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CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies

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One of the great things about the CBD industry is the creativity of the product developers and the exciting products crafted with CBD. However, even with all of the inventive CBD products, CBD oil and gummies are the most popular ones. 

And there’s a good reason for it. 

But are you more of a CBD oil person or a CBD gummies person?

CBD oil offers faster absorption, but CBD gummies may offer a longer duration of effects. They each offer distinct benefits, but ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Let’s discover which is right for you — CBD gummies or CBD oil — by looking in-depth at side-by-side comparisons of the dosing, effects, and some fun touches they each have to offer. 

CBD Oil vs. CBD Gummies Comparison

CBD oil and gummies each offer unique benefits, making them suitable for different preferences. Users may favor CBD oil because it allows for a more precise dosing. Whereas, CBD gummies can be convenient because they don't leave a greasy residue.

There is no superior option; this side-by-side comparison bserves as a guide to help users choose the CBD product that best suits your needs.

CBD Dosing

CBD Dropper close up

When choosing a CBD product, dosing flexibility and how your body absorbs CBD are key considerations. 

CBD oil allows for adjustable dosing, letting you fine-tune the amount you consume down to the drop, catering to personal efficacy and tolerance levels. This adjustability is particularly beneficial for new users or those experimenting to find their optimal dosage.

Some people prefer CBD gummies for their pre-measured doses, which ensure consistency with each serving. This convenience makes gummies a more favorable option for those seeking straightforward dosing without the need for measuring.

The difference in how the body processes these products also affects their efficacy. 

CBD oil, taken sublingually (under the tongue), bypasses the digestive system and enters the bloodstream directly, offering quicker and more potent effects. Gummies, ingested orally, go through the digestive process, which may affect the timing and strength of the outcomes.


Gummy bears close up

CBD oils and CBD gummies seem to offer a variety of delicious flavors. However, there are some subtle differences between the flavors of CBD oils and CBD gummies. 

With CBD gummies, the flavor profiles often draw inspiration from traditional candy, featuring a vibrant assortment of fruity and sweet options like watermelon and green apple.

Beyond the typical citrus or mint blends with CBD oils, there seems to be more appreciation for the natural, earthy essence of hemp. This original hemp flavor, complemented by carrier oils like MCT oil or hints of citric acid, provides a more grounded and authentic taste profile that connects users more closely to the product's natural origins. 

The natural terpenes which lend hemp its flavor aren’t for everyone, so that may be something to consider when choosing between gummies and CBD oil. 


A hand with a digital watch marking 12:30 pm

Like many things in life, the quicker the reward, the shorter the payoff. One of CBD oil's pros is that it works quite quickly compared to CBD gummies, but it also has a shorter duration period. However, when considering duration, you also have to consider your personal uniqueness, such as size, weight, and tolerance, which may affect durability. 

CBD products are unique and offer different durations. However, there is a generalized expectation based on the CBD product. So, for CBD oils, the general expectation is that the duration is around 4-6 hours

For CBD gummies, you can expect a duration of around 6-8 hours

For some people, duration isn’t a concern, but for many people who want to use CBD for sleep, discomfort, or other problems, then duration can be a major factor in deciding which is better for you.

Types of CBD

Hemp Plant

Another thing to consider when buying CBD products is the type of hemp extract in the product. The type of CBD you consume can determine the effects you feel and the potential health benefits you may experience. 

Let’s do a little run down on the different types: 

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD means that the CBD product contains other cannabinoids and trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3%). The amount of THC is so small that you won’t feel psychoactive effects, but there are still benefits from the combination of cannabinoids and THC. 

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is quite similar to full spectrum, but it goes through an additional step in the process to remove the THC. So, you can receive the benefits of additional cannabinoids without any THC in the formula.

Broad spectrum CBD is kind of the middle ground between the different kinds of CBD. It can be a good choice for those who want additional cannabinoids but can’t risk having THC in their system, even in trace amounts.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is for those looking a pure CBD experience. 

CBD isolate products don’t contain other cannabinoids or THC —  it’s pure CBD. These products usually don’t have the same potential for health benefits due to the lack of additional cannabinoids, but it can still be a great formula depending on your needs.

Which is Better: CBD Oil vs. CBD Gummies

CBD Oil VS CBD Gummies

There is not really a clear-cut answer when it comes to deciding if CBD gummies or CBD oil are better. 

The more important answer is which one you see yourself taking consistently, as the benefits of CBD rely on consistent use. CBD companies typically offer both CBD gummies and CBD oil because they understand this. 

CBD oil is the right choice for you if you want fast absorption and a quick onset time of effects. If you want a slower onset time but a longer duration, then CBD gummies are the route for you.

It’s also good to know that, both CBD oil and CBD gummies offer a variety of formulas, including broad spectrum, full spectrum, and pure CBD isolate.  

CBD Oil vs Gummies for Anxiety

It’s important to know that the FDA has not approved CBD as a treatment plan for anxiety, but if you are interested in seeing if CBD helps your anxiety, there are many personal testimonies and current research that support this [1].

One common feature of anxiety is that several things can trigger it, and symptoms can occur suddenly. 

If this happens, you may want a CBD oil with a quicker onset time. CBD oil tinctures will be your friend in this case. CBD oil tinctures offer quick onset times; with many of them, you can start to feel effects in a matter of fifteen minutes. 

CBD gummies can take longer, sometimes 45 minutes to an hour. If you are feeling anxious symptoms, you may not want to sit in the discomfort of those symptoms for that long.

However, if you experience anxiety consistently, then it may be better to approach it with a product that has a longer duration time that you can take daily, such as CBD gummies.

CBD Gummies or CBD Oil for Pain

Deciding what your preferred CBD delivery method is for potential pain relief can be a bit complex. Most people who experience anxiety experience similar symptoms, but pain can have different symptoms depending on the cause, affected area, and longevity. 

For example, someone with chronic pain may not take the same approach to pain management as someone who is dealing with post-workout soreness. 

Even “chronic pain” is a very generalized term, and those who experience it may have very unique symptoms. However, we can provide suggestions for what testimonies have been reported about CBD oil and CBD gummies for pain.

CBD oils are the way to go if you are experiencing post-workout soreness or soreness from a recovering injury. CBD oil extract can come in CBD oil tinctures or CBD balms, both great go-tos when wanting to feel effects quickly or target localized areas. 

If you have chronic pain, then CBD gummies may be the right choice as they can offer a longer duration period. So, a CBD gummy is the right choice if you want to feel the effects to help you throughout the day or night.

If you are considering taking CBD for pain, then it is crucial to discuss your options with a healthcare professional who can give you professional advice.

CBD Oil vs Edibles

So we’ve been comparing CBD oil and gummies, but what if other CBD edibles are more your speed? 

Yes, CBD edibles can include gummies. But there is also a wider range to describe other products, such as caramels, chocolates, and other infused edible treats.

Both CBD edibles and CBD-infused gummies have similar specs. As we’ve said, CBD oil tinctures are taken sublingually, meaning they have quicker onset times. CBD edibles have to go through the digestive system, so it will take longer for you to feel the effects of a CBD edible.

CBD edibles may offer different potential health benefits depending on the product. For example, dark chocolate may have benefits that gummies don’t have. Some CBD edibles are also sugar-free, which may match better with your dietary choices or restrictions. 

Apart from the logistics of CBD oil tinctures vs edibles, some people even just enjoy CBD consumption more with tasty vegan edibles.  

What to Choose: CBD Oil or CBD Gummies

To wrap this up, CBD extract has its benefits regardless of the product you choose, but which one do we suggest more than the other? This question is like, “Who is your favorite child?” While that may be a tad melodramatic, it's an impossible question to answer. 

Here’s why: our bodies are unique in their needs and preferences. I may love CBD-infused gummies for their long duration and CBD servings, but I can usually wait an hour before I need to feel the effects. This may not be the case for you. 

CBD oil also usually offers precise dosing. While I can bite a gummy in half or take more than one, I can’t depend on very accurate dosing with that method. With CBD oil tinctures, you can consume precise dosing with a convenient dropper. They each have their pros.

I recommend choosing the one that calls out to you and aligns with your lifestyle and needs.


  1. Skelley, J. W., Deas, C. M., Curren, Z., & Ennis, J. (2020). Use of cannabidiol in anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, 60(1), 253-261.
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