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The 6 Best Sativa Gummies in 2024

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Looking for the best Sativa gummies on the market that have more uplifting effects than couchy? We list some of the top recommended edibles in this category. But before we get into it, we want to clarify what exactly sativa cannabis is. 

You may be familiar with the traditional categorization of cannabis strains, Sativa or Indica, and the associations with these. 

Indica Vs. Sativa: What Do These Mean?

Indica, jokingly referred to as “in da couch,” is associated with relaxing effects, while Sativa is more known for its energizing effects. However, this categorization has been scrutinized by scientists and cannabis experts recently and, to some extent, debunked

While these categories have a long-standing place in cannabis culture and have been useful for general distinctions, we now know that the effects of cannabis cannot be solely attributed to whether a plant is classified as Sativa or Indica.

Over the many, many years of breeding and cross-breeding cannabis plants, the distinction between Sativa and Indica varieties has not been as clear. However, there are botanical differences between the plants, such as their physical appearance and growth patterns.  

Sativa plants, kind of like me, thrive in warmer climates. They also typically have taller stems and narrower leaves. While Sativa plants are long and lean, Indica plants fit more into a “stocky” description — they are shorter, bushier, and have broader leaves. They are better suited to cooler climates. 

While knowing the botanical differences between the plants is great and all, most consumers are less concerned about those details and more concerned about the effects

Sativa strains have been associated with more energizing and uplifting effects and are often recommended for daytime use. They are thought to stimulate creativity and focus, making them a preferred choice for social gatherings or creative projects.

What Does Sativa Work For?

Woman painting a canvas sitted on a chair outside smiling

Jack Herrer, Green Crack, and Durban Poison are some of the most famous true cannabis Sativa strains. 

While it’s a matter of personal preference, you can use Sativa edibles for anything. Due to their association with energizing and uplifting effects, they’re suited for use during the daytime. 


I know when I first began my cannabis journey. I associated cannabis use with feelings of lethargy — perfect for sinking into my couch to enjoy relaxing and snacking. I had the belief that cannabis consumption would generally lead to giving me a great night of sleep. So when someone told me that some sativa strains can do the opposite of this, I didn’t know if I believed them. So, what is the science behind Sativa strains’ energizing effects? 

Many people report feeling more alert and creatively stimulated after using Sativa strains. This perception may be linked to the profile of terpenes present in these strains, such as limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene, which are thought to contribute to the overall sensory experience.

While there's ongoing research into how components of cannabis interact with the body, it’s important to clarify that the FDA has not approved cannabis for any specific medical treatment. This includes any direct claims about activating dopamine receptors or providing energy boosts. Consumers are encouraged to consider personal experiences and available research, noting that effects can vary widely.


We need to clarify that anxiety is a mental health condition and that no cannabis product is FDA-approved to treat or manage this. However, we can’t ignore the fact that many people consume sativa edibles to unwind and boost their mood. 

These strains often contain terpenes like limonene and pinene, which are believed to have uplifting and alertness-enhancing properties, possibly boosting mood when combined with THC. Some of our recommended sativa edibles contain psychoactive doses of THC. Just keep in mind that while some individuals find Sativa strains helpful for managing anxiety due to their uplifting effects, others might find that high THC levels can exacerbate anxiety or lead to paranoia, which is why it’s a good idea to start with a low dose and see how you respond. Some people prefer strains with a balance of CBD and THC to mitigate potential anxiety-inducing effects.


While Indica strains are typically favored for discomfort due to their more pronounced body effects, Sativa strains can also hold their own in this category. It’s especially useful when the individual wishes to remain active and alert. 

While many people affected by chronic pain have sung high praises about the benefits of CBD and THC on their pain, we want to be clear that Sativa edibles should not be seen as a primary form of treatment, as they are not FDA-approved to do so. Think of it as an addition or support to the plan you have decided on with your healthcare provider. 

Ultimately, the effectiveness of Sativa strains for energy, anxiety, and pain is indeed a matter of personal preference and individual body chemistry. You should talk with a healthcare professional before implementing cannabis-infused products into your wellness routine. 

6 Best Sativa Gummies & Edibles

Neurogan CBD Sativa Gummy

Bottle of Neurogan CBD Sativa Gummy

Our CBD Sativa gummies are perfect for daytime use. These make for unique Sativa edibles as each gummy contains 120 mg of full spectrum hemp extract CBD enhanced with a Sativa terpenes blend. 

Many people associate strong CBD gummies with feelings of relaxation, but with Sativa terpenes in the formula, you can feel relaxed and uplifted — think of an energized chill rather than a sleepy chill. This makes them great to enjoy before a social event or times when you might be in the mood for a creative endeavor. 

120 mg of CBD is highly potent, so we recommend starting with only half of the gummy and then gradually increasing to a whole gummy when you’re ready. These aren’t designed to be THC-forward gummies, but you could look to our hemp-derived Delta-9 gummies if that’s what you’re after. 

  • Cost: $75
  • Gummy Count: 30
  • Total Dosage: 3600 mg CBD, enhanced with a Sativa terpenes blend

VIIA Euphoria Sativa Gummies

Bottle of VIIA Euphoria Sativa Gummies

We recommend VIIA’s Euphoria Sativa Gummies, the strongest delta-9 Sativa edibles on this list, which are made from hemp. With each gummy containing 20 mg of Delta 9 THC, this gummy is a good fit for the experienced cannabis user seeking uplifting effects. 

One thing to consider with these Sativa edibles is that you are paying a premium for the high dose of Delta 9 THC. $40 for twelve gummies may be considered a bit of a luxury compared to other cannabis edibles on this list. 

  • Cost: $40
  • Gummy Count: 12
  • Total Dosage: 840 Total Cannabinoids- 240mg THC, 360mg HHC, 240mg CBD

Wyld Raspberry Sativa Gummies

Box of Wyld Raspberry Sativa Gummies

With 10 mg of THC per gummy, Wyld’s raspberry sativa gummies are great for those seeking uplifting effects and a boost in creativity. Our priority when recommending edibles is not only the cannabis content but also the ingredients. Wyld uses all-natural real fruit to create their deliciously flavored raspberry gummies.    

Wyld currently only sells its THC cannabis products in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and across Canada, so only residents of those states can enjoy these Sativa edibles made from high THC cannabis products.

  • Cost: Depends on your region and dosage
  • Gummy Count: Depends on dosage per package
  • Total Dosage: Depends on your region

Evn Sativa Gummies

Pouch of Evn Sativa Gummies

Evn’s Hawaiian Haze Sativa gummies are a reputable choice for yummy Sativa edibles. 

With a nice mandarin orange flavor and 5 mg of THC and CBD per gummy. The Hawaiian Haze, in its name, describes the sativa stain infused into the gummies. 

This strain is particularly known for its social and energizing effects, making it great to take before any social plans. 

  • Cost: $35.00
  • Gummy Count: 20 
  • Total Dosage: 100mg THC, 100mg CBD

Cheeba Chews Chocolate Taffy

Bar of Cheeba Chews Chocolate Taffy

One of the great things about cannabis edibles compared to other cannabis products is their versatility in product development. If you’re like me, then you love the idea that you can consume cannabis at the same time as enjoying a chocolate treat. 

Cheeba Chews Chocolate Taffy is infused with sativa-dominant THC to create ten pieces of chocolate taffy with 10 mg of THC per piece, perfect for daytime use. 

As with most high-THC cannabis-infused chocolate bars, you’ll have to check the website to see if you can buy these sativa edibles in your area. 

  • Cost: Check local dispensaries or designated online retailers for cost
  • Total Servings: 10 Pieces
  • Total Dosage: 100 mg THC, 20 mg CBD

Atlas Lemon Blueberry Granola Bites

Pouch of Atlas Lemon Blueberry Granola Bites

We really like these Sativa edibles for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons has to be the simple and pure ingredients. 

Baked goods can be tricky in the cannabis market because they may contain high amounts of sugar or other artificial ingredients to make them shelf-stable. Atlas Lemon proves they can make delicious cannabis-infused baked goods while staying committed to simple ingredients. 

It’s important to follow the brand’s dosage guide for these, as consuming a whole cluster means consuming 20 mg of THC, which is considered to have intense effects and may be too much for some. 

  • Cost: Check local dispensaries or designated online retailers for cost
  • Total Servings: 10 Granola Bites
  • Total Dosage: 100mg THC, <2mg CBD

Best Sativa Brands

If these specific Sativa edibles aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, then we also have reputable brands with great Sativa cannabis products. Here are some brands we trust that carry Sativa strains:

Natural Selections

Natural Slections Logo

Natural Selections carries many fan-favorite Sativa strains. These include Banana Tree #2, Columbian Sour, Peach Pie, Pura Vida, and more. These strains are beloved for their energizing and uplifting effects. 


Cresco Brand Logo

Cresco’s 814 Fireworks Sativa strain has been making waves in the Sativa strain game. They also have a great website, where learning more about their growing process is easy.

How Many Sativa Gummies to Take

Hand holding a gummy square in two fingers

Anytime you consume cannabis, regardless of the method, you should be careful and considerate of the recommended dosages. The psychoactive compound you may find in some Sativa edibles can produce feelings of anxiousness. 

For absolute beginners, we generally recommend starting with 5-10 mg of THC or CBD. Luckily, with edibles, it can be easier to break down serving sizes by eating only half a gummy, a bite of a chocolate bar, or a piece of a cluster. 

For more experienced cannabis users, 20-25 mg may be more your speed. Of course, even for more experienced users, dosage depends on many factors, including weight, tolerance, metabolism, and more individual factors.  

It should also be noted that if you are taking medicinal cannabis, then you should be following the advice and dosage recommended by a healthcare professional. 

The Takeaway: Best Sativa Edibles in 2024

As you can see, there’s quite a variety of Sativa edibles on the market. If you enjoy consuming cannabis edibles and want to experience more energized effects, then looking for a Sativa edible is the way to go. While cross-breeding has been, and the idea of a “true” Sativa strain may not be as authentic as it once was, Sativa products are still being enjoyed and reported for their uplifting and energizing effects. 

Sativa strains can come in various products besides edibles, such as tinctures, oils, capsules, and more. Given the wide range of benefits Sativa strains offer, picking the right product for your lifestyle is important and also a fun part of shopping for cannabis. 

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