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CBD Capsules vs Softgels: Which One is Better?

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In the realm of CBD, a subset of enthusiasts prefer the familiarity and simplicity of a pill. Yet, this seemingly simple choice presents its own conundrum: capsules or softgels? On the surface, the choice may appear inconsequential, but in reality, it could significantly impact your CBD experience.

Delve with us into the debate of CBD capsules vs softgels. This exploration will highlight their distinct features, effects, and benefits, aiding you in identifying the perfect option for your CBD journey. Let's demystify this choice and reveal the meaningful difference that a simple pill can make. 

What Is A CBD Softgel?

A CBD softgel contains CO2 extracted hemp combined with a CBD carrier oil and packed into a soft, airtight, dissolvable casing. Think of a CBD softgel as essentially CBD oil in airtight capsule form.

What is a CBD capsule?

 CBD capsule contains the raw, ground up powder of the hemp plant encapsulated in a hard, dissolvable, 2-piece casing. Think of full spectrum CBD capsules as though someone placed an entire dried hemp plant into a blender, chopped it up, and packed the blended ingredients within a compact capsule. 

CBD Softgel & Capsule Benefits

CBD softgels benefit those who don’t like the taste of hemp, prefer a flavorless CBD option, enjoy CBD that’s easy to take on the go, want accurate dosage, and need a morsel that’s small and easy to swallow. CBD soft gels are encapsulated CBD oil. 

CBD capsules benefit those who don’t like the taste of hemp, prefer a flavorless CBD option, enjoy CBD that’s easy to take on-the-go, and want accurate dosage. As CBD capsules are packed with the raw materials of hemp, they offer a healthy dose of fiber.

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CBD Capsules vs Softgels: Which One is Better?

Whether you choose a CBD capsule vs softgel, both will work equally (depending on the strongest cbd oil strength, of course) as long as you buy from a trusted brand. This choice simply comes down to your personal preference.

CBD Softgels

CBD softgels are typically smaller and easier to swallow than CBD capsules. They’re able to stay pure and fresh longer than a two piece capsule as they’re packed in an airtight, sealed vessel. When it comes to the potency of soft gels, it’s easier for manufacturers to concentrate CBD in high amounts of  CBD extracted oil so they’ll typically be higher potency than CBD capsules.

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CBD Capsules

CBD capsules contain the raw materials of the hemp plant, which means that they’re packed full of healthy fiber that naturally aids digestion. Available in both low and mid-range doses, CBD capsules are a great starting point for CBD beginners who want a lower, controlled milligram (mg) amount than a softgel can offer. Don't be fooled, CBD Capsules are just as easy to swallow as CBD softgels.

CBD Capsules Vs Softgels

CBD Capsule & Softgel Differences

CBD capsules provide a flavorless, easy-to-dose option for those starting their CBD journey. They contain raw CBD flower, which offers both physical and mental support and is packed with fiber—a beneficial addition for those mindful of their dietary intake. The CBD content in capsules tends to be on the mid-low end, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Additionally, for those following plant-based diets, vegan options are available.

On the other hand, CBD softgels also deliver a flavorless, easy-to-dose experience but are known for being easier to swallow—a critical consideration for some users. Softgels contain CBD oil and typically have a mid-high CBD content, catering more towards experienced users. Like capsules, softgels offer both physical and mental support, and vegan options are also available. A standout feature of softgels is their airtight construction, which ensures long-standing freshness—a bonus for those who prefer to buy in bulk or use their CBD products sparingly.

CBD Softgel & CBD Capsule Effects

We’ve discussed the difference between CBD capsules vs softgels, but at the end of the day, they actually have a lot in common when it comes to effect.

Both CBD softgels and capsules will provide you with a flavorless, on-the-go, accurately dosed CBD option and are absorbed into the body in the same way to yield a nearly identical effect (outside of strength). 

CBD capsules and softgels will both have a longer period of onset than a CBD oil or a CBD smokable. This is because edible CBD like softgels and capsules have to be absorbed within our digestive tract before taking effect. However, the effect of consumable CBD has been shown to last the longest. See the helpful chart below to view the time of onset for various CBD products.

CBD Products Table comparison

Many people express preference for CBD softgels and capsules, CBD gummies, and other forms of CBD snacks because the way it processes in the body results in a relaxed and subtle effect as opposed to a high potency CBD oil’s stronger effect and feel. Remember to get only best CBD capsules and softgels from trusted brands with third-party lab results for quality assurance and purity of the product you're considering.

Neurogan CBD Capsules vs Softgels

We’re proud to offer you with your choice of CBD capsules or CBD softgels to support your physical and mental well-being! Both capsules are vegan, easy to take on-the-go, and flavorless. All Neurogan's CBD capsules and softgels are vegan, organic and lab-tested. Give these CBD oil pills a try and if you don’t like them, not to worry, we’ve got a 30 day risk free trial


Please reach out to us with all of your questions and we'll be happy to help.


The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.


What is the difference between CBD softgel vs capsule?

CBD softgels are smaller and easier to take, and they can stay pure and fresh for a longer period of time. CBD softgel manufacturers discover that concentrating CBD in big amounts of CBD extracted oil is easier. While CBD capsules include hemp plant essential components, they are also high in nutritional fiber, which assists digestion, and are an excellent starting point for CBD beginners.

CBD Capsules vs Gummies: Which is better to use?

CBD gummies & Capsules are both edible products that undergo the first-pass metabolism process. Capsules are swallowed and provide convenience and consistent dosages, while gummies are chewed and offer a more enjoyable experience with easy dose adjustments. The choice between CBD capsules vs gummies thus comes down to individual preferences, including ease of swallowing and taste.

CBD Softgels vs Oil: Which should I choose?

CBD softgels contain pre-measured CBD oil for convenient, precise dosing, while CBD oil allows flexibility in dosage adjustment. Despite the format differences, the therapeutic effects remain largely similar. Your choice between CBD softgels vs oil hinges on your preference for precision or flexibility.

What are CBD capsules?

A CBD capsule comprises raw, ground-up hemp plant powder contained in a hard, dissolvable, two-piece shell. Consider full spectrum CBD capsules as if someone combined an entire dried hemp plant, cut it up, and packaged the blended contents into a small pill.

What are the benefits of CBD softgels vs capsules?

Both CBD softgels and capsules have a more tranquil and gentle impact than high strength CBD oil, which has a stronger effect and feel.

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