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Best Edibles for Pain in 2024

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Going through your day with pain can feel like carrying a heavy backpack that you wish you could just put down and feel relief. For some, it's much worse than this and can be completely debilitating. Whether you have chronic pain, pain from an injury, surgery, or any other form of pain, managing pain isn’t always so straightforward. 

Most quick Google searches will direct you to take over-the-counter drugs but with the potential drawbacks of sustained consumption. Because of this, many people have been turning to more natural approaches to pain relief. 

With current research supporting the use of CBD and THC products to support a pain management routine, many of those affected by pain are turning to edibles. 

While we’ll present some of the most popular edibles for pain, we want to underscore that the FDA has not approved any of these products to treat or manage pain. We encourage you to consult your medical care professional for personalized pain management advice. 

Can Edibles Help Manage Pain?

Many people report that cannabis edibles can help manage pain, as well as the restlessness and stress that often accompany it. However, the effectiveness of edibles can vary based on the type and severity of the pain, the specific edible product used, and the individual's unique response to cannabinoids. For some, edibles may offer significant relief, while the effects might be less pronounced for others.

You may want to consider personal tolerance, the dosage of the edible, and the ratio of THC to CBD in the product for pain management. 

One reason people may turn to edibles rather than inhalation methods, tinctures, or balms is that the effects of edibles often last longer than those of these other methods. 

8 Best Edibles for Pain:

Neurogan CBD Gummy Squares

A bottle of Neurogan CBD Gummy Squares

Our vegan CBD gummy squares are a standout for a few reasons. First off, they are full spectrum gummies

When shopping for gummies for pain relief, it's important to consider the formula. Full spectrum means that the hemp’s properties (cannabinoids and terpenes) will work together, resulting in the entourage effect, which will feel stronger than just taking CBD on its own.

Another thing to note is that these gummies are also highly potent. The lowest option delivers 45 mg of CBD per gummy, and the highest dosage available offers 120 mg of CBD per gummy, making them the strongest CBD edibles on the market. 

Kiva Confections Sea Salt Caramel Bites

A tin of Kiva Confections Sea Salt Caramel Bites

Sometimes, you’re craving something sweet. Why not satisfy that craving while also consuming ingredients that have the potential to provide some relief? With 5 mg of THC per bite, these are great for daytime use as the dose is not too strong.

Due to the THC content, these are considered marijuana edibles, which means Kiva Confections Sea Salt Caramel Bites are not sold in every state, so you will have to check your state to see if you can purchase these. 

Lazarus Naturals CBD Mints

A round tin of Lazarus Naturals CBD Mints

Many consumers love edibles for their convenience and ability to take them to-go. Considering that many people already carry mints on them, you can’t get much more convenience than Lazarus Naturals CBD mints.  

The option to consume 15 mg and 0.5 mg THC discreetly whenever and wherever I want is definitely appealing to me, and I’m sure to others, too.

CBDfx Delta 9 THC Gummies

A bottle of CBDfx Delta 9 THC Gummies

CBDfx has a well-earned reputation in the CBD market. When considering edibles for pain, we can’t overlook CBDfx’s Delta-9 THC gummies. The combination of CBD and THC often produces desirable effects, such as deep relaxation. Given that stress can often worsen pain symptoms, effects that may reduce feelings of stress can indirectly support pain relief. 

Neurogan CBD + CBN Gummies

A bottle of Neurogan CBD + CBN Gummies

One of the common experiences of people who suffer from chronic pain and neuropathic pain is the struggle to fall asleep due to pain symptoms. Our CBD + CBN gummies offer calming effects, which may help you achieve a good night’s sleep [1]. 

With a balanced dose of 45 mg of CBD and 45 mg of CBN, these gummies offer a potent dose that helps to prime the mind and body for deep rest. As the highest dose on the current market, these offer an accessible and affordable way to consume two cannabinoids to support pain and restlessness.

Kushie Bites CBD Beef Jerky

A pouch of Kushie Bites CBD Beef Jerky

All of the edibles we have recommended so far have been on the sweet side of things, so let’s talk about a savory option for those who prefer things on the saltier side. Kushie Bites offers CBD beef jerky, and for a bonus, in two different flavors: original and teriyaki. 

With 250 mg of CBD per pack and 11 grams of protein, this edible can be a great addition to your routine, especially if you experience pain or soreness due to exercise. 

Crescent Canna Meteor Bites Cereal Bites

A pouch of Crescent Canna Meteor Bites Cereal Bites

With 25 mg of Delta 9 THC per square, these cereal bites have a great formula. Plus, they are cereal bites, so they are already a beloved breakfast choice.

The “rainbow rocks” flavor is fun and delicious, but don’t let this nostalgic cereal flavor throw you off– these are potent, and if you’re a beginner, then you may want to consume less than the serving size. 

3 Chi Delta 9 Brownie Party Packs

A box of 3 Chi Delta 9 Brownie Party Packs

Marijuana edibles in the form of brownies have been popular for a long time now. 3 Chi has made its edibles legal federally by using hemp-derived Delta 9 THC for its party pack of brownies. Plus, we can’t help but love that you can eat a brownie and work toward your wellness goals.

If you have food allergies, then you should check the ingredients of this product as it contains some common food allergens, such as wheat, egg, milk, and soy.  

How Do Edibles for Pain Work?

While word-of-mouth praise is great, the science behind how edibles for pain work is better. 

And we want to be transparent — there is still relatively limited research on this topic. Edibles should not be seen as a replacement for your pain management plan. They should be seen as additional support to your plan, which may include rehabilitation and advice from a professional healthcare consultant. Current research does explain how cannabinoids interact with our body and how that may connect with pain relief. 

How To Use Edibles

Edibles are easy. Figure out the dose of cannabinoids in one serving relative to your desired effects and consume. 

One drawback of edibles is their longer onset time. While tinctures taken sublingually can have an onset time of fifteen minutes, edibles can take 45 minutes to two hours to feel the full effects. 

How They Work

Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is like the control center for all things balance and harmony in your body. It's in charge of managing pain, inflammation, and all sorts of other stuff. 

Together, THC and CBD may help provide effective pain relief by modulating the ECS's activity, managing healthy levels of inflammation, and altering pain perception [2]. The effects of edibles may take longer to kick in compared to other consumption methods but can last longer, providing sustained relief [3].

The Takeaway: Edibles for Pain

Edibles have always been a popular form of consuming cannabis. And many more people are finding them beneficial for their potential pain-relieving effects [3]. Available in a variety of flavors, you can choose the one that best suits your wants and needs. 

Self-diagnosing or treating medical conditions without the advice of a professional healthcare consultant can be unsafe. It is always important to consult with a professional for tailored advice on how to approach your pain management. 


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