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6 Best CBD Cream for Neck Pain in 2024

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Many people find that massaging CBD cream into areas of tension, such as the neck, can offer some much-needed relief. The act of massaging, coupled with the potential pain-alleviating properties of CBD, creates a dual-action response that can address discomfort.

Given the localized benefits of CBD and its interaction with our skin's endocannabinoid receptors, it makes sense that a soothing massage would enhance its effects.

Massaging improves blood flow, eases muscle tension, and allows for better absorption of the cream. This dual-action approach — the therapeutic properties of CBD and the physical act of massage — seems to be the magic formula for many.

In light of this, selecting the right CBD product for your needs is crucial. With a myriad of options available, like CBD Gummies for joint and knee pain, navigating the market can be overwhelming. That's where we step in.

In this article, we'll delve deep into the world of CBD creams, spotlighting the best for neck pain relief. Let the journey to a more relaxed and pain-free neck begin!

How Does CBD Help with Neck Pain?

Whether staring at screens, bad posture, or simply the wear and tear of daily life, the discomfort of neck pain is real and often challenging to overcome. Among various remedies and relief strategies, many are turning to the therapeutic potential of CBD creams.

But why is this combination of massage and CBD effective for chronic pain?

The human body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) is at the heart of the matter. The ECS is a complex network of receptors scattered throughout the body. Interestingly, these endocannabinoid receptors are also abundantly present in the skin. 

CBD, short for cannabidiol, interacts with these receptors, potentially relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Applying CBD topically, such as in cream form, acts locally on these receptors without entering the bloodstream. This means you get targeted relief without the systemic effects that oral or inhaled CBD might have. Essentially, you're harnessing the benefits of CBD right where you need them most, addressing not just neck pain but also offering relief for back pain. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are crucial, as inflammation is a common factor in various types of back pain, making any CBD for back pain and inflammation a comprehensive solution

The 6 Best CBD Creams for Neck Pain

  1. Neurogan CBD Cooling Rub
  2. Joy Organics Premium CBD Sports Cream 
  3. CBDistillery Warming Cream
  4. Lazarus Naturals Muscle Gel
  5. CBDfx Muscle and Joint Cream
  6. Batch CBD Cream
Brand CBD Type Total CBD Content Price Container Size Price per MG/CBD
Neurogan Cooling Rub Full Spectrum 2000mg CBD
4000mg CBD
16000mg CBD
Joy Organics Sports CBD Cream Broad Spectrum 1000mg CBD $49.95 4oz $0.04
CBDistillery CBD Warming Cream CBD Isolate 500mg CBD $25 1.7oz $0.05
Lazarus Naturals CBD Muscle Gel Full Spectrum 600mg CBD
2000mg CBD
Broad Spectrum CBD 1000mg CBD
3000mg CBD
1.7oz $0.05
Batch CBD Cream Broad Spectrum CBD 1500mg CBD $55 2oz $0.03

1. Neurogan Cooling Rub

Jar of Neurogan Cooling Balm

One of the standout features of our Cooling Balm is its sheer potency. This product comes in 2000, 4000, and a whopping 16,000 mg per container — it leads the pack in delivering high potency CBD against discomfort.

While high CBD concentrations are important, we made sure to balance high quality and affordability, with price points ranging from $45–$125. That means we can keep the cost per mg of CBD to around $0.02, while competitors, on average, are at the $0.08 per mg mark.

Potency is paramount when addressing localized discomfort, especially in areas as sensitive and frequently stressed as the neck. The higher concentration allows the CBD to interact more effectively with endocannabinoid receptors in the skin, leading to potentially quicker and more noticeable relief, whether for joint pain or back and neck pain.

Beyond the potency, this formula was crafted with skin health in mind.

The inclusion of shea butter offers a deeply moisturizing effect, ensuring that your skin remains soft and supple. Jojoba oil, known for its similarity to our skin's natural oils, provides added hydration without clogging pores. Calendula oil, often celebrated for its skin-soothing properties, adds an extra layer of skin protection. The trio works harmoniously, ensuring that your skin gets a luxurious treat while your discomfort eases.

Despite its rich consistency and moisturizing properties, this full spectrum CBD cream is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin feeling refreshed rather than oily. This means you can comfortably apply the balm and go about your day without residual greasiness, thus making it the best CBD cream for pain.

CBD Type: Full Spectrum

CBD Potency: 2000 MG | 4000 MG | 16000 MG

Extraction: CO2 Extraction

Cost: $45 | $60 | $125

Container Size: 2000 MG and 4000 MG come in 2 oz jars | 16000 comes in 8 oz pump container

Cost per MG CBD: $0.02

Discounts: Subscribe and save 25% off

2. Joy Organics Sports CBD Cream

Tube of Joy Organics Sports CBD Cream

The Joy Organics CBD cream consistency ensures a smooth application without the heavy, dense feeling that some creams bring. It glides on the skin effortlessly, and leaving behind no residue.

The cream houses 1000 mg of CBD in a 4 oz container, translating to a moderate concentration. While this may work for some people, we strongly believe that the more potent a CBD topical is, the more effective it will be in reducing pain. Even those new to CBD don't have to worry about going overboard, because it doesn't enter the bloodstream to cause systemic effects on mood, appetite, or drowsiness.

This is a good option if using all organic ingredients is important to you because of sensitive skin. 

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum

CBD Potency: 1000 MG

Extraction: CO2 Extraction

Cost: $49.95

Container Size: 4 oz container

Cost per MG CBD: $0.04

Discounts: Subscribe and save 20% off

3. CBDistillery CBD Warming Cream

Tube of CBDistillery CBD Warming Cream

CBDistillery's CBD Warming Cream (or shall we say stick?) offers a unique experience in the world of CBD topicals. It combines the therapeutic potential of CBD with a comforting warming sensation — all wrapped up in a clean, mess-free stick applicator.

Admittedly, at 500 mg, the CBD concentration isn't the highest on the market. However, the warming sensation can be a significant factor in easing tension. It's vital, though, to be aware of when and how to use this product. If an area is inflamed, introducing heat might not be the best idea, as it could intensify pain and inflammation. As always, it's crucial to listen to your body.

While it may not boast the highest CBD concentration, its affordable price and unique application method make it a worthy contender for those seeking an alternative to traditional creams or those who prioritize convenience.

Coming in a 50 g container might not seem like much, but given its $25 price tag, it offers reasonable value. The stick format likely means a little goes a long way, so users might find it lasts longer than initially expected.

CBD Type: CBD Isolate

CBD Potency: 500 MG

Extraction: CO2 Extraction

Cost: $25

Container Size: 1.7 oz

Cost per MG CBD: $0.05

4. Lazarus Naturals CBD Muscle Gel

Bottle of Lazarus Naturals CBD Muscle Gel

Lazarus Naturals' CBD Muscle Gel seamlessly blends the benefits of full spectrum CBD with trusted ingredients like menthol and capsaicin, providing instant and prolonged relief. Its lightweight, quick-drying nature ensures user convenience, making it an excellent choice for daily use for muscle spasms and general soreness.

The lightweight gel formula ensures the product is easily spreadable, providing targeted relief exactly where you need it. Moreover, its quick-drying properties mean you won't be left with a sticky or oily residue.

The muscle gel comes in two different sizes and strengths — a convenient one fl oz pump containing 600 mg of CBD, and a more substantial 100 ml size boasting 2000 mg of CBD. This flexibility allows users to choose based on their specific needs and preferences.

While the CBD concentration might not be the highest compared to some competitors, it's evident that the focus here is on the overall formulation. The blend of menthol, capsaicin, and full spectrum CBD seems to strike a harmonious balance.

At first glance, these seem affordable, as the 1 oz bottle is $12, and the larger, 3.38 oz bottle rings in at $32. However, you need to consider the cost per mg of CBD, which comes in at $0.12, making it the most expensive option for a topical CBD cream so far.

CBD Type: Full Spectrum CBD

CBD Potency: 600 MG | 2000 MG

Extraction: CO2 Extraction

Cost: $12 | $32

Container Size: 1 oz | 3.38 oz

Cost per MG CBD: $0.02 | 0.016

5. CBDFX CBD Cream

Bottle of CBDFX CBD Cream

CBDfx Muscle and Joint Cream is a well-crafted blend of nature's finest ingredients. It provides a reasonable amount of broad spectrum CBD, and including white willow bark and caffeine ensures a holistic approach to pain relief.

While the concentration of 1000 mg or 3000 mg of CBD in a 1.7 oz container is commendable, the mantra "more is more" for topicals is valid, so we'd opt for the 3000 mg option. This is also the best cost per mg value at $0.03.

However, CBDfx doesn't rely on CBD concentration alone. CBDFx has curated a blend of natural ingredients that work synergistically. One of the standout ingredients in this cream is white willow bark, often described as "nature's aspirin."

Historically, it has been used for pain and inflammation due to its salicin content, a natural compound that the body can convert into salicylic acid. Combined with the potential anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, this makes for a powerful duo tackling muscle and joint discomfort. 

The inclusion of caffeine is also an intriguing choice.Not only does caffeine help with skin absorption, but it also promotes blood flow to the application area. This broad spectrum CBD cream can potentially aid in quicker relief and more effective delivery of the active ingredients.

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD Potency: 1000 MG | 3000 MG

Extraction: CO2 Extraction

Cost: $49.99 | $99.99

Container Size: 1.7 oz

Cost per MG CBD: $0.05 |$0.03

6. Batch CBD Cream

Jar of Batch CBD Cream

Batch has gracefully combined the therapeutic potential of 1500 mg of CBD with the soothing properties of aloe vera in their latest cream. Its pleasant scent from lavender and peppermint essential oils, and its rich yet easily-absorbed consistency, make it a delightful addition to any wellness routine. And judging from the customer reviews, it's a popular CBD cream for pain.

One of the unique recommendations for this cream is to refrigerate it for an hour before use. This little trick transforms the cream into a cooling salve, offering an intensified sensory experience upon application.

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD Potency: 1500 MG

Extraction: CO2 Extraction

Cost: $55.00

Container Size: 2 oz

Cost per MG CBD: $0.03

Discounts: Subscribe and save 25% off

Other CBD Products for Neck Pain

Neck pain, whether it's the sharp sting of nerve pain, the persistent ache from sore muscles or poor posture, or the chronic discomfort of arthritis symptoms, affects many. Yet, everyone's experience with pain is deeply personal. A discomfort that's minor to one might be debilitating to another. 

Similarly, reactions to natural remedies like CBD can vary widely based on factors like metabolism and individual body chemistry. However, CBD's strength lies in its adaptability. This adaptability makes finding the best CBD products for pain a vital step for those looking to address their neck pain effectively. Its inherent versatility translates into a range of formulations to fit diverse needs. Be it a busy professional seeking immediate relief or anyone else grappling with neck discomfort, a CBD product could help. This is particularly true for a senior battling arthritis, for whom the best CBD gummies for arthritis may offer significant relief.

For those exploring varied approaches to combat neck pain, here are some Neurogan products to consider:

1. Neurogan CBD Roll On

This easy-to-use roll-on applicator offers targeted relief with 4000 mg of full spectrum CBD. Perfect for those on the go, the compact design makes it a cinch to carry in a purse or pocket. Just roll it over the neck area for a swift application. The direct application ensures that the CBD reaches the exact spot of discomfort, offering potential immediate relief. If you prefer 4000mg as your intake, the full spectrum CBD salve works just as good.

2. Neurogan CBD Massage Oil

Perfect for those who enjoy a more luxurious experience, this massage oil is an excellent choice for deep relaxation and relief. It's available in potencies from 4000, 16000, and 32000 MG in an 8-ounce bottle.

Combining CBD with other therapeutic oils enhances the massage experience, potentially easing muscle tension and promoting relaxation. It's not just about pain relief — it's about pampering oneself after a long day.

3. Neurogan CBD Gummies for Internal Support

While topicals address pain from the outside, these vegan-friendly gummies work from within. Offering a delicious and fun way to consume CBD in doses from 40 mg, 90 mg, and 120 mg per gummy, these gummies can provide overall relaxation and inflammation support, which might alleviate neck tension, and different types of pain relief, including knee pain, back pain, and many others. Perfect for those who are not fond of tinctures or capsules but still want the benefits of CBD. Tasty gummies back pain relief can bring additional comfort in case you're experiencing discomfort from your neck down to your back.

How to Use CBD for Neck Pain

CBD, with its potential pain-relieving properties, has emerged as a popular choice for those grappling with neck pain. However, to ensure you reap the maximum benefits from your CBD cream or topical, it's crucial to apply it correctly.

  1. Patch Test: Conducting a patch test is essential for any new skincare or topical product. Apply a small amount on your forearm and wait 24 hours to check for allergic reactions or irritations.
  2. Clean the Area: Before applying any cream, ensure the neck area is clean and free from lotions or oils. This ensures better absorption of the CBD product.
  3. Measure the Right Amount: Begin with a small amount of cream, about the size of a pea. Depending on the pain's severity and your product's CBD concentration, you might need to adjust this amount over time.
  4. Apply with Care: Using your fingers, gently massage the cream into the area of discomfort using circular motions. This helps absorb the cream and increases blood flow to the area, assisting in pain relief.
  5. Massage Technique: Spend a few minutes massaging the area. Focus on kneading the muscles and applying gentle pressure. The act of massaging, coupled with the potential benefits of CBD, can often provide enhanced relief.
  6. Reapplication: Depending on the product's potency and pain levels, you may need to reapply the cream every few hours.
  7. Dosage: While CBD creams generally don't pose risks of overdosing, it's essential to use them judiciously.
  8. Complement with Other Products: If you're using other CBD products like gummies or CBD oil, ensure you're not exceeding the overall daily recommended dosage of CBD.
  9. Store Properly: Keep your CBD cream in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain its efficacy.

The Takeaway: CBD Pain Cream and Neck Pain

CBD has become a go-to for many seeking relief, especially regarding nagging neck pains and joint discomfort. Many swear by its soothing and calming properties. But hey, it's not just about grabbing any CBD product off the shelf. You've got to find the product that works for your neck and shoulder pain.

That's why we're happy to come in to help. We're proud of what we've got going on here. Our CBD products are some of the most potent you'll find, but without that intimidating price tag. We're all about ensuring you get great stuff without emptying your pockets.

So, if you're looking for top-shelf CBD action, give our range a shot. Whether you're into creams, oils, or maybe even some tasty treats, we've got you covered. With Neurogan, you're one step closer to those oh-so-sweet moments of comfort and ease.

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