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What Are THC Gummies?

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THC gummies — you may know them as marijuana gummies or cannabis gummies are many people’s favorite way to experience the euphoric effects of the plant. They’re smoke-free, have long-lasting effects, and are discreet. 

You may have somewhat of an idea of what THC gummies are, but it’s important to know the ins and outs of something you’re considering consuming, especially if they have mind-altering effects. 

In this article, we’ll cover what THC gummies are, how they’re different from CBD gummies, their benefits, and their legal status. 

What Are THC Gummies?

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THC gummies have two main components — THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from the cannabis plant and the gummy candy base. 

Before we get into all the details, we have to point out that there are different kinds of THC gummies: hemp-derived and marijuana-derived. 

Hemp-derived THC gummies are legal federally as long as they contain less than 0.3% of total THC content. This is a bit of a loophole as it is possible to have psychoactive doses of THC in gummies that maintain this 0.3% THC by total dried weight rule. This means that people who live in states where recreational cannabis programs aren’t yet legal can enjoy the benefits of THC, too. 

Marijuana gummies are only legal in states where medical or recreational marijuana laws have been passed. Marijuana gummies are more likely to focus on the THC content rather than the CBD content. You are more likely to experience a traditional “high” with marijuana gummies than hemp-derived gummies due to the legally allowed higher dose of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.  

CBD Gummies vs THC Gummies?

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If you’ve taken CBD gummies before, then you may know that some CBD gummies contain THC. So, what’s the difference between CBD gummies and THC gummies? Let’s go through the similarities and differences of these products.

Similarities: CBD vs THC Gummies

So, as we said, there are some similarities between the two. Many people take CBD and THC gummies for similar reasons: stress, relaxation, sleep, and pain. The most obvious similarity is that they are derived from the cannabis plant. However, there are stricter regulations on THC gummies than CBD gummies for a reason.

Some CBD gummies are made with full spectrum hemp extract, which means they can contain trace amounts of THC along with other hemp cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Trace amounts mean that you’re very unlikely to experience the psychoactive effects that THC is known for. Research suggests that there are potential benefits when taking CBD and THC together, so full spectrum formulas are popular in CBD gummies.  

However, many CBD gummies are THC-free, meaning they don’t contain any THC. These gummies are called broad-spectrum or CBD-isolate gummies. 

Even when CBD gummies contain trace amounts of THC, it’s usually low enough to be considered legal, even in states where medical and recreational marijuana is not legal. 

Differences: CBD vs THC Gummies

While some CBD gummies may not contain any THC, all THC gummies contain THC. Typically, THC gummies have higher concentrations of THC to produce psychoactive effects.

This higher THC content will also make the legality of marijuana-derived THC gummies stricter, so you’ll most likely only be able to access these if you live in a legal state. The amount of THC in hemp-derived THC gummies can vary, but many THC gummies, like our Delta-9 Gummies, will adhere to the regulations of Farm Bill 2018.

Benefit Differences: What Do They Feel Like? 

There is quite an overlap in the benefits of CBD gummies and THC gummies, but there are also a few key differences. 

Both CBD and THC gummies are known for their relaxing effects. However, THC gummies, especially ones with a higher THC content, may act as an appetite stimulant, also known as “the munchies,” and, of course, produce a euphoric high that some people are looking for. If this isn’t your thing, then you can still get many of the cannabis benefits, such as relaxation, sleep, and mood support from CBD without the THC. 

What Are THC Gummies Good For?

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Since consuming THC products has become more mainstream, researchers are still in the process of conducting studies on the benefits of THC on the body. However, this hasn’t stopped people from discovering the benefits for themselves and sharing their personal experiences and testimonies. 

Based on these testimonies and current scientific evidence suggest that there are several benefits to consuming THC products. Some of these benefits include support for anxiety relief, pain relief, arthritis relief, and stress relief [1, 2].

What Are THC Gummies Made From?

The main active ingredient in THC gummies is, well, THC, which comes from the resin glands speckled on the cannabis buds and leaves. More specifically, THC gummies refer to delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the most abundant form of THC in the cannabis plant. There are other forms, too, like delta-8 and delta-10, but they naturally exist in very small concentrations. 

Other ingredients that turn THC into a gummy include adding pectin, natural flavorings, MCT oil, tapioca syrup, and cane sugar. Some gummies also contain citric acid and sodium citrate for preservation purposes. 

If you have a vegan diet or other dietary restrictions, it’s very important to check the ingredient labels. Brands may use gelatin rather than pectin to create the gummy texture that we all know and love. The sweeteners and sugars in certain gummies may also be something to consider, as some brands opt for artificial sweeteners or high corn fructose syrup.  

For those seeking a premium experience, buy from renowned brands that sell THC gummies using quality ingredients for better overall satisfaction.

Do THC Gummies Get You High?

This is usually one of the first asked questions whenever someone is interested in THC gummies. It completely depends on the amount of THC in the product you are consuming, such as some gummies offer dosages of 2mg, 5mg and 10mg THC per gummy.

Marijuana-derived edibles will most likely be the most traditional “high” experience, which is why these are legal only in states that have passed laws for it. 

There are stories about the experience of Delta 8 THC associating it with a high more similar to marijuana-derived THC. However, we recommend caution when it comes to delta 8 products as there is limited research about its safety and long-term effects. Delta 9 THC products have more research behind them and may offer psychoactive effects, but it depends on various factors like dosage, tolerance, and other individual factors. 

The Takeaway: What Are THC Gummies?

Colorful gummy squares piled

Different kinds of THC gummies offer different effects and benefits. Cannabis edibles can be a delicious and fun way to enjoy consuming THC. Especially since the duration of effects is typically longer than other forms of ingestion. It’s important to be aware of the differences between hemp-derived THC gummies and marijuana-derived THC gummies. 

Hemp-derived gummies that contain less than 0.3% total THC are federally legal, making cannabis products and their potential benefits more accessible. While you won’t experience the same psychoactive effects with these gummies, they offer desirable and potential health benefits. There are some states in which THC is completely prohibited, so check your state laws before purchasing any product with THC in it.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the pros and cons of THC gummies?

Some of the pros of weed gummies include the relaxing effects, which may improve mood, sleep, and other related health conditions.   

A con to consider is that too much THC can potentially worsen feelings of anxiousness. There are also some common adverse effects, such as dry mouth, increased appetite (which may be a plus for some), and potential paranoia.  

How long do THC edibles last?

Cannabis edibles are a popular choice because of their duration of effects — generally, most THC edibles last longer than inhaled cannabis. 

Typically, it can take 30 minutes to 2 hours for the effects to kick in. Once the effects kick in, the effects last from 4-12 hours, depending on factors such as the potency of the edible, your metabolism, and your tolerance level.

What is the difference between THC gummies and edibles?

While technically, THC gummies are considered to be edibles, there are some differences between them and other edibles. The ingredients for gummies are different from most edibles, so gummies may contain different sugar content than other edibles, like chocolate bars or caramels. 

Edibles all have their own unique formula, dosage, and ingredient list so always make sure to read the label and purchase edibles that align with your lifestyle preferences.

What are THC Gummies for?

THC gummies are designed to help users relax and de-stress. They are often used for their calming effects, making them a popular choice for easing anxiety and promoting relaxation.


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