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The 5 Best Edibles for Sex: Do They Work?

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We’re pretty aware of some of the things that might make sex less enjoyable, like stress, bad moods, and a never-ending busy schedule. But what about the things that might enhance sex or make it more enjoyable? 

While prescription drugs, like Viagra, receive a lot of attention as a bedroom helper, a lot of holistic options aren’t given the same amount of (well-deserved) attention. Recently, though, CBD and THC products have received some love for their potential to improve your sex life. But what is the science behind this? Does CBD or THC really enhance sexual arousal or sexual desire?

In this article, we’ll explore the current research on cannabis edibles and their impact on sexual function. We’ll also explore the best edibles for sex and recommend some products that we think stand out in the market. 

Can Edibles Enhance Sex?

If you have a medical condition related to sexual performance, then cannabis edibles will not treat those conditions. When it comes to medical conditions related to sex, you should consult with a healthcare professional for tailored advice.

A study in 2020 found that increased cannabis use in females of various ages and demographics led to improved sexual desire, arousal, and overall satisfaction [1]. For men, it’s a little more complicated, and research suggests that there may be some positive benefits of cannabis use on male sexual health, but more research is still needed [2]. 

However, whether male or female, if your problems in the bedroom are related to stress or poor moods, then edibles might help you achieve a more relaxed state, which may indirectly help you in those intimate moments. 

Some cannabis edibles also contain other ingredients that have been connected to sexual arousal, such as horny goat weed, maca root powder, or fenugreek. 

5 Edibles for Sex

We chose these edibles as the best edibles for sex. Each product has its own unique formula and targets different aspects of achieving a better sex life.

Neurogan THC Gummies for Sex

A bottle of Neurogan THC Gummies for Sex

As we said, THC and CBD alone haven’t really been found to increase arousal. 

With that in mind, we created a product that considers a well-rounded approach to improving intimate moments. That’s why our THC Sex Gummies include maca root powder and epimedium extract (horny goat weed extract), along with hemp-derived CBD and THC. The THC concentration does provide some psychoactive effects, but it’s not overwhelming or distracting from the moment — all while still being federally legal with only 0.3% THC per serving. 

We also offer CBD gummies for sex with a different formula than our THC ones. These won’t produce a noticeable high but still have a potent CBD concentration of 57 mg of CBD per gummy for that deep relaxation.

  • Price: $50
  • Gummy Count: 20 (2 gummies per serving size)
  • Dosage per Gummy: 120 mg CBD, 4 mg THC, 100 mg Maca Root, 100 mg Epimedium Extract

Alchemy Naturals Intimacy THC Gummies

A bag of Alchemy Naturals Intimacy THC Gummies

Alchemy Naturals is a reputable brand in the CBD and THC market. Its formulas show an attention to detail and care for premium ingredients. Their Intimacy THC gummies contain 10 mg of THC and 20 mg of Maca Root to support libido function and induce relaxation. Because of its high THC concentration, this may not be legal for sale in every state. 

  • Price: Check local dispensary for accurate pricing
  • Gummy Count: 10 (1 gummy per serving size)
  • Dosage per Gummy: 10 mg THC, 20 mg Maca Root 

Kiva THC Infused Blackberry Dark Chocolate

A bar of Kiva THC Infused Blackberry Dark Chocolate


We can’t make a list of products that may improve your sex life without including a chocolate product. Dark chocolate is a known aphrodisiac [3]. Infuse it with THC, and you have a pretty sexy product on your hands. It’s always nice whenever THC edibles can fit into your natural routine seamlessly. 

I’m someone who usually has a sweet treat after dinner, so a piece of this dark chocolate bar fulfills that for me.

You’ll have to check their website to see if Kiva chocolate is sold near you, as it’s a high-THC cannabis-derived product. The amount of THC in this product also varies based on where you live, so you’ll have to do a bit of research before committing to this one.

  • Price: Check local dispensary for accurate pricing
  • Servings: 20 (one piece per serving size)
  • Dosage per Piece: Varies depending on state  

Betty’s Eddies Smashin Passion Fruit Chews

A pouch of Betty’s Eddies Smashin Passion Fruit Chews

Betty’s Eddies Smashin’ Passion fruit chews take an herbal approach to heat up the bedroom. Each chew includes a full spectrum cannabis blend (from marijuana), as well as a blend of natural aphrodisiacs, such as horny goat weed, maca root, damiana, and muira puama. 

  • Price: Check local dispensary for accurate pricing
  • Gummy Count: 10 (1 gummy per serving size)
  • Dosage per Gummy: Check your state to see available dosage

Dame Daily Desire Gummies

Bottle of Dame Daily Desire Gummies

Who better understands female arousal than women themselves? Made by women and for women, Dame created these gummies with female arousal in mind. You might be wondering what makes Daily Desire Gummies special for women.

It's loaded with herbal extracts that support sexual wellness, like ashwagandha, velvet bean extract, and rhodiola rosea. 

This option is also the most accessible because it is free of any cannabinoids, making it a cheaper option than the cannabis products we recommend. We want to point out that an herbal supplement may be a great addition to your routine, but it does not offer the same amount of potential benefits as an edible containing CBD or THC.  

  • Price: $35
  • Gummy Count: 60 (3 gummies per serving size)
  • Dosage per Serving: 150 mg L-Theanine, 125 mg Ashwagandha Extract, 50 mg Shatavari Extract, 50 mg Velvet Bean Extract, 25 mg Rhodiola Rosea Extract 

Ranking Criteria


Whether it be the food in your pantry or the edibles you consume, consuming premium ingredients is important for a holistic lifestyle. Not only do we look for premium-grown hemp as part of the edibles’ recipe, but we also look for clean, safe ingredients to complement the active ingredients. 

We prioritize brands that avoid ingredients that aren’t the best for you, such as high-fructose corn syrup and other common artificial ingredients. Although it’s great that edibles look and taste like our favorite treats, we don’t want to compromise our health for the sake of potentially risky ingredients. 

Company Reputation

In our books, a reputable company is transparent with third-party testing, uses premium ingredients, and prioritizes the quality of its products over easy marketability for a quick sale. 

THC Limits 

Considering THC limits is very important to us. While we know some consumers live in states where recreational marijuana is legal, many consumers do not. With that in mind, we like to be as inclusive as possible when recommending edibles. 

That means that we want to recommend a mixture of Farm Bill 2018-compliant products that contain less than 0.3% total THC content and products that you will need to find at a dispensary near you. 

Do Weed Edibles & Strains Help Female & Male Arousal?

Man and woman holding naked on a bed

Do certain cannabis strains promote male and female arousal more than others? Not exactly, but certain cannabis strains are more associated with deeper feelings of relaxation than others, which may enhance your mood in the bedroom. 

For example, Indica strains are more associated with deeply relaxing pain-free effects, which may be what you need if you find yourself tense or thinking about your busy day during intimate moments.

Sativa strains are more associated with energizing and uplifting effects, which is more in line with what you need if you struggle with low energy and would prefer to have a bit more stamina.

That being said, the more modern understanding of cannabis plants recognizes that the complexities of a given cannabis strain can’t be categorized into either relaxing or stimulating based on whether or not they’re an indica or sativa — some Sativas can be deeply relaxing, and some Indica-dominant strains can produce a more energetic experience. However, this traditional categorization can be a helpful place to start if you’re a beginner investigating different strains. 

The Takeaway: The Top Edibles for Sex

Sexual pleasure and sexual performance can be a sensitive subject. It can seem like a complicated endeavor to pinpoint exactly what’s causing issues or simply not living up to your fantasies. Cannabis edibles and CBD gummies, especially ones that contain other herbal extracts known for their sexual health support, may be able to enhance your sexual experience. 

We want to be clear that if you have a medical condition, such as erectile dysfunction disorder or other sexual health conditions, then you should talk to a healthcare professional to learn how to manage your condition. 


  1. Kasman, A. M., Bhambhvani, H. P., Wilson-King, G., & Eisenberg, M. L. (2020). Assessment of the association of cannabis on female sexual function with the female sexual function index. Sexual medicine, 8(4), 699-708.
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