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Where To Buy RSO (In-Depth Look)

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Ready to unlock one of the cannabis world's best-kept secrets? Learn where to buy RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) online.

You might think it's as easy as searching "Where can I buy RSO oil" on your Google search bar. Unfortunately, it's not always so straightforward.

While Rick Simpson Oil was originally crafted using marijuana, its unique extraction style has been embraced by many, transcending its original form. 

This means there are a lot of different types of RSO products now available—from the classic extraction syringe made from marijuana, to ones made from high-CBD hemp extract, and even other brands' unique takes on what a high-CBD product should look like for ease of use and efficacy.

But be wary. Not all places offer this goldmine, primarily due to marijuana's legal intricacies.

Keep reading to learn where to buy RSO online, including some legal options if you live in a state where marijuana products are more challenging to access.

Where to buy RSO Online: 5 Best Places

The digital era has reshaped our shopping habits, and RSO is no exception. For many, buying RSO online offers convenience, variety, and discretion—but only if you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal or have a medical marijuana card.

If this is an issue, we want to introduce you to the world of CBD or hemp-derived RSO products. Although it doesn't mirror the exact composition of its marijuana-derived counterparts, many CBD brands offer potent, RSO-style products, which contain a dense concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids.

We'll highlight a mix of both hemp and marijuana RSO retailers.

1. Neurogan RSO (Real Scandinavian Oil) Tincture

Okay, so this isn't your typical RSO syringe.

This tincture is made with real Scandinavian hemp—revered for its high quality and rich profile. This is still a full extract cannabis oil, blended with MCT oil, and contains a potent concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes for a synergistic experience. This is NOT a Rick Simpson Extract.

We designed the RSO tincture because RSO syringes are notoriously difficult to work with. Its sticky, dense consistency can make precision dosing difficult, leading to potential waste and frustration. By translating the strengths of RSO into a tincture format, we've eradicated these user challenges. 

Now, you can enjoy the potency and richness of RSO with the convenience and ease of a dropper, ensuring every drop contributes to your wellness journey with precise RSO oil dosing

Best of all, this is available online in the United States as it's made from Farm Bill-compliant hemp, maintaining the 0.3% THC threshold, making it an easy-to-use and accessible product. 

2. Lazarus Natural CBD RSO

If you have your heart set on a hemp-derived RSO syringe, Lazarus Naturals offers a high-quality CBD RSO you can purchase online.

It contains a concentration of 100 mg of full spectrum CBD per ml. Lazarus Naturals recommends this product for on-the-go sublingual consumption, but because this is a potent extract, you're in for a bitter mouthful. 

Unless you're experienced using an RSO syringe, you may want to experiment with mixing it into food and drinks before taking it directly under the tongue.

3. Verilife RSO Syringes

For Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania residents, Verlife is an online treasure trove for RSO syringes and other marijuana products.

They showcase a spectrum of RSO-style syringes, varying in CBD to THC ratios. Making this website a great option for you to get a high-producing feeling. If you're looking for the Rso high feeling, this brand offers two options of RSO tincture high in THC content that you may want to check out.

The best part? No medical cannabis license is necessary, provided you hail from the aforementioned states, since recreational marijuana is legal in these states.

4. Blair Wellness Center

Based in Baltimore, Blair Wellness Center stands tall as an online hub for medical and recreational marijuana from reputable American cannabis brands with third-party lab tests for every product.

They offer Nature's Heritage Rick Simpson Oil, a molasses-like, potent concoction derived from ethanol extraction packaged in the classic syringe. Before purchasing, check with your local laws, as these are marijuana products that are still classified as federally controlled substances.

5. The Hemp Mine

For those seeking a THC-free RSO-style syringe product, The Hemp Mine caters to you.

With a whopping 600 mg/g of CBD, this hemp extract is undiluted with carrier oils for that Rick Simpson-style oil but without the psychoactive properties of THC.

While most experts agree that THC is an important component of RSO oil, there are some instances where products with even trace amounts of THC can be a cause for concern, like for professionals in industries or positions where regular drug tests are mandated.. Other individuals may have sensitivities or adverse reactions to THC, even in small amounts. 

For them, a pure CBD product without THC presence is ideal.

With The Hemp Mine's THC-free RSO-style syringe, these individuals can confidently integrate CBD into their routine without worrying about testing positive for THC.

Where to buy RSO Oil Near Me

The high THC content in traditional RSO limits its accessibility. However, states with legalized marijuana, either recreationally or medically, offer RSO products at dedicated dispensaries near your location. Its not often that there will be a ton of Rick Simpson Oil options near you, but if you do find some dispensaries selling THC tinctures, those may be a good start tao find one. For real authentic recommendations, check the Yelp guide or come to us

Navigating where to get cannabis oil requires a basic understanding of cannabis laws, which can depend on state you're in and the types of cannabis tincture or oil you're interested in.

When you visit a dispensary or shop near you, you get to interact with knowledgeable budtenders who can guide you in your purchase, and you also get the opportunity to explore a wide range of cannabis products, from edibles to tinctures and of course, RSO.

They can answer questions on the spot, give personalized recommendations including how to use RSO, and even share feedback from other customers. For many, this face-to-face interaction is invaluable, ensuring they make informed decisions tailored to their needs.

However, brick-and-mortar dispensaries often come with a caveat: elevated prices.

Remember that, like any product purchased in-store, purchasing at a store-front dispensary may come with higher price tags. Unless you need the product in your hand right away, we typically recommend shopping online directly from the manufacturer of the product for better value.


Warning: Do Not Buy RSO on Amazon

Amazon, the giant e-commerce platform, has become a go-to for many seeking various health and wellness products at competitive prices. However, when it comes to specialized items like Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)—or any cannabis product for that matter—caution is the name of the game.

A notable reason for this wariness is Amazon's strict policy against the sale of cannabinoid products.

Given this policy, any listing on Amazon that claims to be genuine RSO raises immediate red flags.

Why? It isn't RSO and far from the potent and beneficial original extract. Yes, these products might boast labels and descriptions that suggest otherwise, but they are more than likely misleading, selling customers a product that lacks the essential compounds vital for any genuine therapeutic effect. 

It's crucial to check the lab results of products purchased, especially from platforms like Amazon. The CBD lab results on Amazon might shock you, revealing the true nature of what these products contain.

Moreover, purchasing counterfeit products can have more implications than just wasting money.

You might introduce unknown, untested substances into your body, with unpredictable consequences. These fake products lack the rigorous testing and quality control standards that reputable cannabinoid producers uphold, increasing the risk of contaminants or harmful additives. Checking the lab results of products you purchase anywhere is crucial specially from Amazon, CBD lab results in Amazon may shock you of what the product really has on their content.

The Takeaway: Where to Buy Rick Simpson Oil Online

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is renowned for its potent THC concentration, an attribute that has made it both highly sought-after and somewhat elusive. 

This high THC content places it under strict regulatory frameworks, making it accessible only in select states where marijuana is legalized, either for recreational or medicinal purposes. If you're in one of these states, local marijuana dispensaries will be your go-to destination to source this powerful extract.

While dispensaries provide a unique hands-on shopping experience, their in-store premiums might not always be economical for every consumer. If immediacy isn't a concern and you're keen on exploring a wider array of options at potentially better prices, then turning to online manufacturers could be a more fitting choice.

For those seeking a comprehensive hemp experience without diving directly into traditional RSO, our Real Scandinavian Oil (RSO) offers an excellent alternative.

Crafted with precision, this product boasts a high concentration of beneficial hemp compounds, ensuring ease of use and affordability. It's a perfect stepping stone for those curious about potent hemp extracts but cautious about starting with traditional RSO.

In the end, the best RSO to buy online will depend on your individual needs and preferences for full-extract cannabis oil and your accessibility to hemp and marijuana products.

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