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Where to Buy CBD Oil (An In-Depth Look)

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Whether you're a seasoned CBD user or are curious about the potential benefits of CBD products for pain, sleep, or stress, finding a reliable place to shop can be a journey in itself. 

Since the legalization of hemp-derived CBD oil in 2018, you can find CBD products everywhere, from grocery stores to gas stations — but that doesn't mean that's where you should shop.

That's where this comprehensive guide is designed to point you in the right direction. We've got a list of places to purchase your CBD oil online for those looking for the best price for quality and convenience. But for shoppers who prefer an in-person experience, we highlight some unique CBD storefronts worth checking out.

Along the way, we'll also equip you with knowledge on how to discern quality products, ensure you're getting the most for your money, and identify red flags.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Online

There are several reasons why shopping for CBD oil online is still the best option.

First, buying directly from reputable brands online gives you better insight into who they are and where they source their products. You also have a better chance of receiving a product that hasn't sat on a store shelf for too long, with prices that beat out brick-and-mortar stores.

Lastly, buying online allows you to do all of this from the comfort of your home and take your time conducting research, comparing the pros and cons of each brand.

Let's delve into some of the top choices where you can buy quality CBD oil online:

1. Neurogan CBD


Bottle of Neurogan CBD Full Spectrum Oil

While many recognize us for our delicious high-potency CBD gummies (and we don't blame them!), our offerings don't stop there.

We at Neurogan pride ourselves on our potent CBD oils and capsules, which are not only of top-tier quality but also exceptionally priced. 

To give you some perspective, our CBD oils cost as little as $0.02 per mg of CBD. When you juxtapose this with the average online market range of $0.07-$0.12, it's evident that with Neurogan CBD oils, you're getting unparalleled value.

With Danish heritage, our brand is anchored in the sunny haven of San Diego. Here, we've built more than just a brand; we've established a cGMP facility that reflects our relentless pursuit of quality. Every drop of oil, every gummy, and every product that leaves our facility is a testament to our dedication to bringing the finest CBD to our cherished community.

We harness the power of both full spectrum hemp extract and THC-free broad-spectrum CBD oils to cater to diverse needs.

Our commitment to well-being isn't limited to humans alone. Recognizing the incredible benefits of CBD for our furry companions, we've meticulously crafted pet CBD oils. Whether it's your playful cat, loyal dog, or majestic horse, we've got something for them.


Bottle of CBDMD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD MD emphasizes the importance of delivering high-quality, THC-free products to its customers.

Broad spectrum CBD ensures the final product is devoid of THC while still retaining other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. This approach ensures that consumers can enjoy the synergistic benefits of hemp without any concerns about THC.

As one of the industry's front-runners, this brand has made its mark by offering a diversified product line, ranging from the quintessential tinctures to the more contemporary topicals.

A few enthusiasts, especially those accustomed to higher doses, feel that CBD MD could venture into offering even higher potencies. This would cater to a segment of users who seek more potent formulations for their needs.

3. NuLeaf Naturals

Bottle of NuLeaf CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals is a staunch advocate of whole-plant extracts, ensuring that their products proudly wear the “full spectrum hemp extract” badge. This means that consumers get to enjoy not just CBD but a rich ensemble of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals present in the hemp plant, amplifying the potential benefits through the entourage effect.

By exclusively using organic hemp cultivated in the fertile grounds of Colorado, Nuleaf Naturals guarantees that its products start off with some of the best raw materials, setting the stage for exceptional end products.

While Nuleaf Naturals excels in quality, they've chosen a more curated approach to their product line. This means that their product variety may seem limited, especially when juxtaposed against brands that offer a broader spectrum of CBD-infused goods.

4. Charlotte's Web

Bottle and box of Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

Emerging as one of the titans in the expansive CBD universe, Charlotte's Web has firmly etched its name as a brand synonymous with premium quality CBD oil.

One of the standout features of Charlotte's Web is its thoughtful product formulation. Recognizing that CBD users span a wide range of people, from novices to veterans, the brand offers various potencies and extract types. In its catalog, you can shop for full spectrum CBD oil and broad spectrum CBD in various potencies.

Charlotte's Web is a recognized brand, but with it comes a heftier price point. We don't think it's outrageous when it comes to the spectrum of price ranges of CBD products out there, but we thought it was worth mentioning as there are still other high-quality CBD oils out there that are friendlier on the wallet.

While Charlotte's Web offers a diverse range in terms of potencies, those looking for a real heavy hitter might find their CBD oils a tad gentle. It's always vital for users to consider their specific needs and perhaps seek out brands known for super-high potency if that's what you're looking for.

5. Royal CBD

Bottle of Royal CBD CBD Oil

With a name that evokes grandeur, Royal CBD seeks to offer its users a sovereign experience in the world of CBD. As with anything regal, there's opulence, finesse, and, occasionally, a high price to match.

The foundation of any great CBD product lies in the quality of its raw materials. Royal CBD ensures its throne is built on solid ground by sourcing organic hemp. This assures users of the purity and potency of the final product, free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Of course, this should be standard in the industry, but unfortunately, there are too many fake and subpar CBD oil products out there.

Affordability is subjective, but it's undeniable that Royal CBD positions itself at a higher price point in the market. For those on a tighter budget, this could be a determining factor when selecting a CBD brand.

6. Lazarus Naturals

Bottle and box of Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil

Understanding that every individual's CBD needs and preferences can vary, Lazarus Naturals offers both full-spectrum and THC-free products. This approach ensures that whether a user seeks the complete range of cannabinoids or prefers to stay clear of THC, their needs are catered to.

Regarding CBD oil, Lazarus Naturals has genuinely excellent products at fair prices. 

Each batch undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring potency, purity, and safety. And when it comes to pricing, Lazarus Naturals hits a sweet spot. They offer genuinely excellent products at prices that don't break the bank, reinforcing their mission of making CBD accessible to all.

7. MedTerra

Bottle of MedTerra CBD Oil

Recognizing the varied demands of the CBD market, MedTerra caters to a broad audience by offering full spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products.

While broad-spectrum retains most of the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant (excluding THC), CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, with no other cannabinoids or compounds. And, of course, you have full spectrum hemp extract, which contains the closest to the hemp plant's natural profile.

8. Penguin CBD

Bottle of Penguin CBD Broad Spectrum Oil

Penguin CBD sources its hemp from Oregon, a state known for its optimal soil conditions and environmentally conscious farming practices. This ensures that the hemp used in their CBD products is not only of high quality but also sustainably grown.

While its tinctures have garnered significant acclaim, the brand's product variety beyond these oils might feel limited for some users. Expanding their product lineup could offer consumers a more comprehensive CBD experience.

Quality comes at a cost, and some users might feel that the pricing of Penguin CBD products is a tad steep.

9. CBDfx

Bottle of CBDfx CBD Oil

CBDfx has made quite an impact in the CBD market, and a significant part of this can be attributed to its CBD oil offerings.

CBDfx's oil is a full-spectrum product derived from organic hemp. This not only ensures a product free from harmful pesticides and chemicals but also speaks to the brand's dedication to offering a natural and pure CBD experience.

MCT oil is often used as the carrier oil in CBDfx's tinctures. MCT oil not only has its health benefits but also ensures better absorption of CBD into the bloodstream, making the product more effective.

While CBDfx does offer a range of potencies for their CBD oil, seasoned users or those with more severe conditions might desire even higher potency options. Expanding this range could cater to this segment of users more effectively.

10. Joy Organics

Bottle of JoyOrganics CBD Oil

Joy Organics offers broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils. This ensures that consumers have their choice between a THC-free experience (broad spectrum) or benefiting from the full array of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant (full spectrum).

Joy Organics prides itself on sourcing premium, U.S.-grown hemp. Their rigorous farming practices ensure the absence of harmful chemicals and pesticides, making for a more potent and clean CBD oil.

On its online storefront, you can find a good range of potencies suitable for the average consumer. However, broadening this range, especially on the higher end, might cater more effectively to seasoned users or those with pronounced needs.

Where to Buy CBD Oil In Stores

For those who crave a tactile shopping experience, purchasing CBD oil in stores has its perks. 

Stepping into a physical store allows you to engage directly with knowledgeable staff, offering an opportunity for personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs. This face-to-face interaction can be invaluable for both CBD newcomers and aficionados alike.

There's the undeniable satisfaction of selecting a product and being able to take it home immediately, with no waiting required. However, this convenience and personalized service can sometimes come with a higher price tag than online options. But, if you're willing to explore your local dispensary or one of our handpicked brick-and-mortar retailers, you'll likely discover a delightful blend of quality, expertise, and atmosphere that makes every penny worth it.

1. Your Local Dispensaries

Weed dispensaries, often found in states where recreational or medicinal marijuana is legal, offer an array of hemp-derived CBD products alongside their marijuana cannabis selections. 

Walking into one of these dispensaries, customers benefit from expert staff well-versed in cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products. They can provide valuable insights into potency, strains, and the best options based on your preferences or medical needs.

However, not all states have legalized marijuana, which means such dispensaries might not be available everywhere. 

For residents in states where marijuana remains illegal, accessing CBD products may require a different approach. But, if you're in a state with a legalized marijuana framework, purchasing CBD from a weed dispensary ensures an informed and tailored buying experience.

2. The Alchemist's Kitchen (119 Crosby Street, Soho, New York)

The Alchemist's Kitchen is more than just a shop; it's an experience. 

Beyond its curated selection of high-quality CBD products, this boutique offers a unique immersion into the world of plant-based remedies.

The Alchemist's Kitchen has an artisanal approach, with each product chosen for its purity and efficacy. But what truly sets it apart is its commitment to education and community. Visitors can engage in workshops, consultations, and events that delve deep into the world of herbal wellness.

They may not have the largest selection when it comes to buying CBD oil, but it is a fun place to visit in New York.

3. Green Door CBD (2214 Artemis Place, Los Angeles, CA)

Far from the hustle and bustle of typical L.A. life, this establishment offers a serene, knowledgeable, and personalized shopping experience. Green Door CBD is distinguished not just by its wide range of premium CBD products but also by its dedication to ensuring consumers are well-informed.

The staff, passionate and well-educated about the benefits and nuances of CBD, are on hand to guide you through your purchase, ensuring you find a product tailored to your specific needs. Moreover, the shop's ambiance mirrors the calmness and tranquility that CBD itself can bring.

4. Thrive CBD (1570 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA)

This boutique has the laid-back yet invigorating spirit of San Diego. But what makes Thrive CBD genuinely stand out is its focus on community and connection.

The space is welcoming, fostering an environment where patrons can share their experiences, ask questions, and learn from staff and fellow customers.

With a curated selection of products from the top CBD companies, each backed by the expertise of passionate staff, visitors are guided towards choices that align with their unique needs.

Beware of Fake CBD Oil on Amazon

Amazon has solidified itself as a global giant, offering almost anything one could imagine. However, when it comes to CBD oils, Amazon may not be the best platform to trust.

Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD products, even if they are made from legal hemp plants. Even still, if you search "pure CBD oil" on Amazon, you'll find listings. They'll typically contain hemp oil, which comes from hemp seeds but does not contain cannabinoids that provide potential health benefits to the endocannabinoid system.

Verified third-party lab results are essential for ensuring the product you're buying contains the stated amount of CBD and is free from harmful substances. Many CBD products on Amazon lack transparent third-party testing, making it challenging to verify product quality and purity.

For a product you're considering for its potential health benefits, it's essential to ensure quality, purity, and authenticity, all of which might be compromised when purchasing through a platform not specialized in CBD products.

The Takeaway: Where Can I Buy CBD oil?

Since hemp products became legal in 2018 in the United States, you can find CBD oil virtually everywhere — but it doesn't mean that all CBD oil will provide the same level of effects; moreover, not all CBD oil is safe.

The best place to buy CBD is online.

Buying directly from a reputable brand's website ensures transparency, and often the freshest stock. However, don't discount the unique experience of shopping in-store. Physical locations offer the tangible advantage of seeing products up close, getting personalized recommendations, and the instant gratification of taking your purchase home then and there.

Regardless of your shopping preference, always adhere to best practices: ensure products are third-party lab-tested, check for clear product labeling (indicating CBD content and source), and research the brand's reputation. Your CBD journey is a personal one, and with careful consideration and research, you're well on your way to finding a product that aligns with your unique needs. 

As part of our commitment to transparency, we offer a complimentary sample of our CBD oil to help you experience the quality firsthand before making a purchase. This allows you to verify the quality and effectiveness of our products, aligning with our goal to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

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