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Our CBD edibles contain hemp extracts and delicious flavorings for a fun experience. You can shop full spectrum CBD gummies that contain up to 0.3% THC. This threshold is the legal THC limit per the guidelines of the 2018 Farm Bill. You can also try our THC-free edibles made with our premium broad spectrum CBD extract.

Taking CBD gummies is just like eating regular gummies. Just put one in your mouth, chew, and enjoy the tasty burst of flavor. Be careful not to take too many. Eat only one gummy at a time, as these yummy treats are filled with potent CBD extracts. We offer them in different strengths from 25MG to 120MG. Choose the dosage based on the desired effect from our CBD gummies shop. Try one, and if you’re not getting the benefits you’re looking for, take another one while monitoring the changes in your body.

The cannabinoids in our CBD-infused edibles may help support better sleep cycles, manage daily stressors, give you a peaceful mind, and help with faster recovery after strenuous workouts.

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Thanks to our high-potency CBD Gummies, our CBD snacks consistently win in the Best Seller category on Neurogan. A CBD edible might not work as fast as CBD oil or a smokeable; however, studies have shown ingestible CBD may have an extended effect.

The CBD Gummy Squares come in different strengths and 2 tasty flavors—wild berry and watermelon. 

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If you’re looking to shop for CBD gummies and edibles online, we’ve got what you need. Each recipe contains GMP-certified CBD Extract with 3rd party lab results for purity.

This level of quality and care is not just for our CBD gummies—it extends to our line of CBD Delta products too!