CBD for Balance

The Viking rune, Laguz, reminds us that life is about going with the flow, instead of against it. 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’d benefit from reclaiming a deep sense of relaxation and channel focus. Obtain a state of balance by exploring products made from our CBD + CBG artisan extract blend. Always hemp-derived, these cannabinoids work stronger together so you can get the best support for cognitive function, relaxed mood, and immune health.

Balance #1


CBG and CBD are both naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBG is found in trace amounts within the plant, whereas CBD is more abundantly present. The two cannabinoids have very similar effects on supporting normal inflammatory function, mood, and stress. However, CBG products are best for focus and brain health. Whereas, you may use CBD for balancein supporting a healthy sleep cycle, muscle recovery, and comfort.

No, Balance CBD Oil + CBG Oil will not get you high. Both cannabinoids are considered non-psychoactive and do not normally induce an elevated state of euphoria for the average user. Read to learn more: Does CBG Get You High? No, But it Could Be Your New Favorite Productivity Tool.

CBG is known to improve cognitive function and deliver neuroprotective effects. Users of CBG have reported enhanced mental clarity which has supported their everyday creativity and productivity. Additionally, CBG has been shown to reduce inflammation, pain, and support immune health.

Yes, many people use CBD for balance. Specifically, CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to support homeostasis, or balance, within our internal environment. This includes regulating our sleep-wake cycle, mood, pleasure and pain levels, and beyond. Learn more with: What Does CBD Feel Like? Benefits You’ll Love and Side Effects.

Yes, Balance CBD + CBG Oil may help to balance hormones. By stimulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS), these cannabinoids encourage the regulation of various hormones and can lower stress hormone levels such as cortisol. Remember, Balance CBD + CBG Oil is not intended to cure or replace a doctor-advised medical treatment plan.

More About CBD for Balance

Balance CBD + CBG Oil is an effective blend of two cannabinoids leading the way in health and medicine. Equal parts cannabidiol and cannabigerol, these natural compounds are more impactful as a team than when isolated. With both working together with the endocannabinoid system to maintain a state of homeostasis (balance), you will have physical and mental coverage with every mixed drop. More specifically, CBD works to resolve pain in the body and CBG will have a positive impact on neurological health. 

With Balance CBD Oil + CBG Oil, you will be equipped to take on life with vitality. Many individuals report feeling more relaxed, centered, and focused after introducing a consistent regimen of CBD + CBG into their lives. Get ready to experience a natural boost of productivity during a test, work, or sports game. To learn more about the minor cannabinoid with powerful effects, read our blog: Exactly What is CBG? 

Remember, quality is never sacrificed with our blends. We work with premium ingredients and methods to give you the best CBD + CBG for balance. Our journey begins with the finest hemp plants that are grown organically in nutrient-rich soil and exhibit a desirable cannabinoid profile. Neurogan CBD online products are always 3rd party lab tested, natural and organic, and showcase the highest potency in the U.S.

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