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CBD Brand Analysis: NuLeaf vs. CBDistillery

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At Neurogan, we’ve been crafting wellness products from hemp-based cannabinoids since 2016. We've seen many CBD brands come and go in this space, so we like to think that we have a keen eye for what makes for great products and the company integrity that goes along with it.

We'll be taking a closer look at two CBD companies today: NuLeaf and CBDistillery. We're basing our comparison on the company values, catalog, and prices to help you better understand what goes into the true value of a CBD product.

Brief CBD Brand Overview: NuLeaf vs. CBDistillery vs. Neurogan

At first glance, it appears that NuLeaf Naturals' product ranges are quite potent — for example, the NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil have a 6000 mg of full spectrum CBD, while most brands only go up to 2500 mg in a 1 oz bottle.

However, when you look at NuLeaf's CBD oil concentration, you’ll see that this 6000 mg is in a larger bottle size (100 ml), which means it’s diluted in the formula. This could be intentional,  allowing newer users to scale their doses.

CBDistillery, on the other hand, has a full spectrum oil range, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate products that are more beginner-friendly to experienced CBD potencies.

As for us at Neurogan, we're all about harnessing the full potential of cannabinoids and terpenes, but understand that THC isn't for everyone, which is why most of our products are available in full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD extracts.

We take pride in our high potency CBD oils and gummies and offer the strongest CBD oils and CBD gummies on the market at the most competitive price point — which we'll get into more below.

A common thread among these three brands is their dedication to maintaining the integrity of cannabis' wellness benefits in its products and a strong emphasis on third-party lab testing.

About NuLeaf Naturals

Nu Leaf Naturals Brand logo

NuLeaf Naturals, founded in 2014, stands out as a pioneer in the cannabinoid wellness industry. Established by plant medicine aficionados, its mission has always been clear: to pave the way for a range of cannabinoid wellness products that foster a healthy body and mind. This goal is reflected in every aspect of its operation, from product creation to customer engagement.

Based in Denver, Colorado, a hub for progressive cannabis and hemp research, NuLeaf Naturals has grown to become a respected name in the CBD market. Its product line is diverse, catering to a variety of wellness needs. It includes CBD oils, softgels, gummies, drink mixes, topicals, and even pet products, demonstrating an understanding of the wide-ranging applications of cannabinoids.

A key aspect of NuLeaf Naturals' approach is its unwavering commitment to organic hemp cultivation and supercritical CO2 extraction methods.

Typical NuLeaf Naturals Customers:

  • Health and Wellness Enthusiasts: NuLeaf Naturals caters to individuals prioritizing their health and wellness. Its full spectrum CBD products are especially appealing to those seeking holistic and natural approaches to health.
  • Pet Owners: NuLeaf Naturals extends its wellness approach to pets, offering a range of pet products. This appeals to pet owners looking for natural, safe alternatives for their pet's well-being.
  • Diverse Cannabinoid Seekers: Unlike brands focusing solely on CBD, NuLeaf Naturals offers products with a range of cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBN, and delta-9. This variety attracts customers interested in the broader therapeutic potential of the hemp plant.
  • Newer CBD Users: Despite its website claiming it appeals to high potency consumers and the high CBD mg numbers, many of its products come in at lower potencies per dose than CBDistillery and Neurogan.

Potential Drawbacks Associated with NuLeaf Naturals:

  • Limited Product Variety: While offering a diverse range of cannabinoid products, NuLeaf Naturals may not have the extensive product variety seen in some other brands. For instance, it seems to have fewer flavored CBD oil options and product types than competitors.
  • Focused Product Line: NuLeaf Naturals' focus on full spectrum products may limit options for those seeking broad spectrum or isolate-based products. 

About CBDistillery

CBDistillery Brand Logo

CBDistillery, a Colorado-based brand established in 2016, has quickly risen to prominence in the CBD market. Under the guidance of expert botanist founder Andy Pailion, the company built a reputation at the grassroots of the CBD industry by offering clean, straightforward, and effective CBD products.

CBDistillery has focused on sourcing non-GMO, U.S.-grown hemp, emphasizing the importance of natural cultivation practices in its high-quality CBD products.

CBDistillery's product range includes various options catering to different preferences and needs. Whether it's their oils, gummies, or topicals, each product reflects the brand's promise of purity and simplicity. The absence of artificial ingredients in its formulations is a testament to its ethos for creating natural wellness solutions.

Typical CBDistillery Customers:

  • Health-Conscious Consumers: Given its commitment to clean ingredients, CBDistillery appeals to health-conscious individuals. These consumers appreciate products without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners.
  • Educated CBD Users: CBDistillery's educational initiatives attract customers who value understanding the products they use. Its transparent and informative approach is appealing to those who want to make well-informed CBD choices.
  • Eco-Aware Shoppers: Customers who prefer environmentally friendly practices are drawn to CBDistillery for its use of non-GMO, U.S.-grown hemp, reflecting a preference for sustainable and responsible farming practices.
  • New CBD Experimenters: The brand's straightforward product line and focus on education make it a go-to choice for newcomers to CBD. These consumers find CBDistillery's products and resources helpful in navigating their CBD journey.

Potential Drawbacks Associated with CBDistillery:

  • Focus on Simplicity: CBDistillery keeps things bare bones with clean and simple ingredients, which might limit the variety of unique or innovative formulations that some niche consumers seek.
  • Product Potency Range: Some users, particularly those with higher tolerance or specific therapeutic needs, might find the potency range of CBDistillery's products less varied compared to other brands that offer a wider range of strengths.

About Neurogan

Neurogan Brand logo

We, at Neurogan, have been proudly nurturing our family-owned business since 2016 from our base in sunny San Diego, California. Founded by Jan Brandrup alongside his sons, Neurogan is much more than just a company to us — it's the realization of a long-held dream. The family, having grown up in Denmark, hemp was an integral part of our Scandinavian heritage, deeply influencing our approach to wellness and nature.

Our focus at Neurogan has always been on delivering high-potency and affordable products. And when we say high potency, we're talking about some of the strongest oils, gummies, and topicals on the market.

This gravitation towards strength doesn’t mean we compromise on affordability; we strive to ensure our products are accessible to all who need them.

In our product CBD catalog, you’ll find that there’s a lot to choose from. From CBD oils to gummies, capsules, teas, mints, and even CBD-infused honey, our range is extensive. We also offer hemp flower, and we've developed specialized CBD products for those who care for their pets and horses to cater to different lifestyles.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of hemp and cannabinoids, we've also included cannabinoids like Delta 9 THC, CBC, CBN, and CBG in our offerings.

Typical Neurogan Customers:

  • High Potency Seekers: Our customers often seek the strongest products on the market. They appreciate our high-potency oils, gummies, and topicals, trusting us to provide powerful and effective solutions for their wellness needs.
  • Value-Conscious Shoppers: We attract those looking for a balance between quality and affordability. Our customers appreciate that they don't have to compromise on potency to find products within their budget.
  • Pet and Horse Owners: Our range for pets and horses draws in animal lovers looking for safe and effective hemp-based wellness products for their companions.
  • Cannabinoid Enthusiasts: Customers interested in exploring beyond CBD value our diverse catalog. With offerings like Delta 9 THC, CBC, CBN, and CBG, we cater to those who are eager to experience the full spectrum of hemp's benefits.

Potential Drawbacks Associated with Neurogan

  • Niche Market Focus: Our emphasis on high-potency products may not cater to beginners or those with lower tolerance levels, potentially limiting our appeal to a broader market, particularly with our CBD gummies, but our oils are much more beginner-friendly.
  • Product Overwhelm: Our extensive product range, while a strength, might be overwhelming for new customers who are just starting their journey with CBD and other cannabinoids.

NuLeaf vs. CBDistillery Pricing Comparison

Let's get to the good stuff — price comparison of some of the most popular product categories from these leading CBD brands.

Our approach is straightforward yet thorough: we'll examine the price per milligram (mg) of CBD, offering a practical perspective on what you can expect to spend with each brand. We recognize that a direct comparison isn't always possible, as not all brands offer identical products. However, we're committed to bringing you the closest possible match, ensuring our analysis is as relevant and informative as possible.

It's important to remember that this is just a starting point. 

Price per mg is a handy benchmark, but it doesn't capture the full picture. Factors like ingredient quality, hemp sourcing, and brand reputation also play a significant role in shaping the value of a CBD product. 

We aim to give you a ballpark figure, a snapshot of the market, to help you navigate the pricing landscape more confidently when shopping for hemp-derived CBD products.

1. CBD Oils

Nuleaf CBDistillery Neurogan Oils Comparison
Brand Product Name Total CBD Content Size Serving Extract Type Price Cost per mg CBD
NuLeaf 6000 mg CBD Oil 6000 mg 100ml 30 mg (0.5 ml) Full Spectrum CBD $249.00 $0.0415
CBDistillery ahhh distilled 2500 mg Tincture 2500 mg 30 ml 83 mg (1ml) Full Spectrum CBD $130.00 $0.0520
Neurogan CBD Oil 5000 mg 5000 mg 60 ml 41.6 mg (0.5 ml)

Full Spectrum CBD

$125.00 $0.0250

From NuLeaf, we chose their "6000 mg CBD Oil," which is their strongest CBD oil offering. While this product contains a substantial amount of CBD, it’s in a larger 100 ml bottle. This larger volume means that the concentration of CBD in each serving is relatively diluted compared to smaller-sized bottles with similar CBD content.

CBDistillery's "ahhh distilled 2500 mg Tincture" represents a mid-range option in terms of potency. CBDistillery also offers a stronger 5000 mg option priced at $240.00.

At Neurogan, you’ll find an even broader range of potencies. 

Our catalog includes options beyond the standard, such as 8000 mg and 12000 mg CBD oils. These higher potencies provide the best value overall, costing as low as $0.02 per mg of CBD. 

Additionally, we offer these high-potency options in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD, ensuring that our customers can access products that best meet their individual needs and preferences.

2. CBD Gummies

Nuleaf CBDistillery Neurogan Gummies Comparison
Brand Product Name Total CBD Content Count Serving Extract Type Price Cost per mg CBD
NuLeaf Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 1350 mg 90 30 mg (2 gummies) Full Spectrum CBD $69.00 $0.0511
CBDistillery ahhh distilled CBD gummies 900 mg 30 30 mg (1 gummy) Full Spectrum CBD $60.00 $0.0667
Neurogan CBD gummy Squares 1350 mg 30 40 mg (1 gummy) Full Spectrum CBD $45.00 $0.0333

NuLeaf's gummies, at 10 mg per gummy, provide a more gradual approach to CBD dosing. This lower potency per gummy can be particularly appealing for those just starting their CBD journey, offering the flexibility to increase their dosage as needed slowly.

At Neurogan, however, our focus is a bit different. Our Full Spectrum cbd gummies pack a more potent dose per gummy, which might be more suitable for those familiar with CBD or requiring a higher dosage for their wellness needs.

Despite the higher CBD concentration, Neurogan gummies come at a more affordable price, being one of the cheapest CBD gummies available in the market and reflecting our commitment to making high-quality CBD products accessible to a wider audience.

3. CBD Capsules

Nuleaf CBDistillery Neurogan Capsules Comparison
Brand Product Name Total CBD Content Count Serving Extract Type Price Cost per mg CBD
NuLeaf CBD Capsules 1800 mg 60 30 mg (2 softgels) Full Spectrum CBD $89.00 $0.0494
CBDistillery ahhh distilled CBD Capsules 900 mg 30 30 mg (1 capsule) Full Spectrum CBD $115.00 $0.1278
Neurogan CBD Softgels 2400 mg 40 40 mg (1 capsule) Full Spectrum CBD $65.00 $0.0271

NuLeaf's capsules offer a solid balance between CBD content and price, making them a reliable choice for regular users. Its capsules also contain 15 mg each, so these might be a better option for newer CBD users.

CBDistillery's capsules, while lower in total CBD content, come at a higher price point than Neurogan capsules for a stronger potency per capsule and 10 more capsules per bottle.

4. CBD Creams

Nuleaf CBDistillery Neurogan Balm Comparison
Brand Product Name Total CBD Content Size Extract Type Price Cost per mg CBD
NuLeaf CBD Balm 900 mg 42.5 g Full Spectrum CBD $59.00 $0.0656
CBDistillery oooh distilled CBD Soothing Balm 500 mg 28.4 g Full Spectrum CBD $50.00 $0.1000
Neurogan CBD Balm 4000 mg 60 g Full Spectrum CBD $65.00 $0.0163

Each brand, with its unique formulation and pricing strategy, caters to different aspects of consumer preferences. These were the only CBD topicals offered by NuLeaf and CBDistillery, while Neurogan offers a wider range from roll-ons, massage oils, cream formulas, and a facial cream.

Our CBD Balm stands out for its significantly higher CBD content at a very competitive price. This concentrated full spectrum CBD formula is designed to target local areas of discomfort while maintaining moisture on the skin.

The Takeaway: CBDistillery vs. NuLeaf

NuLeaf, CBDistillery, and Neurogan, it's clear that understanding the cost per mg of CBD is a crucial aspect in evaluating the true value of these products.

Each brand brings something unique to the table, and none provide identical products, making direct comparisons challenging, but it's a good thing as this variety underscores the importance of individuality in one’s CBD journey.

We hope this analysis has shed light on the nuances of brand comparison in the CBD market, offering a clearer perspective to help guide your personal choices and enhance your understanding of the diverse CBD options available.

Nicklas Brandrup

BSc International Business, Copenhagen Business School Nicklas is the co-founder of Neurogan and a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in the health and wellness space.  Nicklas has generated more than $250M in sales on Amazon with brands that he owns and operates. He is passionate ab...

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