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Save More As A Private Label Partner With Bulk CBD

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Choosing a supplier for CBD to partner with for your e-commerce or brick-and-motor store is the most important decision you'll make for your brand as the quality of your products are a direct reflection of your business—and we take our relationship our partners seriously.

To support our wholesale and private label partners, we're now offering bulk CBD orders for your favorite products, helping you save more money and grow your brand with each bulk CBD purchase.

Why Work With Neurogan As Your CBD Supplier

When it comes to choices for CBD manufacturers, we understand that you've got plenty of options — the problem is that not all CBD products are held to the same standards for quality and safety.

Partnering with Neurogan for your private label CBD products is the right choice for you if your company values delivering the highest quality CBD products to your customers and strict safety standards.

American-grown Hemp

Not only do we strongly believe in supporting our American farmers, but the United States has some of the highest standards for safety and agricultural practices in the world.

Premium hemp CBD starts at the seed, and it's with meticulous care and precision in the growing and extraction process that yields the highest quality CBD extracts to use in our formulations.

Neurogan proudly supports American farmers and uses premium high CBD hemp crops for all our products

Exceptional Customer Service

Neurogan is a family-owned company that operates or in San Diego, California with team members based all over the world

You're not doing business with a large, faceless company.

We get to know our partners, and you can trust that we're here to support you and your business by delivering exceptional customer service and professional advice on helping you succeed in the hemp industry as a commerce brand. 

Neurogan is family-owned and not a giant, face-less brand. We pride ourselves in our relationships with our customers and private label partners.

Artisan Batches

From seed to extraction, formulating, and bottling, we maintain a high standard of integrity with an artisanal batching process.

Working in smaller batches to create our CBD products reduces waste, our environmental footprint, and helps to ensure that our quality standards are met from seed to bottling. 

Meticulously formulated and artisanal-crafted CBD products to maintain quality and freshness.

Premium Full Spectrum CBD and THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD

Our philosophy is to create hemp products to support people's health and wellness the way nature intended them, with the full spectrum of the hemp plant's natural cannabinoids and terpenes.

The Neurogan hemp extracts are made with premium, outdoor-grown hemp crops and extracted using supercritical CO2 to maintain the highest possible potency and effect profile found in nature.

For those looking to avoid THC altogether, we've developed our broad spectrum THC free CBD extracts to maintain a diverse range of beneficial compounds without the THC. This gives our THC-free products the benefits of leveraging the entourage effect, with CBD isolate products can't do. 

CBD products made with full spectrum and THC-free broad spectrum hemp extracts for a more flavorful and potent experience.

Independently Lab Tested

We believe that lab testing should be a requirement in the industry, but unfortunately, it's not.

Every batch of CBD extract is sent to a non-biased third-party lab to evaluate the quality of our hemp. We'll provide you with the Certificate of Analysis to confirm the cannabinoid and terpene profile and potency as well as the contaminant report. Our CBD extracts are guaranteed to be pesticide-free, solvent-free, and void of other potential contaminants such as mycotoxins, mildew, and traces of heavy metals. 

We send our CBD extracts to licensed independent labs to ensure quality and safety standards are met.

CBD Supplier: Neurogan Bulk CBD Products

Private Label Bulk CBD means to purchase in large quantities, unpackaged from the standard accessory. Create the CBD brand you've always wanted with the highest quality CBD extracts and formulations.

When you partner with Neurogan as your private label CBD supplier, you'll receive exclusive access to bulk CBD pricing, and you can launch your CBD brand in as little as 14 days!

Unless you're prepared to jump through all the hoops involved in hemp farming, extraction, formulating, and maintaining strict control standards throughout the entire process, partnering with us is the easiest way to gain entry into the CBD industry.

We can even provide you with branding and packaging support to make getting started with your CBD brand even easier, just reach out to our team to find out how. 

Here are some of our best-selling CBD products that are available in bulk orders. 

Alternatively, our products are also available in special bulk pricing for those who want to sell our products with the Neurogan label. 

Bulk CBD Oil

CBD oil is a product staple. It's the fastest product line to fly off of our shelves, as it allows for versatility and ease of use to fit a wide range of our customers' lifestyles.

Get the best prices on your classic CBD oils by the gallons through our bulk order program that's exclusively available to our private partners.

You can let us handle the logistics of hemp farming, extracting, and formulations but still get the customizations your brand needs such as potencies, flavors, and extract types (full spectrum CBD or THC-Free broad spectrum) for your CBD oils when you choose a private label partnership. 

Buy premium bulk CBD oil and save money in your business.
Neurogan CBD oil 1000mg, citrus in 1oz, amber colored glass bottle and white rubber dropper top

CBD Tincture 1000MG

Learn More
1000MG CBD Oil Full Spectrum 1oz is our family's unique formula, providing 16.6MG per 1/2 dropper serving to effectively instill a sense of calm and relaxation, making it an ideal...

Bulk CBD Edibles

CBD snacks are a popular way to enjoy the benefits of CBD—they're come pre-measured for customers and taste great.

Our Neurogan CBD edibles are made fresh to order. That means you're not getting edibles that have been sitting in a warehouse for months. Our team typically hand-pours our candies, like our popular CBD gummy squares, to maintain exceptional artisanal-quality freshness.

Bulk CBD Teas

Neurogan CBD teas are caffeine-free herbal blends that deliver the calming benefits of hemp in a comforting cup.

We have two types of CBD teas available—Natural Hemp Tea Bags and Chamomile + Hemp Tea.

Our tea is made with slow-grown hemp flower harvested at peak season for the richness and fullness of taste and quality from the aromatic terpenes. Because these teas are made from whole hemp buds, it contains the natural full spectrum of cannabinoids.

CBD Candy In Bulk

We're proud of the quality of our CBD candies, our Gummy Squares, Gummy Bears, and CBD Mints.

One of the issues we've come across in competitor brands offering CBD candies in bulk is the lack of consistency in the texture of the candy and the CBD content.

When made in mass batches, the CBD may not become well incorporated into the candy solution, which means one gummy and contain more CBD than another, defeating the overall purpose of the pre-measured doses.

On top of this, other manufacturers may think that adding a speckle of CBD instantly elevates the overall formula of the candy itself (which clearly isn't true). 

Our candy formulations are made with high-quality simple, delicious, and natural-based ingredients — no fillers or harmful preservatives here. We believe that the formulation of the candy itself is just as important as the quality of CBD extract.

You can order our bulk CBD gummies and mints knowing that they're made with the utmost care. 

Our CBD candies are artisanal crafted to ensure that the candy texture maintains freshness and that the CBD extract is well incorporated for consistent doses.
Neurogan 1.7 oz bottle of CBD Gummy Squares

CBD Gummy Squares

Learn More
Our best-selling CBD gummies feature 45mg to 120mg of CBD per gummy and are made with natural Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. They enhance the entourage effect from our premium cannabinoids...

Bulk CBD Topicals

CBD in skincare products has become increasingly popular in the market because well-formulated CBD topicals can deliver targeted benefits to cannabinoid receptors in the skin.

Neurogan has formulated high potency CBD topicals to nourish the skin while delivering the effects of CBD.

Our wide range of CBD topicals are available in full spectrum and THC-free broad spectrum extracts in CBD Lotion, CBD Balm, and CBD Rub.

CBD topicals deliver the benefits of CBD to localized areas. Buy our premium CBD topicals by the gallons and save money.

Just like our bulk CBD candies, we believe that the base formulation of the topical products are equally as important as the CBD quality.

Our CBD topicals are made with naturally derived, skin-replenishing ingredients like shea butter, aloe leaf juice, jojoba seed oil, and arnica extract to deliver nutrients into the layers of skin and protect the skin barrier. Each topical CBD formula has a targetted use, such as supporting post-workout recovery, quenching dry skin, or enhancing the benefits of massage.

Buy bulk CBD topicals by the gallons at wholesale prices and save money. 

Neurogan Full Spectrum CBD Balm 4000MG in 2oz glass jar with silver lid

CBD Balm

Learn More
CBD Muscle Balm will be the wellness product that you can't leave the house without. Perfect for on-the-go solutions, this CBD balm contains ingredients that may help with moisturization, healthy joint mobility, and...

Bulk CBD Flower

Hemp flower is as natural as it gets. Our outdoor-grown full spectrum CBD hemp flowers are available at wholesale prices when purchased in bulk.

People who enjoy smoking their CBD products can enjoy the full, earthy, and nutty taste from the highest quality hemp. These flowers are carefully cured to maintain the diverse range of terpenes, including bisabolol, caryophyllene, humulene, and guaiol that lend their own unique effect profile to the CBD experience.

Bulk hemp flowers also provide a lot of versatility in your marketing. Customers can choose to make their own CBD oils, topical formulas, and teas with premium quality hemp flowers.  

Our out-door hemp flowers are available for bulk purchase. They're naturally full spectrum and harvested at peak season for a diverse cannabinoid and teprene content for maximum flavor and effect profile.

Get In Touch With Our Team For A CBD Supplier

Our North Start at Neurogan is to deliver the highest quality CBD products for more people to enjoy. To do this, we partner with brands that share our values for customer transparency and delivering exceptional hemp products that support healthier lifestyles.

To learn more about our bulk prices and private label partnerships, we invite you to get in touch with our team today.

Become a B2B CBD wholesale customer with Neurogan by filling the Private label form.


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