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8 Best CBD Oils for Pain in 2024 (In-Depth Look)

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Pain management is a deeply personal journey and can look very different from one person to another.

Now, let's get something straight and out of the way: the FDA hasn't given the thumbs up for over-the-counter (or online) hemp-derived CBD products to treat or manage any pain conditions — including chronic pain.

With that said, there are still many people exploring the potential of CBD to ease all sorts of pain, from back pain, joint pain, nerve pain, and headaches.

The science around CBD and other cannabis compounds is getting pretty interesting — studies are showing that CBD has many potential health benefits from supporting healthy inflammatory responses and mood regulation, which may contribute to an effective pain management strategy.

It's still important to remember that pain is tricky, and we're not here to play doctor. We've put this article together to share some knowledge. With that in mind, we will dive into the top user-approved nonprescription CBD products for pain relief.

Best Rated CBD Tincture For Pain in 2024

  1. Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Neurogan Real Scandinavian Oil Full Spectrum CBD (4000 MG)
  2. Best Pure CBD Isolate Oil: Isolate CBD Oil MedTerra (3000 MG)
  3. Best THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: Joy Organics Summer Lemon CBD Tincture (900 MG)
  4. Unique Flavor: Charlotte's Web Full Spectrum (2500 MG)
  5. Affordable CBD/ CBG BlendLazarus Naturals CBG/CBD OIL Full Spectrum (1500 MG)
  6. Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Royal CBD Full spectrum (2500 MG)
  7. High Potency CBD Oil: Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum (6000 MG)
  8. Underrated CBD Oil: Corn Bread Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1500 mg

1. Neurogan Real Scandinavian Oil (RSO) 4000 MG Full Spectrum CBD

Bottle of Neurogan RSO Oil

The Neurogan's Real Scandinavian Oil is a tribute to the potent and well-respected Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), renowned for its high cannabinoid content — but now in an easier-to-use format, it caters even to beginners curious about how to use RSO tinctures. The high potency of cannabinoids is key when it comes to potential pain relief by leveraging their anti-inflammatory properties.

This is primarily due to the way cannabinoids interact with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is involved in regulating various bodily functions, including pain sensation, immune response, and inflammation [1].

When cannabinoids like CBD are introduced into the body at higher potencies, they may significantly impact the ECS. This could potentially lead to more effective management of pain, which may include chronic pain or neuropathic pain that then becomes less responsive to other treatments.

This product, however, diverges from traditional RSO as it's derived from hemp, making it legal and accessible. With a formidable concentration of 4000 MG of total cannabinoids, it stands out for its robust synergistic effect within the endocannabinoid system.

This full-spectrum tincture boasts a rich profile of naturally occurring terpenes, including Caryophyllene, Humulene, Terpinolene, and Linalool, contributing to its potent effects [2].

Sourced partially from Danish-grown hemp, every drop of this oil is a nod to our brand's Scandinavian roots, emphasizing quality and heritage.

Compliance with cGMP and FDA standards is a cornerstone of our philosophy, ensuring that our RSO Tincture meets the highest benchmarks of cannabinoid product quality.

  • Price: $
  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum CBD
  • How much CBD Oil: 30 mL bottle
  • CBD concentration: 4000 MG
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.02

2. MedTerra Isolate CBD Oil

MedTerra CBD Oil 3000mg



When it comes to stress and pain management, most experts agree that full spectrum CBD oil is the best option because of the additional compounds that support the effects of CBD through the entourage effect [3]. However, some people would prefer to experience pure CBD, which is where CBD isolate products like the ones from MedTerra come into play.

MedTerra is a long-standing CBD company with an excellent reputation for product formulation and customer satisfaction. 

MedTerra’s Isolate CBD Oil is a standout in CBD isolates. This oil is crafted with over 99% pure CBD, blended seamlessly with organic MCT oil. This combination ensures a smooth, pure CBD experience, free from other hemp compounds. It's perfect for those who prefer the singular effects of CBD or have sensitivities to other cannabinoids.

The range of strengths is impressive — from a modest 500 MG to a potent 3000 MG, catering to various needs and preferences when addressing pain relief.

Regarding value and potency, the 3000 MG option strikes an excellent balance. It offers a high potency strength that's ideal for those with more intensive CBD needs, whether it's for stress, discomfort, or general wellness. The higher concentration means a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  • Price: $
  • Extract Type: CBD Isolate
  • How much CBD Oil: 30 mL bottle
  • CBD concentration: 500, 1000, 3000 MG
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.04–$0.08

3. Joy Organics Summer Lemon CBD Tincture

Joy Organics Summer Lemon CBD Tincture

Joy Organics is known for its USDA-certified organic hemp used in its CBD products. 

Joy Organic's Summer Lemon Broad Spectrum CBD tincture blends a happy medium between a full spectrum CBD oil and a CBD isolate, as it contains a wide range of cannabinoids but without THC.

This broad spectrum CBD oil makes for an ideal choice for those who are sensitive to THC or who have concerns about using it due to work-related drug testing.

The cannabinoids in this broad-spectrum formula may help support a healthy pain response and inflammation. Many people use this CBD oil for everyday aches such as knee pain, headaches, and post-exercise soreness.

Joy Organics, as a brand, brings a strong reputation for quality and trustworthiness. They are known for their commitment to purity and sustainability with their USDA Organic-certified products.

Joy Organics, as a brand, brings a strong reputation for quality and trustworthiness. They are known for their commitment to purity and sustainability with their USDA Organic-certified products.

  • Price: $$
  • Extract Type: Broad Spectrum CBD oil
  • How much CBD Oil: 30 mL bottle
  • CBD concentration: 900 MG
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.08

4. Charlotte's Web Mint Chocolate Oil

Charlotte's Web Mint Chocolate Oil

The high concentration of hemp extract in Charlotte's Web could potentially offer a more substantial boost to the endocannabinoid system.

The 2500 mg of hemp extract in a 100 ml bottle translates to a potency of roughly 60 mg per 1 ml, categorizing it as a high-potency product. This concentration might be particularly appealing for those looking for a more significant impact from their CBD supplement, whether for general wellness or to support the body's natural response to stress and chronic pain. 

Charlotte's Web is known for its commitment to quality, with its products grown and made in Colorado, USA. The fact that this CBD oil is non-psychoactive, ensuring no significant THC content, makes it a suitable option for those who are cautious about the psychoactive effects often associated with cannabis products.

What sets this product apart is its unique flavor. While many CBD oils have a natural, sometimes earthy taste, Charlotte's Web has managed to create a distinct and enjoyable flavor profile, making the daily CBD experience something to look forward to.

  • Price: $$
  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • How much CBD Oil: 100 mL bottle
  • CBD concentration: 2500 MG
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.11

5. Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD/CBG Oil Tincture

Lazarus Naturals CBG/CBD OIL Full Spectrum (1500 MG)

The 1500 mg Full Spectrum blend from Lazarus Naturals offers a substantial dose of cannabinoids in each serving. With full-spectrum products, you're getting more than just CBD or CBG. There's a whole range of cannabinoids and terpenes that work together, potentially enhancing the overall effects of pain relief for joint and muscle pain, arthritis pain, or general discomfort.

Lazarus Naturals is known for its commitment to quality, emphasizing making its products accessible and affordable. This tincture is no exception, providing high-quality cannabidiol and cannabigerol blend for those interested in exploring the combined effects of CBD and CBG. The product is sourced from hemp grown in the USA, ensuring compliance with national standards.

While not a treatment or cure for any condition, it represents an innovative approach in the world of hemp-derived supplements, potentially offering support for those dealing with physical discomfort and stress.

  • Price: $
  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum CBD oil and Full spectrum CBG oil
  • How much CBD Oil: 30 mL bottle
  • CBD concentration: 1500 MG
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.03

6. Royal CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Royal CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Royal CBD's 2500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil positions itself as a premium player in the CBD market. Its collection of CBD oils, CBD gummies, and topical CBD products tend to cost more than other brands, but it prides itself on the quality of its full spectrum hemp extracts.

This high-potency oil is crafted for those who seek potent relief in a concentrated form, ensuring that a little goes a long way.

Each serving of Royal CBD's 2500 MG oil packs just over 83 Mg of CBD, making it one of the more potent options on the market. This strength particularly appeals to those who have found lower doses less effective or prefer to take fewer drops for a similar effect.

  • Price: $$
  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum CBD 
  • How much CBD Oil: 30 mL bottle
  • CBD concentration: 2500 MG
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.08

7. Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals offers a robust 6000 MG full spectrum CBD oil, making a stand in the space with an ultra-high potency product in a 2oz bottle at an affordable price point.

A key aspect of Nuleaf Naturals' offering is their use of organic hemp. This speaks to the purity and quality of the product and ensures that it's free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, which is crucial for something that's used as a regular supplement.

For those seeking more substantial support to manage pain, this high concentration and larger bottle size means a little goes a long way, making the product last longer and providing value for money despite the initial investment.

When it comes to pain management, while CBD is not FDA-approved to treat any conditions, many individuals turn to high-potency CBD oils like Nuleaf Naturals for their potential to support the body's natural response to pain and inflammation.

Nuleaf Naturals suggests a starting dose of ten drops daily or as needed, which allows users to adjust their intake based on personal experience and response. This flexibility is beneficial, especially for newcomers to CBD, as it enables a gradual introduction to high-potency CBD use.

  • Price: $
  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum CBD 
  • How much CBD Oil: 60 mL bottle
  • CBD concentration: 6000 MG
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.04

8. Cornbread Distilled Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Corn Bread Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1500 mg)

CornBread Distilled CBD Oil, with its 1500 MG concentration, is notable for its commitment to purity and simplicity in your choice of CBD oil for pain. 

This full spectrum CBD oil embodies a 'no frills' approach — no added flavorings, no preservatives, just pure, unadulterated, USDA organic CBD goodness made from hemp flower, steering clear of stems and leaves.

This choice is significant because the flower is where the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes are found, which could result in a fresher-tasting terpene profile.

The oil is blended with organic MCT oil, which is an intelligent choice for a carrier oil. Corn Bread's commitment to using only hemp flowers also means that CBD oil contains a richer profile of these beneficial compounds. This could offer a more robust and holistic option for individuals seeking a natural approach to managing discomfort.

  • Price: $
  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum CBD
  • How much CBD Oil: 30 mL bottle
  • CBD concentration: 1500 MG
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.05

How Does CBD Oil Work for Pain?

CBD Oil Dropper close up

CBD oil works for pain by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a key role in regulating various functions, including pain sensation. The ECS consists of receptors found throughout the body, and CBD may influence these receptors to help reduce the intensity of pain signals. 

This interaction doesn't directly eliminate pain, but it might help in managing its perception, potentially making discomfort more manageable. Remember, while many people report benefits from using CBD for pain, it's not a universal solution and should not replace professional medical advice or treatments. 

As an alternative to traditional CBD oil, consider CBD gummies for pain management. These delectable edibles offer a user-friendly and enjoyable approach, delivering the pain-relieving benefits of CBD in a convenient, easy-to-consume format.

What Makes A Good CBD Oil For Pain?

Looking to choose the right CBD oil for pain relief? Here's the lowdown on what to keep an eye out for:

  • Strength Matters: Think about how strong the CBD oil is. This is indicated by the concentration of CBD (in mg) relative to how much carrier oil is in the bottle. Higher strengths usually mean it could be more effective, especially when dealing with chronic pain.
  • CBD Type: Full-spectrum oils pack in all the hemp plant's goodies, potentially giving you better relief thanks to the 'entourage effect.' Isolates are pure CBD — great if you want to steer clear of THC. But there is also a third option, which is broad spectrum CBD oils, which offer some synergistic benefits without the THC. 
  • Where's the Hemp From? Quality is key. Look for hemp oils made from organically grown hemp. This means cleaner, safer CBD oil.
  • How's It Made? The way CBD is extracted is super important. CO2 extraction is like the gold standard — it keeps the CBD clean and potent.
  • Check the Lab Reports Always look for CBD companies that provide third-party lab results. They tell you exactly what's in the oil and confirm it's legit and safe.
  • Carrier Oil Counts Oils like MCT, or hemp seed oil aren't just fillers — these carrier oils help your body absorb CBD better and can add their own benefits.

How People Use CBD Oil for Pain Relief

CBD Bundle

When it comes to using CBD oil for pain relief, many individuals share their personal experiences online about how it helps them manage their chronic pain. 

A common approach is to start with lower doses of ingesting CBD oil and gradually increase to higher potencies, allowing the body to adapt comfortably to the supplemented cannabinoids. 

Some find that a combination of internal and topical CBD products like CBD creams and lotions massaged onto areas of tension and pain can be effective for localized pain relief, including nerve, knee & joint pain.

Remember that CBD oil is not a substitute for professional medical advice or prescribed medications. 

Consultation with a healthcare professional is key, particularly when considering using CBD alongside other treatments or medicines. This ensures a safe and tailored approach to using CBD for pain management.

CBD Products For Pain Relief

CBD's versatility as an active plant ingredient opens up a range of options for pain management beyond just oils. Here's a quick look at some popular forms of CBD:

  • CBD Edibles: Think gummies, chocolates, and CBD capsules that deliver pre-measured doses of CBD into your system. CBD Edibles for chronic pain  are incredible for sustained release throughout the day.
  • CBD Topicals: CBD cream formulas, balms, and lotions infused with CBD can be applied directly to the skin. They're often used for targeting localized pain like sore muscles or arthritis pain. Since they're used externally, they don't enter the bloodstream, making them a good option for those who want localized relief without systemic effects.
  • CBD Vapes: Inhaling CBD through vaping offers the quickest onset of effects, which can be beneficial for sudden or acute pain episodes. However, it's essential to be mindful of the potential respiratory risks associated with vaping.
  • CBD Flower: Some people prefer smoking hemp flower in pre-rolled joints as a traditional way to reap the fast-acting benefits of cannabis and all its natural components. Because smoke irritates the lungs, this method isn’t for everyone. Be aware that hemp joints can look and smell like marijuana, so be mindful of your environment before you light up. 

Each product leverages CBD's properties differently, so you should experiment to find what works best for your pain management needs. 

Some people may want to combine two or three methods, such as applying a CBD cream for pain to areas of muscle tension and consuming CBD oils for systemic relaxation and stress relief benefits. 

Can You Use Topical CBD Oil For Pain Topically? 

CBD Lotion on hand

Technically, you can use CBD oil topically for pain, but it's not the ideal choice. 

CBD oils and THC tinctures are primarily designed for internal use, typically taken sublingually (under the tongue) for the most effective absorption. 

When applied to the skin, these oils are too greasy and may not provide the best experience.

For topical pain relief, you're better off using a full spectrum CBD salve or balm formulated explicitly for external application. These products are designed to be less greasy and are often combined with other ingredients that support pain relief and skin health. 

They provide a more targeted approach to pain areas and are generally more comfortable and effective for topical use.

Is CBD Legal? 

judge's gavel on top of Hemp leafs

In the U.S., the legality of CBD largely hinges on its source. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD products are federally legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. However, state laws vary, so always check with your local laws before using cannabis products. 

The Takeaway: What Is The Best CBD Oil For Pain Relief?

Woman browsing Neurogan's website

The takeaway is clear in the quest to find the best CBD oil to relieve pain: the best CBD oil will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Every person's body responds differently to CBD, and factors like the type of pain, desired potency, and personal health considerations play a significant role in determining the most suitable choice.

The brands we've highlighted offer many options, from high-potency formulas to unique blends, each with its strengths. Whether you're drawn to Neurogan's Scandinavian-inspired blend or are just getting started with your CBD journey and need something milder, you've got a range of products to explore.

Doing your research is crucial in understanding the nuances of each product. Look into the brand's reputation, hemp sourcing, extraction methods, and third-party lab testing to ensure quality and safety.

Most importantly, consulting with a healthcare professional is key, especially if you're currently on medication. A medical expert can provide personalized advice, helping navigate potential interactions and advising on appropriate dosages. 


  1. Fine, P. G., & Rosenfeld, M. J. (2013). The endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids, and pain. Rambam Maimonides medical journal, 4(4).
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