CBD Private Label

Choosing us as your trusted Private Label partner gives you access to a catalog of best selling CBD, CBG, and premium plant apothecary. Gain our team's support in creating artisan goods made in a cGMP & FDA Approved facility with design expertise and guidance every step of the way.

Established Since 2016

We don't cut corners in producing our premium hemp products, regardless of time, cost, or effort.

What makes Neurogan distinctly special is that in each product you can recognize our deep respect for the hemp plant and a long lineage of knowledge on how to work with it. We’ve extended this care in the ways we have grown our global team and are committed to integrating circular economy principles into our CBD White Label Business.ers to your store.

Neurogan Difference

🧷 Safety First: cGMP

✅ 0% Heavy metals
✅ 0% Pesticides
✅ FDA-compliant
✅ cGMP-facility

✔️ .Gov Recognized by FDA
🌿 Ultra-Concentrated CBD
🧪 Purity Verified Lab Tests

A Scandinavian Tradition:

Family Owned

Our Danish-Born co-founder, Jan Brandrup, grew up watching his Grandmother drink hemp tea each morning. In these hygge moments, he felt inspired to provide the magic of hemp to many.

Today, Jan, Nicklas, and Alexander Brandrup cultivate nutrient rich hemp, a Scandinavian tradition first beginning in the Viking era over 1,000 years ago.

Our headquarters are in San Diego, CA, but our team is located across the world; from the USA to Denmark, Macedonia, Mexico, and Sweden too.

Production Process

We believe that taking more proactive measures for sustainable manufacturing practices makes Neurogan even stronger, which is why we've adopted practices that minimize our carbon footprint, like sourcing our ingredients locally, using recycled packaging materials, and eliminating the use of artificial dyes.

Humans evolved alongside plants.
Through those plants we were given food and medicine.


Our deep respect for our planet inspires us daily to produce ethical premium plant products


Having used hemp for generations in our family to heal stress, pain & sleep, we understand the powerful benefits of quality hemp CBD


At the core of our business, we truly care about human & planetary health.

Environmental Awareness

Since 2016 we have been operating our own manufacturing facility to ensure the highest integrity and ethical production of CBD product.

The largely unregulated CBD market is complex, and we believe you deserve peace of mind.

Therefore, our team of 25 people are pioneering the quality standards by providing you government compliant
(AB45 & PROP65) CBD products.

In short, Neurogan is making CBD: Safe, Effective & Accessible.