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How Much Does RSO Cost?

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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) really put medical cannabis potential on the map when founder Rick Simpson, a Canadian engineer and medical cannabis advocate, fought his own battle with cancer and created Rick Simpson Oil as a way to address his basal cell carcinoma topically. 

RSO, and general medical cannabis, is currently being studied for its role in fighting tumors, relieving nausea, and other symptoms that cancer patients may face [1]. 

Cancer patients and cannabis enthusiasts are increasingly becoming interested in Rick Simpson Oil, as his own experience and other testimonies sing its praises. 

Even though there’s a lot of hype surrounding RSO, this cannabis-derived oil is not approved by the FDA for primary treatment of any health condition. However, it’s still an option to consider if you’re interested in a more natural approach to supplementing treatment recommended by a healthcare professional. 

With that said, let’s get into the cost of Rick Simpson Oil. 

How Much Does RSO Cost?

The cost of Rick Simpson Oil depends on the product you purchase, but they can range from $60-$100+.

Something to keep in mind is that, traditionally, RSO is highly concentrated, so you may be paying a premium for that. 

RSO comes in several forms, such as oil, gummies, capsules, and pure oil syringes. 

It is also important to know that it will be difficult to purchase RSO online. Due to its THC content, many Rick Simpson Oil products are only sold in dispensaries where high-THC cannabis is legal — but there are ways to get around that, which we’ll get into. 

How Much Does RSO Oil Cost?

A bottle of Neurogan RSO Oil on top of some books

Depending on the product, one gram of RSO oil can cost between $60 and $100

Rick Simpson Oil comes in two main forms to give users some choice in consuming RSO based on their preference. The original is syringe-based for topical application or internal use, not for intravenous purposes.

These syringes contain a potent cannabis extract high in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. These are typically priced higher due to the concentration levels of cannabinoids.

To make the measurement of doses easier, you can also find RSO tinctures that combine the highly concentrated RSO with a carrier oil to dilute the RSO, which makes it more palatable for sublingual application and much easier to scale the doses. 

Rick Simpson Oil tinctures can typically be found for around $60-65 per 1 fl.oz. 

We have a special version of the RSO tincture called “Real Scandinavian Oil.” It’s made from raw, unheated Scandinavian hemp extract and features a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, with 66.6 MG of CBD in each dropper dose. Because its made from hemp, it’s accessible throughout the United States even where high THC cannabis products aren’t legal. 

Our RSO tincture is $80 for 2 fl.oz, making it more accessible and affordable

How Much Do RSO Gummies Cost?

A woman holding a jar of Neurogan RSO Gummies and a green gummy in front of a cascade

RSO gummies can be a bit more expensive than syringes. It involves more ingredients and production processes than RSO syringes or tinctures. 

If you do your research, you may notice that finding RSO gummies for purchase online can be a little tricky. 

This is because the concentrated cannabis-derived oil in gummies may exceed the federal limit of 0.3% of total THC content. 

Some brands have made it possible, but they sell a limited amount of gummies per bag or bottle. With the limited gummy count in mind, you can often find Rick Simpson Oil gummies for around $15-$20 per 10 gummies

This metric may seem a little strange, but it’s easier and more transparent to see it this way.

Our Raw Scandinavian Oil (RSO) gummies cost $70 per bottle. 

This looks more expensive on the surface, but each bottle includes 30 gummies. 

This price may look slightly higher, but that’s because our gummies include additional ingredients to create a unique formula full of beneficial compounds, and more importantly, they are Farm Bill compliant, making them much more accessible than THC-based products. 

One thing we know about wellness is that most conditions respond better to a multi-modal approach. These ingredients complement one another to give you balanced and enhanced effects.    

How Much Do RSO Capsules Cost?

A hand holding a Neurogan RSO Capsules jar in the middle of a forest

The general price range for RSO capsules is around $40-$80. 

This price can be affected by capsule count, quality, and extraction method. With products in this price range, we advise you to do your research, check lab tests, and see which products offer the most benefits. 

RSO capsules experience a bit of a range in their price point. Since most THC-based capsules can only be purchased from licensed cannabis dispensaries, the price can vary, and you will have to check your local dispensary to find out the cost of some of the popular Rick Simpson Oil capsules. 

Our RSO capsules are priced at $50 and made with our signature Real Scandinavian Oil. This oil is legally compliant with hemp laws, making it accessible to purchase online. 

What Determines the RSO Price?

There’s a few things that determine the price of RSO. 

As with most things, there can be variety in quality, and higher-quality RSO will come with a higher price tag. In most cases, this is a good thing, and we recommend investing in a well-made cannabis product for your health. 

Another thing that causes discrepancies in the price is the extraction method. If you want to ensure that the brand used certain extraction methods, this should be stated on the company websites, and you also want to verify the product lab tests to ensure the RSO contains the specified cannabinoid and terpene content. 

Are RSO Syringes Worth It?

RSO syringe on a flat surface

If you’ve done even a little bit of research on Rick Simpson Oil, then you probably have seen RSO syringes. 

Due to the concentrated nature of Rick Simpson Oil, syringes have become a popular choice for cannabis-derived oil, but they’re not the easiest format to use.

Rick Simpson himself liked to use RSO topically. 

It makes sense to apply concentrated oil directly to a targeted area, but it can be tricky to get the dosing right if you’re taking it internally, which is where RSO oil, capsules, and gummies help. 

At the end of the day, whether or not RSO products are worth it depends on your intended use. People looking for RSO products generally want the most potent cannabinoid options available to reach high doses of CBD or THC. For most people, we’d recommend other RSO options made from hemp over traditional syringes for ease of use and legal compliance, as not everyone in the United States has access to THC cannabis products. 


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