CBN Gummies for Sleep with CBD

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🌿 Full Spectrum • CBD:CBN:THC Edible Mix

💚 Sleep Support • Relax • Ease

⏳ Onset 30-90 min • Duration 2-5 hrs

Strength: 2700MG
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Strongest on the market, our CBN gummies contain a mix of CBD, CBN, and THC, with 100mg of CBN per gummy. These vegan, full spectrum hemp-extracted CBN edibles help the sedative effects of cannabinol + cannabidiol for a nights sleep. Voted the best CBN gummies for sleep, they are they only gummies that include THC.

Our CBN gummies (with THC) have the best prices anywhere. Compare our price per bottle and per MG and you won’t be disappointed: 

  • Neurogan: $0.02 per MG ✅
  • Competitors: $0.07 per MG ❌
  • Neurogan: $60 for 90MG per Gummy 
  • Competitors: $59 for 28MG per Gummy ❌
📃 Ingredients
  • CBD Oil Extract: Hemp derived full spectrum CBD extract – less than 0.3% THC.
  • CBN Oil Extract: Hemp derived full spectrum CBN extract – less than 0.3% THC.
  • Tapioca Syrup: Natural sweetener from cassava root for a smooth texture.
  • Cane Sugar: Adds sweetness and enhances flavor naturally.
  • Water: Provides moisture for a soft, chewy gummy.
  • Pectin: Plant-based gelling agent for texture.
  • Citric Acid: Natural flavor enhancer and preservative.
  • MCT Oil: Extracted from coconut oil, aids CBD absorption.
  • Natural Flavoring: Delivers authentic taste without artificial additives.
  • Natural Coloring: Appealing colors from natural sources, no synthetic dyes.
  • Sodium Citrate: Preserves freshness and taste.
💊 Dosage

1350MG - 45mg per square for experienced CBN and CBD sleep users.

3000MG - 100mg CBN per square for advanced users looking for extra sleep.

Unlock the secrets to better sleep with our CBN Dosage recommendations.

🧪 Lab Results
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Strength: 2700MG
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3rd Party Lab Tested
30-day-trial icon 30 Day Guarantee
Farm-Bill Compliant
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100% Gluten Free
bunny sitting down with long ears representing cruelty free icon Cruelty Free
3rd Party Lab Tested
30-day-trial icon 30 Day Guarantee
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How to Use CBN Sleep Gummies

😋Take one CBN gummy and chew it before swallowing as you would with any regular gummy.

💤Best to use in the evening an hour before your ideal bed time for a peaceful and restful sleep support

🔪You can always cut your gummy in half to achieve more precise dosing.

💚To make the best use of hemp extract supplementation, use it consistently to tone a healthy endocannabinoid system.

😴For optimal benefits, it is recommended to take the CBD CBN gummy about an hour before going to bed.


Ready to experience a state of calm and relaxation? The cannabinoids and selected ingredients of this product work exceptionally well together to encourage feelings of ease. Adding this product to your daily regimen may support the body’s natural recovery process and leave you feeling recharged.


Perfect for incorporating into your evening routine. This bedside favorite may support the body’s natural sleep cycle and onset feelings of tranquility so that you can enjoy a full night’s rest.


This product was thoughtfully curated with natural and plant derived ingredients only. We’ve selected local and non-cruelty ingredients to work with that help to deliver a pure, safe, and efficacious product for you to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBN in Gummies?

CBN in gummies refers to the inclusion of cannabinol, a compound derived from hemp and made into a chewable candy. These gummies offer the easiest way to incorporate CBN into your sleepy routines at night.

Where does CBN come from?

Cannabinol (CBN) is a minor cannabinoid naturally occurring in hemp plants. It's most abundant in aged cannabis plants as CBN is created due to THC degrading from oxidation and UV exposure. 

When should I take CBN gummies?

Take CBN + THC sleep gummies about 45-60 minutes to an hour before bedtime. For the best nights rest, you should expect the CBN to take effect within 60 minutes after consumption.

How many CBN gummies should I take?

If you’re new to cannabinoids, we recommend taking 1 whole CBN THC mixed gummy until you start feeling the sleepy effects. If you don't feel anything at first, you might have to double your dosage.

Will these CBN THC gummies get me high?

Most CBN gummies are infused with THC but they have less than 0.3% THC, which won't cause any intoxicating effects. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, and CBN is a THC metabolite, it only has mild psychoactive properties.

How should I store CBN gummies?

Your bottle of CBN Sleep Gummies should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Over time, it’s normal for the active cannabinoids to break down from oxygen exposure, making for a weaker gummy. Aim to use the bottle of CBN gummies for sleep within 6 months to 18 months of purchase.

Do CBN Gummies work for Pain?

CBN gummies combine hemp extract rich in CBN with a chewy candy form, enhancing convenience for wellness routines. CBN is noted for impacting vanilloid receptors, which play a role in sensing discomfort, suggesting a potential for pain relief.

Do CBN Gummies work for sleep?

Research says that CBD + CBN Gummies work for sleep when infused with THC, as they're more effective for relaxation & improving sleep. Studies indicate that CBN's sedative effects are more pronounced in combination with THC, without leaving CBN users feeling groggy in the morning.

Are these the best CBD CBN Gummies?

The best CBN gummies for sleep are typically the ones that have a high enough dosage to help the user sleep better. The highest cannabis hemp extracted gummies are Neurogan's with over 90mg of CBD and CBN in each edible gummy.

Full Spectrum CBN with THC

These CBD CBN edibles are designed to combine the anxiety and stress-relieving effects of cannabidiol and cannabinol ability to enhance sleep. These gummies take 45 minutes to take effect, making our gummies the highest mg on the market but also the fastest acting to fix sleep.

We were the first company to combine CBD, CBN, and THC in a gummy designed to improve overall sleep quality. A study published in 2019 found that a synergistic effects of CBD and CBN induced longer lasting reduction of pain sensation in murine subjects than either compound alone [1]. This research underscores the superior efficacy of full spectrum cannabis CBN products.

Each CBN THC Sleep gummy serving delivers an equal 90MG potency of CBD and CBN in fruity vegan berry flavors, crafted to support your body's circadian rhythm. Our full spectrum hemp extracted mix is ideal for a balanced sleep-wake cycle, for a deep nighttime sleep.

CBN Gummies with brown bottle, white lid, & red gummy squares poured.

Natural CBN Ingredients & Comparisons

Neurogan's CBD and CBN gummies are crafted with hemp from California, under the natural West-Coast sun year round. We blend high quality ingredients in each gummy including MCT oil for ease of mind, natural tapioca syrup for a hint of sweetness & pectin for a perfect vegan chew.

With natural ingredients, our gummies lead in taste but with 100mg of cannabinoids & cannabinols, we lead the market with the highest potency CBD CBN gummies:

  • Neurogan Strongest THC + CBN gummies: 100mg or 90mg per gummy
  • Meta Hemp: 10mg per CBN Gummy
  • Wyld: 25mg per CBN Gummy
  • BatchCBD: 40mg per CBN Gummy
  • SundMed: 20mg per CBN Gummy

This formula was inspired by our Danish CEO, who struggled his entire life with sleep and aimed to create a fast-acting gummy that could help everyone seek restful nights.

What is CBN? The Ultimate Guide to Cannabinol

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
5 stars.

Definitely worth trying if you need help relaxing before sleep. I put one gummy one hour prior to bed.

Nicholas Peffer

CBN Gummies for Sleep with CBD

Maija Kuda
Product effectiveness:
Not effective
Extremely effective
Product benefits: Improved sleep

could not be more happy: good taste, effects as desired, lab results are there.

Anna Harris

I love not waking up groggy or in a fog after taking them. And the natural ingredients. I have them on subscription!

Anna Harris

Better than melatonin. CBN is working well for me. I generally take the CBN an hour or two before bedtime. Sleep has been complete and without interruptions.


I love this product and will continue to use this a great nights sleep without any residual effects in the morning! I have it on subscription so I’ll never run short!

Daniel Bonnin
CBN/CBD for Sleep

CBD/CBN Gummies for Sleep worked very well for me. I very much enjoyed that no residual effects followed me into my mornings. I sleep through the night, and then wake up feeling rested and alert. I’ll re-up that order subscription-style.

Heather Adriano
PTSD, anxiety and Insomnia

I was using a CBN and CBD product 25/25 from another company who stopped consistently making product and charged twice what they do here so switched. This combination of CBD/ CBN works better than Zoloft at reducing PTSD symptoms. Over time it has had a huge impact on my focus, mood and reduces memory issues at work. It also helped me stop craving alcohol. I don't say this all to push the product rather I am pissed that I took all those meds over the years and this is better than any of the. Better than benzos etc. I really hope more research is done so we can optimize dosing. As far as sleep, the CBN ratio is a bit too high and needs to have a higher CBD contentBUT I would change this one!!! Just make an additional one with 2/1 CBD/CBN. Maybe 50 mg CBD and 20 CBN. I hope this review is helpful!

Miriam Hipsh
Great Produuct

This is a great company to deal with, and they make a great product.

Thomas Benz
You can taste it

It has a very planty taste which I like because that means the extract is really good. CBN is quite useful for sleep.