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Lazarus Naturals vs. Charlotte's Web

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Today, we focus on three heavy-hitter CBD brands: Lazarus Naturals, Charlotte's Web, and Neurogan. We'll examine each brand’s ethos, quality assurance, hemp source, customer experience, and price comparisons on popular products.

Let's start with price comparisons for three of the biggest CBD brands.

Lazarus Naturals vs. Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

Brand Volume CBD Content Price Cost per mg of CBD
Lazarus Naturals 30ml 1500mg $40 $0.03
Charlotte's Web 30ml 1800mg $119.99 $0.07
Neurogan 30ml 2000mg $55 $0.03

While there are myriad factors to consider when comparing CBD products from across brands — from extraction methods to customer service — one straightforward metric to gauge the value proposition is the cost per mg of CBD.

This gives consumers a simple, direct way to compare prices across brands. For clarity, we'll zero in on full spectrum CBD oils around the same mg potency range in the 30 ml bottle size (1 oz), a product that all three brands offer.


When comparing the three brands based on the cost per mg of CBD for their full spectrum oils, both Lazarus Naturals and Neurogan offer a competitive rate of $0.03 per mg. In contrast, Charlotte's Web comes in at a notably higher $0.07 per mg.

    Lazarus Naturals

    Lazarus Naturals is best known for its farm-to-shelf approach to creating CBD oils, gummies, balms, and pet-friendly products.

    Founded by Sequoia Price-Lazarus and his dedicated team, the brand launched in 2014 with the dream of making affordable, hemp-based products with a focus on transparency. The company oversees every step of the production process, from farming to formulation to packaging and delivery.

    All Lazarus Naturals CBD products come from non-GMO and USDA organic hemp farms in central Oregon. On top of this, the brand's commitment to CBD accessibility is evident through its Assistance Program, which provides a 60% discount to veterans, individuals on long-term disability, and low-income households.

    Typical Customers of Lazarus Naturals

    • Value Seekers: Lazarus Naturals is known for offering high-quality full spectrum CBD products and THC-free CBD isolate for those who want a good balance between price and quality.
    • Conscious Consumers: Since Lazarus Naturals is a B-certified company focusing on sustainability and community, it tends to attract customers who value ethical business practices and corporate responsibility.
    • Pet Owners: Its diverse CBD product range for animals appeals to pet parents keen on exploring alternative wellness avenues for their beloved companions.
    • Veterans, Disabled, and Low-Income Individuals: Lazarus Naturals offers a generous discount program that makes its high-quality products affordable.
    • Concentrates and RSO Aficionados: Lazarus Naturals offers specialized products like bulk CBD, CBG isolate concentrates, and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). These cater to a niche segment of customers seeking more concentrated formulations or who have specific therapeutic needs like seeking overall pain relief.

    Potential Drawbacks Associated with Lazarus Naturals

    • Lack of Certain Product Varieties: Compared to some other brands, Lazarus Naturals might not have a wide variety of product types, and some niche products might be missing. For example, they lack a selection dedicated to minor cannabinoids. Additionally, they don't offer a varied collection of hemp-based delta THC edibles, which some other brands have started incorporating into their product lineups. Thus, consumers seeking these specific products might need to look elsewhere.

    Charlotte's Web

    Charlotte's Web stands tall as one of the pioneers in the CBD industry. Their unique strain of hemp initially garnered international attention for its potential benefits to a young girl named Charlotte Figi.

    Established by the Stanley Brothers, Charlotte's Web launched in 2011 with a heartfelt goal: to craft high-quality CBD products that could make a genuine difference in people's lives. Its ethos is wrapped around trust, with a seed-to-shelf process ensuring that every product is nurtured, cultivated, and refined with utmost care.

    Charlotte's Web sources its CBD from non-GMO, U.S.-grown hemp. Its commitment goes beyond product creation, revolving around enhancing life, nature, and the communities it serves.

    Typical Customers of Charlotte's Web

    • CBD Traditionalists: Given that Charlotte's Web is one of the OGs in the CBD market, it tends to attract those who trust time-tested brands and products.
    • Parents and Families: The brand's history and association with helping young Charlotte Figi attract parents seeking potential wellness solutions for their families.
    • Veterans: Charlotte's Web offers special programs and discounts for veterans, acknowledging their service and sacrifices.
    • Ethical Shoppers: Charlotte's Web emphasizes sustainability, organic farming practices, and community engagement, making it a magnet for socially-conscious consumers.

    Potential Drawbacks Associated with Charlotte's Web

    • Price Point: Charlotte's Web products often come at a higher price point because of its esteemed brand reputation, making it a premium choice that doesn't always fit everyone's budget.
    • Limited Product Potency: While they offer various strengths, some users could benefit from more potent CBD products.
    • Product Diversity: Similar to Lazarus Naturals, Charlotte's Web may lack in certain niche CBD categories. Their emphasis on their core strain and product lineup means they might only sometimes jump on the latest CBD trend or product type.


    At the heart of San Diego, California, lies a family-owned gem with Danish origins: Neurogan. 

    Rooted deeply in the traditions of Nordic cultivation and modern scientific rigor, our humble CBD brand brings a blend of quality, integrity, and commitment to wellness.

    Founded on the sunny West Coast, we take pride in sourcing hemp with sustainable farming practices, ensuring the purest and most potent extracts. With a CO2 extraction process, the integrity and strength of the CBD are preserved, resulting in premium-grade products.

    Neurogan is not just about producing CBD products; we're passionate about crafting a community.

    Through discount programs tailored for veterans, seniors, teachers, first responders, individuals with disabilities, and those from low-income backgrounds, we want to make CBD products much more accessible to diverse demographics.

    Our commitment to the community also includes a scholarship program each semester, supporting American students' dreams in post-secondary education.

    Typical Customers of Neurogan

    • Quality Enthusiasts: With a commitment to CO2 extraction and sustainable farming, Neurogan attracts consumers who prioritize the highest quality in their CBD intake.
    • Bargain Hunters: When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, Neurogan stands out. Our competitive price per mg of CBD is a big draw for those looking for both quality and value.
    • Potency Seekers: For those after strength, Neurogan delivers, boasting the market's most potent CBD gummies and CBD oil (both full spectrum and broad spectrum).
    • Cannabinoid Explorers: With a product range that includes niche cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBDa, and delta-9 Neurogan is a haven for those wanting to explore beyond just CBD.
    • Supporters of Ethical Brands: Our commitment to the community, evident in our diverse discount programs and scholarship initiatives, attracts individuals who prefer supporting businesses that give back.

    Potential Drawbacks Associated with Neurogan

    • Overwhelming Options: With an extensive product range, newcomers to the CBD world might find the choices a tad overwhelming.
    • Potency Might Not Suit Everyone: While having the strongest products can be a boon for many, some users might require milder options, especially those new to CBD.

    Product Price Comparisons: Lazarus Naturals vs. Charlotte's Web

    When it comes to investing in CBD, price plays a pivotal role. As consumers, we strive to balance quality and affordability perfectly. Let's compare these three top-tier brands — Lazarus Naturals, Charlotte's Web, and Neurogan — across popular CBD product categories:

    Lazarus Naturals vs. Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies

    CBD gummies are a popular choice, providing an enjoyable and easy way to consume CBD. All three brands — Lazarus Naturals, Charlotte's Web, and Neurogan — offer a diverse range of gummies, catering to different needs such as sleep, recovery, balance, and focus. However, for this comparison, we're honing in on each brand's signature CBD gummy in a similar potency and pack size to ensure a fair evaluation.

    Brand Product name Gummy Count Total CBD Cbd per Gummy Price Cost per mg of CBD
    Lazarus Naturals Full spectrum CBD Gummies Elderberry 40 1000mg 25mg $38 $0.038
    Charlotte's Web Full Spectrum Daily Wellness CBD Gummies 60 1500mg 25mg $69.99 $0.047
    Neurogan Full Spectrum CBD Gummy Squares 30 1350mg 45mg $45 $0.033

    The table shows that while Neurogan offers the highest potency per gummy, its cost per mg of CBD is the most affordable among the three. Lazarus Naturals is the mid-ground regarding cost per mg, and Charlotte's Web is the priciest per mg of CBD. 

    Again, consumers should consider other factors like brand reputation, flavors offered, and additional beneficial ingredients when choosing the right CBD gummy.

    Lazarus Naturals vs. Charlotte's Web CBD Capsules

    CBD pills offer a convenient, discreet, and taste-free method for consuming CBD, ideal for those who may not care for the distinct taste of CBD oil or the sweetness of gummies.

    This form of full spectrum CBD oil mixed with coconut oil, hemp oil, or MCT oil ensures a consistent dose, making monitoring and adjusting intake as needed easier. Moreover, soft gels can be seamlessly incorporated into one's daily vitamin or supplement routine, ensuring regular consumption.

    This section will focus on each brand's signature soft gel capsules, comparing the number of capsules per bottle, total CBD content, individual soft gel potency, and pricing. This evaluation aims to help consumers decide based on their dosage preferences and budget.

    Brand Capsule Count Total CBD Cbd per Capsule Price Cost per mg of CBD
    Lazarus Naturals 40 1000mg 25mg $32 $0.032
    Charlotte's Web 90 2250mg 25mg $74.99 $0.033
    Neurogan 60 2400mg 40mg $65 $0.027

    Looking at the products side-by-side, we see that Neurogan offers the most potent soft gel per unit and the most affordable cost per mg of CBD.

    Lazarus Naturals and Charlotte's Web offer similar potencies per soft gel, with Charlotte's Web having a slightly higher cost per mg.

    However, it's worth noting that Neurogan's potency is significantly higher per soft gel. The product evaluated here is our lowest potency offering, which may still be too potent for those who are new to CBD oils or are especially sensitive to higher potencies. So even though this may be a good deal, it's best to choose CBD products that fall within your desired range of potency.

    Lazarus Naturals vs. Charlotte's Web CBD Topicals

    CBD topicals have become popular for many users looking to alleviate discomfort from sore muscles, skin irritations, or joint pain.

    Our highlighted brands, Neurogan, Lazarus Naturals, and Charlotte's Web, offer various CBD-infused topicals. These span massage oils, lotions, and even face creams.

    But the roll-on muscle rub or gel stands out when it comes to a universally desired product in the topical category. It's a go-to for many seeking convenient, targeted relief. 

    Let’s take a closer look at each brand's muscle rubs/gels to provide an objective view of their potency and value for money.

    Brand Size Total CBD Cbd per ml Price Cost per mg of CBD
    Lazarus Naturals 100ml 2000mg 20mg $32 $0.016
    Charlotte's Web 48g 510mg 10.63mg $39.99 $0.078
    Neurogan 60ml 4000mg 66.67mg $55 $0.01375

    When it comes to topical formulations, stronger is typically more effective. This is because topical CBD applications target cannabinoid receptors on the skin and don't enter the bloodstream to offer systemic effects.

    As a result, users don't have to worry about experiencing some of the negative side effects associated with consuming too potent a dose orally. A more potent topical can often deliver more robust relief right where needed.

    With the above in mind, Neurogan clearly emerges as the front-runner. Offering a potent solution at an economical price point delivers strength where it counts most.

    With each application, users get a higher concentration of CBD, ensuring more pronounced effects. For potency and affordability in the realm of topicals, Neurogan's offerings are hard to beat.

    The Takeaway: Comparing CBD Products from Lazarus Naturals vs. Charlotte's Web

    Brands like Lazarus Naturals, Charlotte's Web, and Neurogan can simplify your options in the sea of CBD brands with their outstanding reputations and high-quality products.

    These brands stand tall, not just because of their impeccable product range, but because they have managed to intertwine quality with corporate responsibility and user accessibility.

    Yet, it's essential to remember that the price tag on premium brands may reflect not just the product's quality, but also the brand's established reputation and trust in the industry. With these three giants in the CBD world, you're genuinely in safe hands. While the price per mg of CBD might vary, the quality assurance remains consistent.

    In conclusion, your choice between Lazarus Naturals, Charlotte's Web, and Neurogan might come down to personal preference. Whether it's the potency you're after, the cause they champion, or the nuances in their product offerings, you're selecting from the best in the business.

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