBD Dog Treats are making a significant difference in dogs' lives. Crafted to calm and comfort, these treats could be ideal choice for pet owners seeking a natural anxiety solution.

Here's what our customers have to say about how these treats have transformed their dogs' well-being.

Customer Reviews on Dog Treats for Anxiety:

Kathy White – 5 Stars "We recently rescued a Frenchie that was always on edge. After starting on these CBD treats, he’s calmer and more sociable. Incredible customer service too!"

Mark – 5 Stars "Perfect for my dog's separation anxiety. He's been much better since he started on these treats along with another calming brand."

Danielle Ehman – 5 Stars "Only Neurogan's treats have eased my 14-year-old Pitbull’s severe anxiety. I’ve reordered and am trying their CBD oil next!"

Galeana Murphy – 5 Stars "Casper has stopped hiding and is playful again. These treats have made him feel like a new dog."

Nancy Dionne – 5 Stars "Thunder and fireworks no longer send my dog into a panic. These treats work wonders for his anxiety."

Dawn Brown – 5 Stars "My older dog's anxiety has lessened significantly. These treats have been a fantastic help."

Frances Giamona – 5 Stars "Exceptional over-the-phone service, and the full spectrum hemp dog biscuits are a hit with my service dog."

Cyndi Boyd – 5 Stars "These treats calm my oldest dog’s anxiety. They love them!"

Steven Hamric – 5 Stars "Helps with both anxiety and shedding. My dog loves these treats!"

Athena Steinberg – 5 Stars "Effective for our dogs’ barking and separation anxiety. Far better than other brands we’ve tried."

Kimlien Le – 5 Stars "Essential for days when my cattle dog can't get as much exercise. They calm her effectively in about 30 minutes."

Della Carver – 5 Stars "Switched from Prozac to these CBD treats, and my elderly dogs are happier and more playful."

Marcie Burroughs – 5 Stars "Ms. Maggie is much calmer and happier with her Hemp Dog Treats. We also received a complimentary gift of calming chews!"

Jillian F. – 5 Stars "These treats not only help with her anxiety but she seems more energetic too."

Anonymous – 5 Stars "Great service and effective dog chews for managing stress and anxiety."

Alison Jackson – 5 Stars "After trying multiple brands, these CBD treats have been a game changer for my Irish wolfhound’s night anxiety."

Keith Rodriguez – 5 Stars "Two 20mg treats work like magic for our Aussie’s separation anxiety."

Terri Jennings – 5 Stars "Charlie's anxiety has significantly improved since using Neurogan treats, similar to their excellent horse products."

Betty Rowland – 5 Stars "Both the treats and another product have greatly improved our rescue dog Sophie's mood and anxiety levels."

Final Review:

All of these customer testimonials clearly demonstrate how our hemp extracted CBD Dog Treats help calm anxiousness in dogs. Regardless of their age, previous experience, or anxiety issues, there is a clear sign that CBD dog treats can help.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality CBD dog treats for anxiety to improve the quality of life for all types of dogs.

Helle Brandrup

Certified Veterinarian & Wellness Advocate Hailing from Aalborg in Northern Denmark, Helle Brandrup's narrative is a blend of deep-rooted passion for animals, family bonds, and the power of wellness. From her early years in Aalborg, Helle ventured into the realm of veterinary care, taking on...

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